Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    Tony886Tony886 Posts: 659 ★★
    Nova ,white tiger,pyro,nighthawk, scorpion, lizard,frost gaint if possible
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    060295060295 Posts: 47
    How about spider mech
    Class : tech
    He hails from an inter
    dimensional organization built by different spider men across multiverse!!
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    FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★
    edited October 2019
    Captain America - Sam Wilson
    Baron Zemo
    Madame Hydra
    Beta Ray Bill
    Classic Hawkeye
    Thor/Infinity War
    Lady Deathstrike
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    Its time shuri or okoye enter the contest, as synergy ho kilmonger and bpcw
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    FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★

    Punisher War Machine

    Nick Fury gives Frank Castle the War Machine armor.

    Instantly regrets it.

    Come on, KABAM. Give us the War Machine Frank.
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    GeneralYTGeneralYT Posts: 2
    antivenom would be cool
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    SkyBlueGamingSkyBlueGaming Posts: 128
    Superior Spider-man would be great.
    My Champion Idea: Superior Spider-man
    Class: Tech
    - +20% attack against villains
    - Otto gets furious when someone dares to doubt his superior intellect. While taunted, gain a fury buff increasing attack rating by (x) and while Otto has a fury buff active, he fights aggressively and his special attacks are unblockable.
    - Otto uses spider-bots of his own design to aid him in his fight. Each active spider-bot decreases the opponent’s offensive ability accuracy by 20% and their defensive ability accuracy by 10%. Doesn’t affect Cosmic champions.
    - Otto has 4 spider-bots. Whenever a spider-bot is deactivated, it reactivates after 12 seconds.
    - When inflicted with an armor break debuff, one random spider-bot is deactivated. When inflicted with a shock debuff, two random spider-bots are deactivated.
    - Superior Spider-man’s spider-sense alert him to nearby dangers, granting him an (x)% chance to evade attacks. Cooldown: (x) seconds
    - When Spider-man is struck by a unique attack, a spider-bot scans the attack for 3 seconds. After that, Spiderman gains a flat +15% chance to evade that attack. After this, the spider-bot is deactivated. Only three unique attacks can be scanned by this ability.
    - Spider-man’s second light attack, the first hit of his heavy attack, and the first two hits of his Special 1 expends 1 web fluid each. Each webshot consumes 1 web fluid to inflict a Webbed debuff that lasts for (x) seconds. Webbed opponents cannot evade or miss and have their critical damage reduced by (x)%.
    - Spider-man has 11 web fluids at the start of the fight. When the charges run out, Spiderman uses one of his spider-bots to refill it after 10 seconds. After this, the spider-bot is deactivated.
    Holding Block for 1.5 seconds
    - Doing this consumes 3 web fluids to create a web shield that lasts for 8 seconds. Duration pauses while holding block.
    - While active, opponents cannot strike critical hits and deal energy damage through Spider-man’s block and while Spiderman is blocking, opponents cannot deal more than 5% of Spiderman’s max health in a single hit. Additionally, Otto has a 15% chance to resist block breaks, with a +10% chance per webbed effect on the opponent.
    Special Attacks
    - these attacks gain +50% critical rating and +50% ability accuracy against villains
    - If the opponent attempts to evade or auto-block this special attack, a spider-bot warns Otto, granting him true accuracy for the duration of the special attack. After this, the spider-bot is deactivated.
    Special 2
    - Spider-man summons a spider-bot to attack his opponent. The spider-bot has a 100% chance to inflict a Electrodrain debuff on its last hit that lasts for 10 seconds, draining (x)% of the opponent’s max power per second and dealing shock damage proportionate to the power drained. After this, the spider-bot is deactivated.
    Special 3
    - This attack gains +40% attack per active spider-bot. After this, all spider-bots are deactivated.
    - Consumes 4 web fluids to inflict one webbed passive that lasts for 15 seconds and has 100% increased potency. +4 seconds per active spider-bot.
    Signature Ability: Superior Intellect
    - When below 50% health, Spider-man activates a fifth spider-bot to aid him in battle.
    - When below 15% health, Spider-man summons a spider-bot to instantly heal (x)% of his max health and gain 1 bar of power. After this, the spider-bot is deactivated for the rest of the fight.
    *Note: Each spider-bot corresponds to one specific ability.
    Spider-bot 1: Increased evade chance
    Spider-bot 2: Web fluid refill
    Spider-bot 3: True Accuracy
    Spider-bot 4: Electrodrain debuff
    Spider-bot 5 (from his awakened ability): Regen and Power Gain
    Body Swap with Spider-man(Classic)
    - Superior Spider-man: Critical hits have an 80% chance to inflict armor break for 5 seconds, reducing enemy armor rating by (x)
    - Spider-man (Classic): Heavy attacks taunt the opponent for 8 seconds, reducing their attack rating by 40% and increasing their chance to activate a special attack by 70%.
    Alter-ego with Doctor Octopus
    - Superior Spider-man: Charging a heavy attack for 1 second causes the last hit of the heavy attack inflicts a Shock Lock debuff on the opponent that lasts for 6 seconds, +1 second per active spider-bot. Shock Lock deals (x) shock damage over (x) seconds and power locks and heal blocks the opponent. This ability can only be used 5 times in a fight.
    - Doctor Octopus: +10% power gain per active breakthrough.
    Superior 6 with Mysterio, Vulture, and Electro
    - All synergy members: gain +20% attack and +20% critical rating one a combo of 15 hits or more is reached.
    Heroes of the Spider-verse with Spider-gwen, Spider-man (Miles Morales), and Spider-man (Symbiote)
    - Superior Spider-man: When Spiderman evades a hit of a special attack, he evades the rest of the hits of the special attack as long as he doesn’t block.
    - Spider-gwen: Each charge of spider-sense decreases enemy offensive ability accuracy by 10%.
    - Spider-man (Miles Morales): Venom shock does an additional effect based on the opponent’s class
    Science and Cosmic: Shocks the opponent for 6 seconds
    Tech and Skill: Power locks the opponent for 6 seconds
    Mystic and Mutant: Exhausts the opponent for 6 seconds
    - Spider-man (Symbiote): Spiderman gains a cruelty buff that lasts for (x) seconds whenever he inflicts an armor break.
    Enhanced Webbing with Spiderman (Stark Enhanced) and Spiderman (Stealth Suit)
    - Superior Spider-man: Webbed debuffs last 2 seconds longer and gain +15% potency.
    - Spider-man (Stark Enhanced): EMP Webshot deals shock damage proportionate to the power drained.
    - Spider-man (Stealth Suit): Enervate lasts 4 seconds longer.
    Superior Venom with Venom
    - Superior Spider-man: When a spider-bot deactivates, Spiderman gains a fury buff for 5 seconds.
    - Venom: +20% bleed and shock resistance per buff on Venom
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    Deathlok would be dope. Anyways love the game 5 star Blade would be nice to have at my disposal. Thanks kabam keep it up!
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    NusbaumNusbaum Posts: 4
    1: Iron Spidey (Infinity War) - would have Doc-Oc/ Claire Voyant spider legs

