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A Fantastic Synergy Discussion



  • KyrkantKyrkant Posts: 92
    Guillotine, Guillotine 2099 and Night Thrasher ...
  • TP33TP33 Posts: 1,465 ★★★★
    edited November 2019
    Cap IW at decent sig with a skill champion on his team is basically debuff immune, especially stun
  • GomezlinkGomezlink Posts: 159
    the champion + mephisto+ luke cage...
  • benshbbenshb Posts: 635 ★★★★
    Since there is a full F4 team synergy now, it would be Soo cool if you can add more full-team synergyes. Like a full Guardians synergy, Avengers, old gen X-men, new gen X-Men, etc, you get the point 😁
  • Gavstert99Gavstert99 Posts: 9

    Man!!! I love the Counsel of Reeds! Prove me not wrong, coz I think it is a nod to Rick and Morty (Counsel of Ricks), which I freaking love

    Council of Ricks was actually a reference to the Council of Reeds from the comics
  • LordBeaverbrokeLordBeaverbroke Posts: 285 ★★
    Wasp + Havok. Allows Havok to build up charges faster, and gives Wasp a nice attack boost. Nothing too special, but I like it.
  • Thank you everyone who has been sharing! It's been great reading through all of these to see who uses what and why. Definitely going to be changing up my roster in some instances more often. :wink:
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,991 ★★★★★
    My second account has given me an unusual assortment of champions I've put this team together for, built around the backbone of Venom plus Vulture for their synergy.

    Venom+Vulture+Darkhawk+Night Thrasher is the main team; swapping in various champs, with the option of Sparky for extra Incinerate damage for Vulture.

    Venom still does more damage (thanks to +15% Attack, +1 Buff maximum, +30% Power Rate Vs Villains, and +10% Critical Rate Vs Heroes) but with this team Vulture is substantially improved, gaining:
    • +2000 Armour Vs Specials (so he has approx 3000 armour Vs Specials, at full Chitauri energy)
    • +80% Incinerate damage ( with the Attack bonus, his Incinerate damage is almost doubled)
    • +5% Critical Rate
    • +11% base Attack
    Darkhawk starts in a random mode, gains +40% Shock debuff damage, +11% Attack, +30% Power Rate Vs Villains, +5% Critical Rate, +extra 10% Vs Heroes.

    It's a solid synergy team that centres around a B-grade champion to make him really surprisingly effective.
  • GomezlinkGomezlink Posts: 159

    don't say the synergy then they will nerfear

    the Champion totally unstoppable, you can put your opponent in the corner and just hit ...
  • Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 2,418 ★★★★
    Make the Stretchy Man synergy with Sue Storm not useless please. She’s the only member of the F4 that gains almost nothing from the team synergy.
  • Hector_1475Hector_1475 Posts: 1,210 ★★★★
    a) Nick Fury + CMM + IMIW + Quake (and add Corvus, just because)

    b) The Thing + Champion + Heimdall + Angela + Hela

    c) KM + ST + Omega Red + Void (and add Corvus, just because)

    d) Corvus + Proxima + Nebula

    e) Domino + Red Hulk + Masacre

    f) Heimdall + Hela + Angela + Guillotine + Venom

    And I can't wait to be able to form the F4 full synergy team.
  • Maldroit2 said:

    Nick fury + Heimdall + Hela.

    This probably my favorite synergy to use with Nick Fury at the moment.
  • My favourite synergy is between Venom and Spider-Gwen. Sometimes I use Symbiote supreme in place of venom if he’s busy elsewhere, but the Gwenom rising unique synergy is really nice for Gwen. She’s one of my favourite characters and her damage can be quite impressive at 6 charges. A lot of fun to use.

    Same here! Love that damage she gets from this, though I'm using Symbiote Supreme to activate it most of the time, and occasionally Venom the Duck. Having them all on the team to activate the Supreme Symbiosis synergy also provides a nice boost to the normal Symbiotic Champs as well.
  • BulmktBulmkt Posts: 846 ★★★
    One of my synergy teams for EQ

  • LightvayneLightvayne Posts: 493 ★★★
    Warlock, Magik, CAIW, Gully99, (Gully/Morningstar)

    Synergy is mainly built around the first 3 champs;

    Warlock: generates 70% less power with specials, when hit with a debuff he is immune too, generates 70% of a bar of power and drains 100% max power when opponent uses a special
    Magik: Attack rating goes up 50 while in limbo, and deals 30% more direct damage when nullifying a buff
    CAIW: Is already awesome and supports the others.
  • NerdNerdNerd1NerdNerdNerd1 Posts: 377 ★★★
    SS Venom Carnage
    All amazing on their own, benefit greatly from synergys. This is ignoring the obvious candidates like KM Void ST, Wasp Ghost Hood and Quake CMM NF
  • Sinedd92Sinedd92 Posts: 84
    I like ghost + wasp + havok. Helps havok to get more plasma charges, so you don't have to use sp1 before sp3. Also wasp becomes a killing machine with the fury buff during her heavy in the middle of combo. Ghost + Wasp is a too well-known synergy to describe it :smiley:
  • bryndenriversbryndenrivers Posts: 443 ★★

