Aegon combo meter synergy is not working

Since the recent update Aegon’s combo breaker synergy w/ SL & PM is not working. Has anyone else experienced this same issue?


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    Yes having the same issue after new update
  • Reverb79Reverb79 Posts: 28
    Thanks for posting. Good to know it isn’t just me. Sometimes it feels like kabam purposely creates a bug with each new update to hinder some of the gameplay. Just like last month when Medusa’s armor shatter wasn’t shutting down all robots ability accuracy. They only just fixed the issue with this recent update.
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    @Kabam Miike aegon and starlord synergy of combo meter is not working
  • Known issue, below link is the thread where Kabam has said they are looking into it, and are directing all the other threads that are being opened about this...
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    I looked for a thread about this and the only one I could find online was a link that had been removed on the 2nd. This was clearly an obvious misdirection. I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years now and have spent more money than I’d like to admit but have become so tired of Kabam’s excuses, misleading and disregard for its customers.
  • There are at least 13 different threads on this that can be found up here in Forum. Just did a quick search with one of any of the following search words.. Aegon, Combo Shield, Synergy, Starlord, or Proxima.
    Maybe google search hasn’t “cached” them yet for their own search, but they are up here using this Forum's direct Search bar. Although the new Update wasn’t even out on the 2nd, so this bug would not have been occurring at that time yet (?)
    Several have been closed by including a refererence to the prior mentioned “main” thread, in which they have indeed replied.
  • I'm having same issue with aegon combo synergies with proxima not working
  • My signature ability for aegon is supposed to add 71.96% of combo to persistent charge and I'm only getting 50%.. anyone else noticed this
  • Synergy is not working. All game modes. Ios13
  • Hey there, we're aware of this issue and the team is looking into it. We've got a thread going for it that can be found here.
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