    2: Miek - would fight without Korg, and have knives for hands, robo-exoskeleton

    3: Super-Stan (Stan Lee) - would have (and grant to team) random abilities from every character, and have synergies with every character

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    BatNight134BatNight134 Posts: 9
    Captain America (Endgame)
    Class: Science Rarities
    Special Moves
    1 • Shield Toss
    40% chance to inflict a stun debuff on
    the opponent that lasts for X seconds.

    2 • Hammer & Shield
    100% Chance to inflict a shock debuff on
    the opponent dealing X energy damage
    over X seconds.

    3 • Asgardian Justice
    80% Chance to place a power gain buff on
    the player gaining X power over X seconds.

    Signature Ability • Uru Enhanced Vibranium
    -As Captain America gain power in
    his meter he gains an X% chance
    at a perfect block.

    Persistent Change • Max 50 Charges
    -Captain America gain Perfect Block charges
    with every time he successfully parry’s an
    opponents attack increasing his perfect block
    chance by 0.5% each time.
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    My suggestion would be the High Evolutionary, is a great scientist but little known. I never saw him in a game.
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    MT_hammerMT_hammer Posts: 11
    Edit note: this comment is a little bit all over the place but please stick with me because I just spewed out thoughts and ideas as they popped in my head. But please read till the end and like and tell me your thoughts.

