MD - Yes or NO but still need clarity on getting resources back.

I shouldn’t whine cause I moved my all MD points to test suicide mastery but I was never expected that all mastery points invested in MD will be returned with invested loyalty and units.

I am sure Kabam have considered all the aspects of it and came to a point to give away all the resources used in MD previously.

I am trying to understand MD mastery is based on the game architecture or it’s based on the champs. If we consider Mystic champs can only get benefits of this mastery then it’s only champ based mastery. To continue my thought it’s pretty clear that we have not only invested in mastery setup but we also invested in mystic champs.

When you consider the give away of resources, did you consider this thought as well that the decision of mystic champs based on MD mastery are related.

My point is can you please give us a clear picture that what you have planned as a give away and what we are not going to get.

I will whine for a while and then I will accept the fact but please give us some clarity. On below

1. Cores that we used to open and level up MD
2. Canisters that we used - invested — loyalty and units
3. Mystic champs that we ranked up- invested — gold , ISO,signature stones, awakening gems, crystals like battle chips , PHC, catalysts. All these we use to get desired resources when we are running out.
4. Mastery points — invested to level up

I know you have returned few of them , still need to know about the rest.

Hope you understand that each one of us is heavily invested in this game and we only need clarity so that we can plan better and enjoy this awesome game.



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    @Kabam Lyra

    How is it possible for users to audit their Core resource refund?

    After the refund I have 3 Mystic Mastery Cores.
    I am certain that I hunted many more than that from the daily Mystic normal map in 2016. I spent months specifically cycling rooms looking to pick up cores. But I don't have any record of it, and no way to prove or disprove that my refund is appropriate.
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    TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 2,072 ★★★★
    edited September 2018
    Well, I got 3 points back and 240k loyalty. I had about 300k total loyalty since 240k plus about 60k from what I also had before the refund.

    I bought md to r3 again and only have 15k loyalty left. So I just lost 40k of my own loyalty to get back exactly what I already had. So much for taking into account what we collected and used through weekly event quests.

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    Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
    @Kabam Lyra thanks appreciate the response.
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    Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
    Guys , we all know that things have been changing rapidly and we have a lot to consume and adjust. Just go step by step and see what’s the plan for MD mastery and the refund of resources. I am sure everyone knows as a player ranking up a champ is important decision and things that matter to those decisions are equally important.

    I request you all that keep the frustration level aside and think rationally.
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    I am grateful for the refund, but it was insufficient to take me back up to rank 5. I've reached rank 4 again now, using the refund AND all of my units and Loyalty. How and where do we get this put right?
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    UsagicassidyUsagicassidy Posts: 1,106 ★★★★
    Most members of my alliance received loyalty and units. I only received loyalty. I’m certain I paid units back in the day. I did not have any Mystic cores returned to me either, so now I have to re-purchase them if I actually WANT to use mystic dispersion...
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    ThatweirdguyThatweirdguy Posts: 675 ★★★
    I'm glad they gave the refund. But they still did wrong by their customers. People who want to rank down Dorm are justified in being upset. That wasn't a poor rank up decision that they want to take back. The only reason they want to rank him down is because of the change Kabam made.

    I know the terms of service allow Kabam to do this to their players/customers I just wish they wouldn't. It is really unfair. Resources to R4 and awaken a 5* are so very rare. Players should get the benefit of their bargain.
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    I have reached out twice now. Kabam took my level 4 MD all purchased by units years ago before loyalty and refunded only 120 units. This is beyond outrageous. I need this addressed. Last call before I quit and get refunds from Apple store because Kabam is not capable to respond.
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    Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
    Any progress on this ......
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    Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,936 ★★★
    Hi @Xthea9,

    I'm sorry but I'm not sure I understand your question. If you are asking if resources to level champions are going to be given with the Mystic Dispersion refund the answer is no.
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    Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
    Can someone help me , I wanted to see if we start level up MD from scratch how much resources we are consuming. A chart which can elaborate. Thanks

    I know I can try this but I don’t want to change my setup so if someone did that recently please share.
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    Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
    @Kabam Lyra Thanks for the response.

    Change in MD is impacting the current defense champs , for that matter attack too if we consider few champs in attack. What if the buff override the buff and it’s not nullified or expired. MD won’t trigger and if I have dexterity maxed I get .07 sec to hit the opponent with 950+ crit rate.

    All this leads to a disaster for defense and champs like SL and others will have more benefits.

    I don’t see this is a balanced situation. Just my thought. Hope you can help me understand this with different perspective.
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    BadroseBadrose Posts: 779 ★★★
    This has been already discussed but their answer is some bla bla bla about "meta" and with that word they justify everything. There is no different perspective, it's "just" a huge nerf for the mystic category and our Dormammu, Juggernaut etc. etc. can now burn in hell with every resource spent to rank them up.
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