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    phil56201 said:

    solopolo said:

    It's a baby corvus

    wait what??? look at those stats and then look at that PI are u using boosts? I have a 4/40 4 star corvus and he's barely 3,000!
    If your 4/40 Corvus is barely 3000, then your masterys are not at full optimization. Don't know what level you are (Ill assume low level from your user name lol), but at some point you should be able to have a basic mastery setup that will bring your 4/40's well past 4000. Mine is at 4917 without suicides.

    I just have the basics like parry and dex thx for explaining!
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    Why? What's the point in that?

    In what?
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    He's there, he's just not mine.
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    W4rdy_74 said:

    Karnz24 said:

    Here’s mine


    How did you get 4000 crits
    Suicide mastery
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    W4rdy_74 said:

    Anyone wanna help

    It’s all to do with your mastery set up, that’s how my Corvus has more base power than most on the same level and rank as mine
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    Iroet said:

    Have you got boosts on? ... because you base rating is high but you attack is lower than mine
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    This guy was also my 3rd 4*. I was rather disappointed when I pulled him because my second had been Medusa, and I didn’t know anything about Corvus. Played him once and never looked back. He was my second maxed 4* as well, after Domino.
    I also pulled him on my second account actually.

    Warden out ~
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