    I haven’t looked through every entry on this thread, but I’m surprised to see the lack of 1 particular character I love ! GLADIATOR Kallark ! He has such a great character and such a cool design he’d be so much fun to play with you could give him a confidence system that ramps him up he could be a Hyperion on crack. Other great characters include but are not limited to VULCAN !! You added havok so Vulcan and gladiator would be great and perfect to add you could drop them together. (Any war of kings fans out there) Beta Rey bill I’ve seen a few people say he would be great in the contest. I would love to see world war hulk a true powerhouse in the game with a world breaker/gamma/anger function. And I know there’s gladiator hulk but it’s just not the same MAN. and like a fall of the hulks event where you have so much potential to add so many heroes and have a great event, hulked out heroes like hulkpool(perfect for The Deadpool family btw), hulked out wolverine l, hulked out Thor, hulked out thing, hulked out human torch, hulked out captain America, hulked out iceman and cyclops (would be a great excuse to revamp cyclops as well.) you could add Hulks sons Skaar and hiro kala. You could add red she hulk. Hell you could sneak Weapon H in the contest. Minotaur Dario Agger, the Leader would mix in amazing with modok. Add Maximus from the inhumans. (A great excuse to revamp Karnak) you should make me a part of your creative team because I could really bring you guys comic ideas. Phoenix force event would be cool and a good excuse to revamp Phoenix, and add Phoenix force Namor colossus Emma frost cyclops and magik and have an actually playable version of the characters, not to be insulting that some characters aren’t playable it would just be nice to have a variety of options and ability to use our favorite characters in content and not get destroyed. (Although I know colossus is under revamp right now which I have a question if that will affect unstoppable colossus abilities as well.) you guys could do a feat itself type event with the serpent hammers and add Nul Hulk, Angrir Thing, Kuurth Juggernaut, and whoever else you want to thorify (would be a good opportunity to add more thorverse characters too like Erik masterson, thunder strike, throg. You could have an ultimates invasion to add the ultimate universe versions of characters who by the way would be a perfect time to add blue marvel who is an amazing character and I think you guys could do a great system with his anti matter fueled abilities. Other characters to consider would be phylla-vell, Mar-vell, and Genis-Vell in some sort of captain marvel revamp. ALSO BIG ONE I meant to mention, FREAKING WONDER MAN !!! Our ionic energy powered actor would be a wounderful addition to the contest. A comic version of miek would be nice as well if you guys went through with a world war hulk event, then you could also add caeira hulks wife. And on the topic of hulks a revamped Joe fixit along with adding professor hulk and the current devil hulk from Al Ewing’s with Joe Bennett’s design from their immortal hulk run would be freaking Cool !!! Could revamp abomination as well give all these characters more resistances and a sort of gamma system/effect that offers some sort of damage or Damage over time and have the devil hulk be a counter to all the gamma characters to a certain extent. You could have a heralds of galactus event and have an infinite possibility of characters such as a herald of galactus hulk (happened in a world war hulk what if (also if you can’t tell I like hulk and am very knowledgeable in the subject), you could add firelord, terrax, stardust I believe the name is, morg, you could add captain universe and make all the characters that have wielded the uni power , hulk spider man sue storm many more, having a symbiote event and adding knull and anti venom and many of the other awesome symbiotes although lesser known like toxin, scream I think, so many. Also more venomized/carnageized characters such as hulk that just happened, red goblin, miles morales, revamp symbiote Spider-Man, etc again endless possibility. I understand it’s tough work with limited time and crew to work with under reasonable circumstances I could go on for a long time with a list of things but as a comics fan/enthusiast, one of the most amazing parts about the game is it brings our favorite characters to life and we want to be able to use them and BE them. revamp thanos and add him to the game to where he’s more obtainable, and so then when you play him you feel mighty. Add Tyrant, add classic drax the destroyer, add Robbie Reyes and Danny ketch ghost riders, add Odin, add mangog, add war Thor, add Zeus, add Hercules, add Poseidon (marvel has one of those and many other Greek gods), add Ulik the troll, add A-bomb, add Valkyrie, add thundra, add spider woman, add silk, add black cat, add Polaris, add voyager a perfect addition to the contest as she’s the grandmasters daughter, add the new grandmaster from avengers no surrender, add nightmare, add icon (might be spelled with a k), add Madame hydra, add mystique, add kitty pryde and jubilee, add blink, add Amadeus cho as hulk and as brawn, add the champions or as currently seen agents of atlas. Add crimson dynamo and captain Britain and those characters from the other side of the ocean. Add silver samurai, add the mandarin, revamp the iron men. Add Shang chi, add nova (and please Richard rider because he’s so much better and cooler than Sam.) but you can add Sam too, have a nova Corp event, add surter, add comics hela and not the one that just makes and throws spears and swords and knives from the MCU that’s a pitiful excuse for hela. Make Loki more magical/mystic, add fat samurai, make the new merged sentry, add death seed event and death seed sentry, add apocalypse and Andy character version who’s been One of his horsemen. Add the maker, add gorgon, add grey gargoyle, add mr Hyde, add werewolf by night, add gorr the god butcher, add FREAKING CONAN !! Add forge, add everyone you can, also revamp the synergies on a lot of characters to make character synergies more effective for many characters so that there feels like a genuine bonus and benefit towards using synergized characters and make there many options so that you can use characters but interchange synergies for whatever content you want to tackle.

