Due to an issue with Alliance War Defense Tactic, we will be ending this Alliance War Season effective immediately. This current War will not count towards your Alliance War Season Score. War Season eligibility rewards will be reduced to 2 Wars in the Season.

We understand that this is not a perfect solution, but without the ability to remove or freeze the War Rating quick enough, the rest of our Alliance War season would be compromised.

This war will remain active, and in-game, you will still see the season until tomorrow. After we end the season tomorrow, we will be taking some time to collect data and remove the changes to the Alliance War Season score. Once that is complete, we will be able to send out Alliance War Season rewards.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Possible data leak on forums

I was just logging into the forums when I was redirected to a page that said the page was going under maintenance when I scrolled down I found there was a serious data breach on the 30th October relating to our usernames and passwords to this website why have I had no information regarding this? I take my passwords seriously and to know they were free for someone to take including my ip address is very worrying for me can you please explain what happened and whether we all need to be changing our passwords @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious or anyone else thank you


  • Sorry some of the pictures are out of order but that's all the information I have
  • As noted toward the bottom of the first screenshot, SSO (single sign-on) accounts were not affected because their data is not stored in Vanilla forums. All players on our forums are using SSO connected to their game accounts. Apologies for any confusion here.
  • How does that work when I signed up to the forums website it asked me to create a user name and password it didn't mention it would be linked via the game also I can't see how it could be when the website is separate to the game can you explain a little more as I'm still confused how you can use vanilla forums and they don't have the username and password on their server isn't it their server we log into each time we use the forums?
  • Tbh I just want an answer to my very simple question I've used forums on websites before you have 2 types of servers when logging in one use another social network to log in and the other is when you create the details with the forum sever directly when I came here I was given the social option and sign up option. I signed up therefore my details would be held on the forum server which would mean the breach would effect me would it not?
  • Also if we are using our in game log ins to do this why is it I have to sign in everytime I'm on the website using my email and password in order for that information to work it would have to be saved on the forum server surely?
    i sold my soul to mephisto, a password is nothing compared to that
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    You've seen too much.

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    Thanks for sharing this info. It would be nice to get more clarification about the incident
  • The information that we were provided by Vanilla (our Forum Service provider) was that anybody affected would be forced to reset their Password (I had to reset mine because this account is not linked to a game account), and that our Users were not affected because of our SSO login.

    If you have more questions about this, you can reach out to Vanilla, but this is all the information that we have.
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