If a champ is in the premium crystal is he taken out of the basic?

I'm talking older champs like void is currently in the Premium bus has been in the basic, does that mean I would not be able to pull him in the basics right now?


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    Premium Crystal (PC) is 2* (with chance of 3*/4*) champs. When talking Basic or Feature that is generally either the 5* or the 6* crystals. And the BASIC (10,000 shard) versions of them have just the limited set of 24 potential champs in each. And when 5/6* crystals get refreshed then only the new set of 24 are available in those updated versions of 5/6.

    Their status in 5/6* Basic/Feature does not impact the PC crystals at all (once they become available in PC's, they remain available in PC's)

    * Unless you mean the special purchasable ones in Crystal Store, which only feature either 1 or 2 specific champs as top chance, whereas rest of available champs in those are from the regular pool of heroes that have been released into PC's (if I believe correctly).
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    Simple answer: No, a champion is not taken out of a basic crystal if they are also in a featured. Once in a basic. always in a basic.
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