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**Not Another Anime Reference Solo Event Returning**
This solo event has been fixed and will appear in game again on December 10th and will run through the 17th.
Reminder: This event is available to Paragon+ Summoners

Community's Choice: Champion Update #MCoCChampionUpdate



  • CyborgdeanCyborgdean Posts: 38
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 35,537 ★★★★★
  • B1gG4zB1gG4z Posts: 146
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    I would have said Ironman just because he's Ironman and he's cool but we got the Ironman we deserve in IMIW.
    This time round I'll say HulkBuster or DD
  • BlaargoBlaargo Posts: 246
  • HenriqueSCCPHenriqueSCCP Posts: 412 ★★★
    From this list Abomination, Daredevil, Hulkbuster and Iron Man are the complete useless ones on this list (they need Buff the most), Kamala Khan has good damage, just watch Swedeah L's videos, the Black Panther I like, cause several bleeds piled up.
  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    edited October 2019
    #buffhulkbuster. Also which daredevil? Netflix or classic?
  • R_D_JrR_D_Jr Posts: 49
    #buff Hulkbuster
  • KalantakKalantak Posts: 1,289 ★★★★
    why no mystic?? none of them ever got buff and most of them worse and Some of the champs on list like og bp or abomination who r decent.!!
  • Kratos89Kratos89 Posts: 7
  • BatusaiBatusai Posts: 3
  • HenriqueSCCPHenriqueSCCP Posts: 412 ★★★
    Will it be 2 champions again to win BUFF?
    And is update 25.0 from November?
  • ApetesApetes Posts: 1
  • GondelulfGondelulf Posts: 17
  • JBuckmanJBuckman Posts: 4
    #BuffHulkBuster he should be really strong in the attack department but is severely lacking. Not to mention the fact that I have duped him more than any other 5* I have.....
  • Osfan8Osfan8 Posts: 758 ★★★
    What if I want to buff my duped 6* DD Classic?

    If that's not an option... #BuffHulkBuster
  • #BuffKamala
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,591 ★★★★★
    Let’s look at the options

    1. Abomination- pretty much useless attacker and defender now nodes are revealed, but since he’s not widely available as a 5 or 6 star, he’s not a great candidate
    2. Daredevil- pretty worthless on attack and defence, he’s old and is available as a 5*, making him a great variant gem candidate after his buff, definitely a solid option, but he’s not available as a 6*
    3. Hulkbuster-worthless champ, available as both a 5 and 6 star, old champ for variant gems, definitely a great option, but there is a good chance he would become a defender rather than an attacker
    4. Iron man- not the worst champion overall, but definitely not great, available as a 5* and is an option for variant gems, solid option overall
    5. Kamala Khan- she’s actually not half bad on attack and is part of the strongest class and isn’t available as a 6*, though she still needs a buff, it’s not as desperate as the others
    6. Black panther- similar story to kk, not great but not terrible, though he can be used with 2015 gems unlike kk and skill isn’t as strong as cosmic, but like kk, it’s bit as desperate as the other

    Overall the 3 top candidates are daredevil hulk buster and iron man, hulk buster fills all the qualities of needing a buff, but would likley be a defender, daredevil fills the qualities but isn’t a 6* and it’s around the same with iron man, overall if I was to vote I’d go for daredevil or hulk buster, hulk buster would be a more risky choice overall though
  • MichaelW92MichaelW92 Posts: 38
    edited October 2019
    Still no mystics added to the choices? They are by the far the worse class. I'm never going to be able to use these mystic awakening gems...
  • KossukoseKossukose Posts: 56
    Buff Hulkbuster!!
  • TerraTerra Posts: 7,796 ★★★★★
    edited October 2019
    Everyone has him so this would be beneficial to all, and I can see some interesting ways for him to get buffed
  • MichaelW92MichaelW92 Posts: 38
  • rabbitt88rabbitt88 Posts: 20
  • gp87gp87 Posts: 324 ★★★
  • NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 3,864 ★★★★★
  • GizGiz Posts: 117
    Lvernon15 said:

    Werewrym said:

    RoninMan said:

    Hulkbuster needs a buff more than anyone else but I really sincerely hope the next poll has a few mystic choices as they’re in desperate need.

    Hopefully iron fist will be on the list next time
    Agreed, my duped 6* IF says hi...
    So does mine
    As does mine!
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