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    On Facebook and Twitter it's showing daredevil original and not the Netflix version as it's known. Kinda confusing if u don't check the forums
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    I want Daredevil Classic buff not Netflix version, I was happy when I saw on Facebook it’s showing Daredevil Classic buff, but in here Kabam said Netflix version ☹️
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    You guys seriously have a poor marketing team @Kabam Miike you say you’re not buffing Daredevil (Classic) yet you use him as a buff promotion on social media? LOL!
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    From that list, I would say Kamala and Hulkbuster.

    I would also say that the netflix version of daredevil needed a buff before the OG, kind of a strange choice.

    That's this Daredevil. The other is known as Daredevil (Classic) in-game.
    Daredevil for me. He should definitely be cooler.

    There's no shortage of suggestions for Daredevil reworks in the Champion Rework thread Miike. Plus all the other champions you mentioned, too.

    Hopefully you and the design team will at least take a look!

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    Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) (#BuffKamala) 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
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    Seriously, no mystic option? The community has been begging for good mystic champs and now we don’t get the option to buff any? I mean I’m glad to see chanps getting buffs and the community getting somewhat of a say, but the pool needs improvement
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    Werewrym said:

    RoninMan said:

    Hulkbuster needs a buff more than anyone else but I really sincerely hope the next poll has a few mystic choices as they’re in desperate need.

    Hopefully iron fist will be on the list next time
    Agreed, my duped 6* IF says hi...
    So does mine
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    #BuffIronMan I'd love to have a use for my first r4 5* from so long ago
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    RoninMan said:

    Guys just keep in mind 6* are the future and they’re far harder to get. Any opportunities to buff a 6* champ is always going to be the better option. You may not have HB as a 6* now but one day you might and you’re going to feel absolutely defeated if you voted for 5* KK to get a buff and not that 6* HB.

    Every champ will eventually become a 6* though unless they change the system
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    Why? He is used as synergy for She-Hulk and right now useless. Getting buffed will help a lot on this synergy.

    Why not hulkbuster?
    He’ll be a defensive champion. Even colossus is not that great now after the buff

    Why not kamala khan?
    She’s already useful, the improvements will not be as high as the other champs.

    Why not iron man?
    It could be an option but we already have an iron man infinity war version.

    Ps: I have all those champions duped, besides Daredevil, so I’m really unbiased on this argument.
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    Damn it. My namesake tells me to vote Black Panther. But god damn it #BuffHulkbuster
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    It's time we had a good Black Panther in this game !
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    #buffdaredevil #buffhulkbuster
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    I feel like abomination would be a really cool character to see buffed but hulk buster probably needs it more tbh
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    I feel like abomination would be a really cool character to see buffed but hulk buster probably needs it more tbh

    He does but he needs to be put into the 5* crystal
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