The 1% life situation



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    Just record one video where this happens ... 1 shouldn't be difficult since it is so widespread.
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    MikeHock wrote: »
    To truly demonstrate there is a bug that leaves enemies at 1% health, you would need to show it happening over a large sample size of your fights. I highly doubt anyone has the time and desire to video record 100s of fights to prove this out.

    Sorry, but a few pics of enemies at 1% is not evidence.
    I agree, however: They would have to be continuous as well, for the most part. Even 100 random fights ending with 1% would not be proof. I could find 250 single fights where it ends in 1% from around YouTube. Doesn’t prove squat.

    Run quest for a few hours, run quest. Prove that out of every fight there is an issue where your damage dealt should not equal 1%. That’s how to prove it
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    Shaun01 wrote: »
    What I find amusing is the fact that there's some who believe this simply can't be a thing because you know, there's never bugs in the game.

    There have been claims made on this 'bug.' There have been responses as to why this may not, in fact, be a bug. So far, there has been no proof to show these claims are true. To quote Bill Nye, when he was still just the science guy, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof."
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    djr17 wrote: »
    There is so much going on with this.

    First, this is 'happening more recently' is because showing percentage in the health bar is a relatively new thing for the contest.

    Second, as stated before, there is confirmation bias. You don't notice when it hits any other %, just 1.

    Third, 1% has the largest range of any single percent, from 1 hp to 1.4999% of total health. All the rest are a range of +/- .5, except 100, which is a range of .5%. Therefore that 1% you are seeing could be 25 hp, or it could be 900, and that last tic of DOT might not do enough to kill them.

    Fourth, no matter how much you are sure your s3 will do a specific percentage damage to your opponent, there is only one character in game that will do what you expect everytime, Guilly.

    Fifth, I have been in the situation where I though the opponent was ko'd after a sp and looked away and gotten hammered with an s3 plus combo'd after. It was my own fault for looking away, not some sort of bug.

    First... errrm nope, when it's happening more "recently" I am personally referring to events much later and several updates since percentage being shown.
    Second.... Point is moot, we notice it when it's 1%... because it's a 1% bug.... pretty much the point being made
    Third.... not talking about "last tic" of DOT - I'm talking about have 3-4 stacks of bleed plus other DOT effects and the champ still being left alive at 1% while DOT should have already killed them
    Fourth you're telling me firing off a SP3 with ANY 4* Champ cant kill a 3* champ with less than 3-4|% life left? really???
    Fifth... I've already covered this, its not through lack of experience i'm literally looking at the screen when it happens, not being lazy looking away making assumptions of the kill etc... I am talking about finishing a SP2/SP3 that should KO the opponent only to have a SP3 reflected at me by someone who should have died...

    Jeez - I really cant wait to start recording fights and prove all these people who consider themselves experts entirely wrong.

    1) ok...
    2) ok...
    3) How do you know it should have killed them? Did you total the damage you had done to that point and compared it to the opponents total HP?
    4) No, but can you point to where you made this claim prior to that post?
    5) It's happened while looking at the screen, too, but that still doesn't mean it's a bug.

    I will be waiting for that video proof.
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    dont post him proof send it directly to kabam instead, dont let him derail your thread any further
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    during this month only 2 fights and had the error. It is very difficult to predict or know when it happens to be always recording but the error is and it happens. if it does not happen well but do not treat the people that are happening to you as a liar you need proof that we lie etc. you are not kabam. in this thread we are looking for everyone to help us know how it happens and why we are trying to have the evidence but if people who do not succeed comes to derail the thread better not opinion is a thread looking for a problem evidence and solution if it does not happen, no it's your thread ... it's annoying to see that we have the problem and there are people trying to tell us that we lie ...
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    i have seen 1% a few times too but i dnt really see whats the issue
    if its a bug maybe our damage is capped at that time nd the damage that is showed is exactly enough to leave the champs standing at 1% so calculating the damage nd then subtracting way shouldn't work. (only if because of the bug the last attack the champ takes he or she shud hv been koed at is endured nd the damage is capped so anyway the total damage wud be less than the total hp)

    other than that i always bait specials when close to sp3. maybe some guys shud try doing that. cuz even if i am not able to finish the opponent nd stays at 1% i always am able to take him down with another parry nd hit. i dnt start playing like a noob.
    also i always dont end up with my last hit being the ko hit so between a combo the opponent shud die easily.
    about the opponent's sp3 idk nvr happened to me nd i do do arena frequently. i won void nd i m doing it for sentinel rn.

    also (a bonus in my case) my device is a bit laggy when it comes to playing mcoc. so my hit that kos the opponent always freezes for a second before it hits so if my champs suddenly freezes for a sec at the end ik its the ko hit lol. (nd yes it always surely happens for me at the last ko hit so i am always sure this ends it).
    maybe this might be a reason that i dnt see this 1% stuff happening a lot. i hv seen it sometimes maybe when my combo's last hit doesnt ends up koing but leaving the opponent at 1%. just continue my fight asuming that i cudnt end it cuz i didnt deal enough damage.

    anyway just always take the above mentioned precautions while fighting that shud do it for you
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    Most youtubers record all their AW fights ... should be easy to provide link to 1 video where this happened ...

    The game is full of bugs and it could be another one ... but I haven't seen ANY evidence... not even 1 vid
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