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Specific questions on modifiers 🙏

ÉpicoÉpico Posts: 93
edited November 2019 in General Discussion
It says that we earn more points for using different modifiers throughout the week.

To max rewards does this mean we need to :
A- use a different modifier per day for a specific bg ? (i.e. bg1 uses hurt locker day 1, bane day 2, etc... Independantly of what other bg do)
B- use a different modifier per bg for a specific day ? (i.e. bg1 uses bane, bg2 hurt locker and bg3 another one for day 1)


  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
  • ÉpicoÉpico Posts: 93
    What wasn't clear? I'm talking about AQ modifiers
  • DrownedGodDrownedGod Posts: 276
    Would like to know as well.
  • You can indeed use the same Modifier across all BG's on the same day. That is how most are doing it. And then the next day proceed to the next Modifier, and use that one for all 3 BG's. Etc, etc.

    And while moving to another Modifier each day, it doesn’t seem to matter whether you stay in the same difficulty buff group, or want to do one from a different difficulty group. Your progression from left to right in the points chart will continue to progress to the next day higher points even if switching to a different difficulty group for your next Modifier.

    ** Only UNKNOWN (at least, haven’t seen it tried and confirmed one way or the other yet) is if you run DIFFERENT Modifiers in different BG's on the same day, and then want to re-use those Modifiers from one BG for different BG's in later days. Does using (ie, Bane) only in BG1 on day-1 then prevent Bane from being counted as a “New” Modifier later in the week for BG2 to use ??
    ** I have a feeling that “would not” (or at least it “should not”) count again as “new” for a different BG later in week, because some (or all) of the people in that different BG later on may actually be the same people who joined BG1 that first day to do Bane (since people can join different BG's on different days).
  • @SummonerNR I can verify that you can use 3 different modifiers across 3 BGs, and then use them elsewhere later in the week. You'll still get max points that way. Here's another thing to note. The game will checkmark the Modifier(s) that BG used prior so you can avoid using the same one twice. It helps avoid confusion as to which you've used prior (provided you didn't take notes on which you used). So this is a per BG situation in the sense that each BG must use 5 different Modifiers across the cycle to recieve max points, but can be the same Modifier per day that the other BGs used.
  • ÉpicoÉpico Posts: 93
    Sirius you rock
  • Thanks @SiriusBreak . So if say you use Bane only in BG1 on day-1, the next day-2 when selecting BG2's Modifier you will NOT see a check mark next to Bane (it is only checked as completed when choosing BG1's Modifier ??) If that's the case, then that’s a great way for knowing what is still available on a per-BG basis when choosing them.

  • Correct @SummonerNR . The 1st cycle they introduced the Modifiers the 1st thing I did was utilize 3 different Modifiers across 3 BGs. When I realized it wasn't necessary to get max points (but still worked) I didn't do it for the 2nd cycle. I did immediately notice the check mark when viewing the Modifiers on day 2 and was quite pleased to see they had marked each used per BG. This makes it easier to keep track of things without keeping notes.

    This opens the door to swap BG crews provided 1 set of 10 isn't too good at X Modifier, but the other 10 are. It really increases the options Alliances have for AQ and allows you to up the difficulty without having to dive into a new map. The ability to increase overall point output and added rewards is good times. They really did a wonderful job with these (short of the visual bug showing the wrong points for BG3 daily). All in all, I'm loving them, as is my crew.
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