  • SubExtaByteSubExtaByte Posts: 80

    CHAMPION: Moon Knight : I call this team ( Khonshu’s Wrath)
    Darkhawk effect: Moon Knight his New and Waxing Moons grant 30% of Max Power over 6 seconds plus Full and Waning Moons grant 10% of Max Health over 3 seconds at the beginning of the fightNight Thrasher effect: Moon Knights bleed duration is increased by 40%Taskmaster effect: All of Moon Knight's Moon Phase Abilities gain a flat +10% chance to trigger Ronin effect: Moon Knight has a 30% chance to instantly Regenerate 35% of damage taken when struck.
    This synergy is just all around fun to play, Moon knights abilities are amplified very well and you can withstand quite a bit of damage with RNG on your side.
    CHAMPION: Rogue: I call this team (Special mutation)
    The Team consists of Rogue, Deadpool, Cyclops (Both Versions) and Colossus. First off you get a +260 armour rating , nothing special but here’s where it gets fun. With all those mutants together. Mutant landed strikes during special attacks is boosted by %30!!!!!!!! I really like using this synergy for quest that have a lot of unavoidable damage. Degen or global nodes or whatever. The boost to the special damage benefits Rogue giving you the opportunity to steal a larger portion of health with Special 1
    Champion: Ragnarok Hulk: I call this team (Indestructi-HULK)
    Loki effect: Hulk (Ragnarok) gets +1000 Physical Resistance while Unstoppable
    Ragnarok Thor effect: Hulk(Ragnarok) becomes Indestructible for 5 seconds when below 20% Health and his SMASH attacks have a 20% chance to be Unblockable.
    Hela effect: Hulk (Ragnarok)'s chance to SMASH on All Attacks increases by 400% while Face Me is active
    Heimdall effect: Once per fight for your teammates he will intercede on their behalf, the first time when you would be knocked out gain both an Indestructible and an Unstoppable Buff which last for 2 seconds. With Ragnarok Thor on your team once per fight Heimdall will intercede on your behalf, dash back and hold Block for 1.5 seconds to Regenerate 15% of missing Health instantly with Hela on your team once per fight Heimdall will intercede on your behalf, dash back and hold Block for 1.5 seconds to gain an infinite Duration Fury Buff increasing Attack by 15% of Base Attack.
    This team of Synergies highly benefits Ragnarok Thor. Essentially your using all the Characters from the Ragnarok Film. This synergy team makes the Hulk actually feel like the Hulk

    This last synergy team is my personal favourite. I call this team (Skater girls)
    Guillotine – Soul charges take 10 second longer to expire and each soul grants an additional 100 crit rating.
    Magik- 500 crit damage and 500 crit rating while limbo is active
    Moringstar- Buffs last 20% longer
    Angela-Buffs last 20% longer
    NightThrasher- Crits have a 50% chance to inflict bleed dealing 70% of attack as direct damage over4.5 seconds.

    That hulk ragnarok team synergy is really awesome!might use it later,sounds like a lot of fun!
  • Karatemike415Karatemike415 Posts: 350 ★★★★

    Man!!! I love the Counsel of Reeds! Prove me not wrong, coz I think it is a nod to Rick and Morty (Counsel of Ricks), which I freaking love

    its literally from Hickman's Fantastic Four comics lmao - if anything, council of ricks is a spoof off of FF
  • haloless0haloless0 Posts: 59
    OML+Sabretooth+Mysterio= increases OML's regen by 10% from Mysterio, and another 120% from Sabretooth when he hits an opponent. Add Dom for another 12% increase in regen, and Colossus to start the fight with a bar of power.

    MS+Cable+Dom(+MMN to negate class disadvantage) The cool thing about MS+Cable and MS+MMN synergies is they effect ALL mutants on ur team... First grants All Mutants to randomly start the fight with either +25% passive Attack Rating, +25% passive Power Rate, or +25% passive Armor Rating, and MS+MNN grants a passive Fury when at class disadvantage. Dom+Cable lets Domino start the fight with either Lucky or Unlucky active for 7 seconds and all teammates get additional Armor Rating and Power Gain. Add Colossus for a few more synergies, including the team is mostly Xmen :)
  • MRMOJO77MRMOJO77 Posts: 215
    One I been using the most lately is NF/quake. Doesn't really help either one of those champs but everyone else it's insane. Plus add in namor,cmm, aegon.
  • sest22sest22 Posts: 933 ★★★
    simply disappointing that the synergies are not updated correctly. that is to say, synergies of blockade, and increase of armor (Guardians of the Galaxy) and others. Comparing synergies with an impressive capacity for destruction, many synergies are ridiculous and useless.
  • Owl_0wlOwl_0wl Posts: 190
    Greatest synergy of all time, definitely the old school perfect block synergies. My team consisted of black bolt, OG cyclops and magneto. Although it may not have the same prowess now, back in the day it was the key for being able to cheese through story, realm of legends and all AW and AQ maps. What a shame it got removed
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