Anyone duping 5s?

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I am about to reach my limit on t2as and i got zero plans to use em. I got 20 unduped 5s and i am not going to invest any items in them beyond level 2 and only if there is a squad of 4s they have a decent synergy with. With the slim chance of duping 5s i would like to suggest that kabam add a 5 star awakening gem as a reward in some near future event. It seems pointless to me to invest the amount of items required to rank a 5 only to finally dupe someone i didn't raise...


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    What champs are they?
  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,777 ★★★★★
    Basic 5* Crystal:

    Mordo/Iron Man/Storm 2X/Jane Foster/Phoenix/Hawkeye/Hood/Nightcrawler/Luke Cage/Karnak/Ultron/Hulk/Dr. Voodoo

    Featured 5* Crystal:

    Moon Knight/YJ/Rogue/Crossbones/Guillotine/Loki 2X/Ghost Rider/BPCW
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    I duped my storm 2 times on my main, and a Drax on my alt.
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    I have a duped Magik (twice), Loki, starlord, hulk and iceman ✊
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    Dude I feel you. I have 3 r4s now with t2a full again and was forced to rank my first r4 by expiry which I did magik undupped. To echo what people say here though you don't need to dupe 5 star to rank them

    Of my ranks I did Magik undupped, domino(got fed up of regular 5 star Crystal and got lucky here recently)undupped, and voodoo(awakened with mystic gem from act v exploration)

    My duped 5 stars are Juggsx2,IMx2,HBx2 and of course IP.
    i got 18 and 3 dupes (morales, venom and mordo yesterday)

    feeling lucky
  • rocket racoon ultron thor rags captain marvel duped

    please Kabam gods dupe my blade void magik or x23
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    Surely from 20 champs you must have at least one or 2 that are good without being duped.
    I duped Symbyote Spider-Man twice, and Hyperion once (total of 21 champs).
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    So a r4 5 star star lord unduped (aside from the rediculous amounts of additional points) is better than a 5 star special level 99 star lord?
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    There are 5* awakening gems already in place in act 5 and lol
  • RapRap Posts: 2,469 ★★★
    I have some good champs...DV, Mondo, Mordo, Drax , KG and Groot, CW, Sentry, Hawkeye, BP, IP, YJ, Daredevil, DO...but the amount of supplies makes me feel like i am better off raising a max or unlocked 4 star champ rather than using them on a locked 5.
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    Yeah but you kinda need some unlocked 5z to get it.
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    I duped Mephisto but that's it. Yondu, Hawkeye, Hype, and Gulk I love and they aren't duped. They're worth it unduped. A lot of champs are.
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    Okay, limited resources and the choice between the same champ duped mulitple times and a locked 5 you would choose the locked five? (At least for some champs?) Cause everyone i have as a 5 i have as as an unlocked 4.
  • RapRap Posts: 2,469 ★★★
    Simple question guys? Isn't it? Level 5 4 star Star Lord with a level 99 special or a 5 star Star Lord locked with no special? Which deserves the limited supplies i have available?
  • RapRap Posts: 2,469 ★★★
    I have a 4 star CW level 4 with level 40 sig, and a locked 5 star CW...i feel like ranking the 4 will do more for me than the locked version. So???? Which gets the goods i have so painstakingly gathered?
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    In this particular case, neither CW, and if you can keep your combo, the 4* Star Lord will carry you.

    Of your list, Hawkeye may be a good candidate for r4. Power control, good bleed. But then again, I wouldn't be in a hurry to rank any of them if I were in your situation..
  • RapRap Posts: 2,469 ★★★
    We are in agreement dj. I have all but three of the god tier champs as 4 there is little or no incentive to use goods on 5s. One thing i feel strongly they should do (and others have.brought this up in previous posts) reduce the number of shards for a 5 star crystal.
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    I have 3 t2a in my stash and I'm trying to decide whether to rank 4 GR, sentinel or Angela.
    None are duped.

    I have SL, AA and MODOK at rank 4.
    I also have 3 T4 science cats, 2 t4 skill cats and 3 T4 mystic cats in overflow
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    Looks like we're in the same boat. I have 15 5 stars and max t2 alphas. None of them are what I need right now
  • They really need to put in place another way to acquire a 5* gem without buying or doing rediculously difficult end game content. I don't want it handed out or given away, but earned without having to save up 2000+ units and or tons of revives/pots. Maybe the next celebrity challenge they could make a tick more difficult for an exploration reward or a 5* ag.
  • JadedJaded Posts: 1,691 ★★★★
    48 5* and 16 dupes/awakened. Including multiple dupes on champs like rhino, ip, storm, Loki etc...
  • Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 1,109 ★★★★
    You don’t need a champ to be awakened just to rank them up.
    Especially when they’re good unduped and T2a is expiring.

    I took hyperion to 5/65 unduped last week because of expiring T2a and that being my only useful rank up, I’ll get him awakened one day, could do it now if I used my generic gem, but no need to rush and does his job well enough as is
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    As others have indicated, there are some champs that are worth taking up to rank 4 unawakened. I took up Sparky, Gwenpool, Magik, and Nightcrawler to Rank 4 before they were awakened and I don't regret it. There are a decent amount of 5* worth R4 whether awakened or not, but ultimately the choice is yours.
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    I have recently Morningstar, my 5* pulls have been almost have dupe half new.
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