What Year Had The best champions?

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This is a general idea for the best champions from the beginning of the game to now there have been many great champs but what years has the best champs overall?

What Year Had The best champions? 80 votes

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    This is a good idea. I tried writing up something like it before, and I'd suggest it be broken down smaller into "what year was best for [insert class here]" so that it's less general, but overall, this is really fun! Will post my opinion later.
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    Ghost, aegon, omega, Emma Frost all came in 2018

    Corvus, proxima, sentinel, darkhawk, void, domino, symbiote supreme and the list still goes on.

    Ghost, aegon, omega, Emma Frost all came in 2018

    And Domino, Cap IW, Corvus, and Symbiote Supreme
    True i forgot to mention them
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    1. The fantastic 4
    2. Dr Doom
    3. Warlock (just love his style)
    4. Mysterio (cool dude)
    5. Stealth spidey (great utility)
    6. Man thing (I’m a comic guy)
    7. Captain marvel
    8. Cull obsidian
    9. Colossus buff (yes I’m counting him, he’s basically a different champion anyway)
    10. Nick Fury
    11. Namor
    thats as many as i could think of in 2 minutes
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    I forgot what year ghulk came out
    Timone147 said:

    Ghulk came to the game

    Had to double check but the champion spotlight for gladiator hulk say 2018 not 2017
    Then 2018 is the best year lol
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    If going by Seatin's tier list (which I know is subjective), 2018 had 8 champions added to the beyond god tier bracket to 2019's 5.
    2018 had 9 god tiers compared to 6 from 2019.
    2019 had more high demi gods at 7. 2018 had 3.
    In low demi god we had2 from 2019 and 5 from 2018.

    But 2019 had 2 champions in he next to bottom tier with Diablo and Ebony Maw. 2018 didn't have any champions ranked that low. Closest was red skull the tier above them.

    2017 and below are pretty much invalid for consideration IMO as a majority of the champions released in these years are generally considered average to trash with the god tiers released during these years being far less numerous and spread more thinly between those 3 years.

    So I would say 2018 made the highest contribution to what a majority of the player base feels are game changing champions, as they had more champions in the beyond god tier/god tier than any other year.

    Just my opinion.
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    Ghost... wait, I don't need to name any more, do I? 😆 In all honesty, 2019 has been my favorite year so far because of NF, CMM, Sunspot and Warlock alone (especially Warlock), but 2018 has had the better champs imo.
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    Honorable mention 2015 Pre 12.0 sw Thor and ds were ridiculous
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    2018 only cose 2019 is not over yet.
    Mutant: Domino & Pmega Red, 2 of the best Mutant so far.
    Skill: Aegon & Killmonger. Aegon is the best for lol so far.
    Science: Cap IW & Void 2 of the best science options. + other solid champions
    Cosmic: Corvus, one of the top Cosmic.
    Mystic: Only Symbiote, a litte niche pg but he is a good one
    Tech: Ghost, I read she is the best thech. + other solid options.

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