    Sorry for ranting/rambling and for grammatical and spelling errors I got really carried away and have been typing this on my phone so thank you to anyone that has stuck with me all the way to the end. Please upvote if you like or agree and add your own thoughts or additions because I know there’s loads of characters and additions I left and and thought of but for the sake of not writing a horrible book lol I’m stopping here for now.
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    elgaberinoelgaberino Posts: 80

    Me, trying to predict how the Wishlist Poll will change next year.

    As editor of the Summoner Community's Wishlist Poll, here are my wishes, guesses, predictions, and suggestions for 2020 champs. (Parentheticals are ranks.)


    Doctor Doom, (perpetual #1 most-desired-champ), Silver Surfer (#3), and Mister Fantastic (#13) are coming. Will Galactus (#4) follow, presumably NPC? Their exeunt would leave Apocalypse (#2) at #1. With the MROC announcement of Apocalypse as baron of Pyramid X, maybe En Sabah Nur leaves the poll to join the Contest?

    Without them, the top five would be Sandman (#5), Quicksilver (#6), Kraven the Hunter (#7), Adam Warlock (#8), and Bullseye (#9). But Marvel might want to de-prioritize or delay each of them, and none place obviously on the current State of the Battlerealm.

    Speaking of, the new State of the Battlerealm is cryptic, but it does seem to lock certain champs out of the conversation and onto the poll. For example:

    Top left: Hell's Kitchen and K'un-Lun (Netflixland?) look closed. Don't look for Owl (#488), Stick (#387), Stilt-Man (#340), Colleen Wing (#290), Misty Knight (#196), or even Bullseye (#9) in 2020.
    Bottom left: expect no Inhumans; no Triton (#469), Maximus (#313), Gorgon (#297), or Lash (#232). No Crystal (#89) unless she joins the Fantastic Four region of the map.

    Cloak & Dagger (#26)


    Maybe we see Nova and Cloak & Dagger join the State of the Battlerealm here?

    The new State of the Battlerealm shows openings in "New Warriors," one near the Cosmic (Cap Marvel) area—Nova (Sam Alexander) (#11), please—and another by M.O.D.O.K.'s sinister science neighborhood. Dagger did a product of Roxxon sinister science who did a stint with the "New New Warriors," would fit there. The lone branch from that square could be Cloak. They poll as a tandem champ: Cloak and Dagger (#26).

    Honorable mention: Nova (Richard Rider)(#45). Wishful thoughts: Speedball (#225) and Hummingbird (#124).


    MCU 2020: ETERNALS

    Will playable Champ arrive in conjunction with Eternals? Doesn't it seem likely? Where would they would fit in the State of the Battlerealm? Maybe over by the Fantastic Four?

    Key characters could be Angelina Jolie's Thena (#228), Gemma Chan's heroine Sersi (#448), Richard Madden's leading man Ikaris (#484), and/or Barry Keoghan's villain Druig (#547).



