[iOS] 20.0 Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • MPKalaMPKala Posts: 40
    MPKala wrote: »
    Ingame: MP Kala82
    iPhone 7
    Current IOS 12
    Cellular or WiFi
    MCOC v20.1.0
    All modes

    After about 30 mins of continuous play, the game will crash. Usually it’s in the fight screen but it has happened when loading a frame. Phone is pretty hot at this point but not like the July update. When I log back in, there’s noticeable choppiness and increased load times. There are even moments during fights where the game freezes for a second before champions make contact and it happens once per fight.

    Update: iOS 12.0.1 update fixed the issues. Thanks.

  • ImtyasImtyas Posts: 3

    User name: IMT¥AZ
    Iphone 7
    Ios 12.01
    Game version 20.01
    Cellular and wifi,
    Fights are un understandable my champs keep on making heavy attacks which make me loose my streaks in arena, crystals don’t open correctly and sometimes I can start a fight in Aw then the network issue starts then I get redirected to the home screen then my champs loose 50% of their health without fighting. Please do something about this
  • OMC_PintoOMC_Pinto Posts: 101
    Is there going to be a fix/solution for this? version 20.1 and 20.1.1 have come out and my phone is still having lag/non response/overheating just like when 19.0 came out. Seems like Kabam just hit the reset button on whatever fix that was.

    Overheating during EQ only (not AQ or AW). Fights are unresponsive and freeze frequently forcing me into Block only for a while, also throws parry timing off since the screen freezes. Have to hard reset app and reload at least once a day because it gets stuck in loading screen

    User: Fear of the Pinto
    iPhone 6
    iOS 12.0
    MCOC 20.1.1
  • sakura0606sakura0606 Posts: 3
    In-Game name: barya starch
    Device and Model: iphone 6
    Device Operating System: iOS 11.4.1
    Cellular and Wifi, M1
    Game version: 20.1.1
    All game modes

    Description of the issue
    Overheating my iphone at worst with exaggerated loading time. The game lags and freezes for about 5 seconds and then it crashes, it will force to quit during fights.
  • ZaosaflerZaosafler Posts: 65
    In-Game Name: Zaosafler
    Device and Model: iPhone 8 & iPad Pro
    Device Operating System: iOS 11 and then 12 (continued after I upgraded)
    Cellular or WiFi: Both, Verizon
    Game Version Installed: 20.1.1
    Game Mode: all modes
    Description of the Issue: Takes 20-30 seconds for a fight to start (loading screen with spinning circle) and over a minute after fight ends with that same screen. Sometimes fight screen freezes for a couple of seconds but fight has progressed when it unfreezes.
  • Erock1Erock1 Posts: 3
    My phone has been heating up again and the battery has been draining faster than ever since the last time I updated two days ago. I have an iPhone 7 Plus. Anyone else having either of these issues?
  • DragonFire2DragonFire2 Posts: 181
    Device: iPhone 8
    Version: iOS 12
    Game version: 20.1.1
    Full signal WiFi
    Carrier: Verizon
    Modes affected: All modes, most recently arena
    Issue: was fighting a Corvus in arena. He uses his L2 and makes the first two swipes and the game just freezes after that and then after a second or two unfreezes as he is dashing in at me with the final hit, giving me no time to expect the attack. Lost my arena streak due to this lag. Also, when Deadpool uses his L2, he will activate it and the game will do the same thing and freeze in the middle of it and unfreeze as he is landing his hit. Please fix this.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,132 ★★★★★
    Also with wasp hervy the game freezes and complete kils me becasse no way to evade it when freeze. iPhone 8 Plus
  • AndyBaron7AndyBaron7 Posts: 289
    Guys sad to say this but unless half the player base report this they won’t do nothing. You be classed as small pool and well you be lucky if anyone even reply. I know for sure stuff doesn’t get fixed anyways unless it helps us lol. Sad but true.
  • AMJDarkholmeAMJDarkholme Posts: 30
    In-Game Name: AMJDarkholme
    Device and Model: iPhone 6s
    Device Operating System: iOS 12
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: Latest version, 20.1.1
    Game Mode: First experience of crashing since this release update, happens on boot up/start screen. So far, restarting phone fixes it.
  • Madman_marvinMadman_marvin Posts: 466 ★★★
    Infinite load screen and loading taking so long I have to restart app are now daily problems. It’s getting worse and making me not want to play. Happens while going into EQ and after pretty much any fight for me. Load screen might last 45 seconds to a minute. Hard to play in short time periods due to this. It’s EXTREMELY frustrating.
    iOS 12.0.1
    iPhone 8plus
    Latest game build
  • Viz_NorvisViz_Norvis Posts: 16
    In game name: ziv sivron
    Device and model : iPad Air 2
    Device os : iOS 12.0.1
    Cellular or WiFi : only WiFi
    Game version: latest , the one b4 patch 21.0 I think it’s 20.1
    Game modes: alliance war, but I’m sure it happens in other modes just hadn’t noticed since it’s not war.
    Description of problem: lag when playing against characters like wasp, ghost, Emma Frost, modok and others. Can’t control your own toon and because of this lag he just stands there getting hit in the face and you just watch him die.this problem costs us winning wars because you guys at kabam don’t really care if you fix this ongoing issue or not.
  • BirdReynoldsBirdReynolds Posts: 522 ★★★
    iPhone 8
    iOS 12.1
    Version 20.1.1
    WiFi only
    War, arenas, AQ, EQ
    My champions become unresponsive immediately after a combo. It just cost me attack bonus in a close war. I can’t dash back or block after finishing a combo and sometimes after evading a special or heavy attack. It started when I reinstalled the game a week ago due to the MS_ID bug. You need to fix this ASAP.
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    Thank you for all of the reports and information shared in this thread. It is always helpful to our team as we work to improve the performance of The Contest. For players experiencing any of these issues in the 21.0 version of the game, please report them in this discussion thread.
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