Cavalier Crystal

Honestly not much changed between the uncollected crystal. I know I’m late to The party but I was very disappointed. Felt like I had achieved something. Kabam should think about revamping cavalier crystals in general. Atp in the game its absolutely no point in feed us 3* hero’s. I don’t even have a need for 4*. We can’t even use them in act 6


  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,795 ★★★★★
    The crystal has 3 and 4* champs to help control the amount of 5&6* champs the crystal gives out. If they removed 3* champs the cost of the crystal would drastically increase to keep the ratio the same as it is now. The same goes for 4* champs. At least the 4* give Iso even if they don't help in Act 6, which is just 1 part of the game. 4* champs still work in 90% of the content in the game. I doubt ppl would want to pay thousands of units for 1 crystal just to have it include 5* champs with a small chance at a 6*.
  • Munei_101Munei_101 Posts: 7
    We should only get 4* they can keep the 5-6 star probabilities the same.
  • Patchie93Patchie93 Posts: 1,851 ★★★★
    Except by only getting 4* champs you gain 5* shards much faster then currently. Its all about controlling the pace in which players progress their rosters.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 10,946 Guardian
    Munei_101 said:

    We should only get 4* they can keep the 5-6 star probabilities the same.

    Let's say they do that. The standard Cavalier crystal has drop odds of 1%/11%/38%/50% for 6*/5*/4*/3*. Let's say you were to buy 100 of these crystals, so we get relatively round numbers. On average you'd get 1 6* and 11 5* champs. You'd also get 38 4* champs, and if those all duped they'd generate between 10450 and 20900 5* shards, or between one and two more 5* champs. Let's split the difference and say about 15000 shards, so that's one more 5* champ.

    If we convert all of the 3* champs into 4* champs, that's another 50 4* champs, which is between 13750 and 27500 shards. Again, if we just split the difference that's an additional two more 5* champs.

    So the average number of 5* champs that drop out of 100 crystals goes up from about 12.5 to 14.5, or 16% more 5* champions in total net value. If you count the duplication shards it would be as if the Cav crystal dropped a 5* or 6* champ once out of every six or seven crystals. Higher tier players with fully max sig 4* rosters would get even more due to having even more max sig crystals.

    That's a significant jump in value, and it doesn't count things like the much higher ISO and gold drops from the higher duplications. It seems unlikely they would keep the unit costs the same for that much increase in value, at least until they decide to straight up increase rewards across the board in the game.

    The game builds into it the value of duplication so everyone can benefit from every champion crystal, at least a little, even if they already have the champions in the crystal, and even if they no longer even use those champions. Duplication gives shards for the next higher tier, and max sig crystals nearly double the shards you get when you have max sig champs (almost, because occasionally you don't get shards in those crystals). 3* champs generate 4* shards, 4* champs generate 5* shards, and so on. And the game rewards players who have max sig champions with max sig crystals, so the value of every crystal in a sense goes up over time for most players. That's just part of the resource management part of the game.
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