    We know MROC will have MCOC tie-ins. A playable version of any baron from the first eight playable houses of Battleworld would be welcome: Shuri (#42), Apocalypse (#2), the Ancient One (#178), Skaar (#445), Captain America (Peggy Carter) (#344), "Stark Prime" (NR), "War Thor" (NR), and Madam Web (#113).

    But will we get the MROC barons in MCOC? If not, perhaps "tie-in" means MCOC will get other champs in the vein of each MROC house. Each possibility is discussed below.



    Storm could be Kabam's main marketing Mutant for 2020. (Consider this NYCC 2019 promo image). The MROC Asgard baron really looks like Storm, and the MROC Mutant customizable is Storm, one variant of which is an "Apocalyptized" version of Thor Corps member Stormborn (#29) (essentially Storm Thor). We have two Wolverines (four if you count X-23 and the Weapon X NPC) and two Cyclopes. Why not a second Storm?

    Counterpoint: there's plenty of Storm in MROC; so maybe MCOC will focus elsewhere in 2020.



    This seems difficult to predict for 2020.

    Okoye (#34) and M'baku (Man-Ape) (#66) have appeared in multiple MCU films. A female Black Panther (NR) is the base Wakandan MROC customizable, the rightmost of which is wearing M'baku's MCU mask. Klaw (#58) might appear associated with Wakanda because MCU, and is also a prominent Fantastic Four #Villain in the comics.

    Honorable mention: Nakia (NR), White Tiger (#61)



    Maybe we see Xavier, Squirrel Girl, and Cannonball join their friends in these spots?

    State of the Battlerealm—center left: a larger box connects all the mutants and the Illuminati. After Reed Richards, Professor X (#16) will be the last Illuminati member absent from the Contest. ••• Squirrel Girl (#35), is a heavily-requested Mutant. ••• The April 2020 theatrical release of New Mutants will feature Magik and Cannonball (#64), who could be the box connected to Sunspot (or the one by the X-Force).

    Honorable mentions: Kitty Pryde (#12), New Mutants Dani Moonstar (#86) and Wolfsbane (#229); X-Force members Fantomex (#121), Shatterstar (#166), and Warpath (#171); villains Onslaught (#21) and Ahab (#98). Wishful thoughts: Magma (#97); Cecilia Reyes (#96).



    This is anyone's guess.

    Wong (#485) is the other prominent MCU Kamar-Taj master. The highest polling sanctum guardian is Clea (#106).

    No honorable mentions. Dark horses: Beast (Hex-Men)(#465); sorcery villains Morgan le Fay (#18), Selene (#190), or Kaecilius (#525). Deeper cuts: Kaluu (#399); Krugarr (#481). Wishful mentions: Jennifer Kale (#135); Magik II (#337).



    This is an unpredictable tie-in.

    But there is room in the State of the Battlerealm. Some say the large open square, bottom-right, is Maestro. Three blank squares branch from it. Red She-Hulk (#68) is a high vote-getting hulk. One of the open squares near Wolverine could accommodate Weapon H (#100).

    There are many other possibilities. Caiera (#161), Skaar, and villains Hiro-Kala (#401) and Red King (#132) would reinforce the Planet Hulk/gladiator/war horde feel of the new MROC house. Doc Samson (#95), Ice-Thing (#120), A-Bomb (Rick Jones)(#182), Sasquatch (#386), and Red Hulk (Maverick) (#99) are all viable gamma characters and/or "hulksimiles." Sensible villain choices might include Leader (#467), Psyklop (#304), Zzzax (#296), Wendigo (#285), Bi-Beast (#276), Xemnu (#238), and Absorbing Man (#38).



    Black Widow (May 2020) will star Yelena Belova (#274). Disney+'s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (September 2020) will feature Captain America (Falcon) (#255) and #Villain Baron Helmut Zemo (#74).

    Honorable mentions: BW co-stars Red Guardian (#272) and Iron Maiden (#354). Don't put it past Kabam to skip Belova and salute ScarJo.



    I know no way to predict this for 2020.

