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Who is your favorite Doctor?

XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
There are a total of four doctors in the game, and honestly, I wouldn't mind them adding more!
I know Mr. Fantastic is a Doctor (I think) but Doctor must be in their name for this poll.

Dr. Octopus-Villain of Spider-Man who uses his metal arms and supreme intellect to fight his foes.

Dr. Strange-Neurosurgeon, Master of the Mystic Arts

Dr. Voodoo-Wizard who has worked with Dr. Strange and Sheild

Dr. Doom-Arch Enemy of the Fantastic Four

Who is your favorite Doctor? 253 votes

Dr. Octopus
Whododo872LeNoirFaineantSeatinJestressSpity68ZENVceeKaruseusOllyoxenfreebuffajrFeeney234GhriffinLvernon15DOKTOROKTOPUSDhorne61EB54BeardedStarlordcx23433Battle_GreninjaColonaut123 45 votes
Dr. Strange
DrZolaMegaSkater67World EaterErza_ScarletBigbadromobelli300TrektTendersquadquando213TheVyrusWhiteManKossukoseЗАКСОЛИНSavio444StingerbkM1k0rinTaiphoon_zeroTheRealApocOmegaManWerewrym 48 votes
Dr. Voodoo
Kabam MiikeDAVIDTHMasterSmokeCarmel1FrostySaiyanTortoigEliOrSomethingzuffySlipdrippayebuduNanoDroidJackd1989SpeedbumpMaverick75SlappapowHSenpaiExHavokSammyJankisAhitlaw 69 votes
Dr. Doom
SiliyoArrsssAce_03guardianbelikovRazorDevilabiew78New_Noob168Jwallace25FineDogTerraAlex13369Foxhero007Darkrider05Jim0172MityAntexc3lF1VEF0RF1GHT1NGNojokejaymKabam VydiousThatGuyYouSaw235 91 votes


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