    Rescue (#88) is already popping up in other Marvel mobile games. Wouldn't not make sense. Iron Spider (#92) has been teased in MCOC art, and could tie into either the Iron or Spidey MROC houses.

    Honorable mentions: Iron Man (MK I) (#220), Punisher (War Machine) (#221), Ironheart (#222), and Iron Lad (#303); villains Whiplash (#52), Titanium Man (#60), Crimson Dynamo (#93), Iron Monger (#109), Beetle (#165). My wish? Beetle.



    If the MROC blond lady "War Thor" is Brunnhilde, i.e. Valkyrie (Classic) (#17), maybe Summoners get no separate Valkyrie (Classic) in MCOC. An unsurprising MCOC debut would be Valkyrie (MCU) (#14). Among the MROC customizable Thors is a Destroyer (#71) helmet. Could we see Destroyer in MCOC, too? A Thor buddy popular in these threads and the poll is Beta Ray Bill (#160).

    Honorable mentions: Enchantress (#76), Sif (#77), Malekith (#173), the Serpent (#192), Odin (#219), Executioner (#332); the list goes on.



    The MROC's blond Madam Web (#128) is almost certainly Gwen Stacy, not redhead Julia Carpenter AKA Spider-Woman II AKA Arachne (#90). We'd be justified in hoping for either her or one of the more popular spider-ladies like Silk (#37) or Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) (#25) in MCOC 2020. Meanwhile: first Punisher 2099, now Guillotine 2099; next Spider-Man 2099 (#22)? Besides Sandman, the highest-polling Spiderverse candidate is Black Cat (#10).

    Honorable mentions: Iron Spider (#92) appears among the MROC customizables; Deadpool mentioned Captain Universe (Spider-Man) (#177) in MCOC dialog ("Oops, spoilers!"). A most-likely villain would be an Osborne offshoot (Ultimate Green Goblin 9 (#365), Hobgoblin (#31), or Green Goblin 2099 (NR)). Wishful: Scarlet Spider (#277 & #280); villains Morlun (#215), Superior Octopus (#172).
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    Saint_Mart74Saint_Mart74 Posts: 84
    Hi, can AGENT VENOM receive a regeneration ability added being that he is a symbiote. Also, could you add better synergies to help improve his performance. Thank you in advance. -Saint Mart
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    Daniel ketch the blue ghost rider
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    Centurion77Centurion77 Posts: 6
    There are so many untapped villains especially now that we’re in the F.F. realm of the contest. One that I’m really shocked which was seemingly skipped right over with the same color scheme as Diablo is Super-Skrull. More than a match for the F.F. in an singular encounter as well as giving the entire team a run for its money.

    Other wish list includes:

    *being that they’re being back old school characters*
    Jack of hearts (whose costume can still stand in a hairdo as of the galaxy/other MCU marvel movie)
    Rom the space knight (look to Nee mutant Warlock for shapeshifting fighting style and specials)
    Beta Ray Bill (PS: Thor needs an upgrade)
    *gaurdians of the galaxy additions as well as Infinity watch crossovers would include*
    Old school Drax the Destroyer who is far more powerful than his MCU counterpart
    Adam Warlock black and red or lightning bolt gold and red to being back another chance at a “Thanos Quest”
    *take ‘em or leave ‘em* Pip the troll with gem abilities
    The original captain Mar-vell
    Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau)
    Wonder-man (since we have all these visions and ultrons)
    Molecule Man
    The beyonder (being that we’re going to have characters like Void and Sentey power sets)
    Sandman (see venom and carnage models)
    Hydro man (same effects as Namor)
    The beetle (iron -pick one)
    Whiplash (similar to Omega Red)
    Kraven the hunter
    Scorpion 🦂
    *to really round out the “sinister six” characters and present new stories perhaps even in line with the MCU.

    Just to name a few.
    Blue Marvel would be interesting to square off against Hyperion or even
    Gladiator of the Shi’ar Empire

    Just some wishes to see
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    Sonic36321Sonic36321 Posts: 4
    How about Rescue from Endgame?
    And sooner or later, they're gonna add in Iron Spider. They revealed it in one of the trailers.
    And possibly silk, the Spider-Girl with the red mouth mask.
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    xs03xxs03x Posts: 20
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