Announcing: Act 5 Chapter 3



  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    Do we need to have completed or explored 5.2 to access chapter 3?
  • LocoMotivesLocoMotives Posts: 1,200 ★★★
    We were also told 5* would be more accessible but it seems barely so
    No signature stones to go with the awakening gem why even bother... Why give it at all

    Signature Stones are much less rare than Awakening Gems. Those are much easier to get and are much more accessible in different areas of the game, like Master Difficulty in the Monthly Event Quests.

    Thanks yes but, that is the only area and it is 5 stones... Randomly. Just 5 Miike, you likely will not even get 1 for the class you want. It could take 5 years of Master just to get 50 stones, 25% Max, of the class you want. I don't mean to be complaining I just hope we can at least look forward to some stones elsewhere then. But I do look forward to fighting.

    You don't have to complain about awakening gem FAR outweighs sig stones.

    Apparently you have not awoken a 5* yet so I'll fill you in. If scales evenly from 1-200. You don't get the effect of a 20 sig 4* equivalent until you are around 100+ sig. A sig 1 is basically useless. So i simply asked if we can look forward to more stones in the future so that the reward here isn't useless

    Thanks, but I have awoken (that right?) my 5* voodoo. He's level 86 and his sig is WAY higher than a max 4* reaches at lvl 99. They all scale differently :)

    I'd like to see some stones as well, but I'll take the awakening crystal all day, every day over 50 sig stones.
  • HeartlessHeartless Posts: 298 ★★
    @kabam dk what about t2a shards? That's what we really need.
  • RydertheblackRydertheblack Posts: 294
    I'm very optimistic, looks fun and challenging. And the rewards are great. I never complained on 5.2 rewards though, but these are better.

    P.D: I thought It was Mike the one announcing the chapter D= but It's ok to have a newbie announce the next big step of the game
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    Bigdogbob wrote: »
    Rewards are weak to the point that I almost don't even see the point of completing it.

    But you will anyway.
  • EdenrrificEdenrrific Posts: 57
    I will ask again. are you sure there is no typo in the 5* shard rewards.
  • LewisTheLlamaLewisTheLlama Posts: 225 ★★★
    About the rewards for 1-6 completion and exploration, do we get these rewards for each quest completion and exploration?
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    Kabam DK wrote: »
    Just thought of this - will we be going against 6* champs?

    I think, but can't remember for sure (and candidly am too lazy to go looking) that word is they won't enter content until October so my guess is no but would appreciate the clarification.

    Nope! No 6-Star Champions in Chapter 3.

    Cheers - thanks DK!
  • LewisTheLlamaLewisTheLlama Posts: 225 ★★★
    So the boss won't be a new character like Collector that we've never fought before but a champion that's been released as a playable character?
  • BigdogbobBigdogbob Posts: 116
    Viper1987 wrote: »
    Bigdogbob wrote: »
    Rewards are weak to the point that I almost don't even see the point of completing it.

    But you will anyway.

    I don't know if I will. I still haven't completed 5.2 100% because the rewards aren't worth the effort. I did one run just to get Uncollected. The rewards have been complete garbage for the effort required.
  • So let me ask ... No degeneration nodes on chapter 3?
    Kabam DK wrote: »
    eXtripa69 wrote: »
    So let me ask ... No degeneration nodes on chapter 3?

    Bane is on one of the paths in Quest 1, and a single fight has degeneration (also in Quest 1). We got feedback from our testers, however, that the Degen node was not particularly challenging.

    There's no node-based Degens anywhere else in the Chapter. It's also worth re-iterating that we removed Magik completely from Chapter 3, and also that we lowered the Signature Levels of all Dormammus to 25 (from 200) to mitigate his degen as well, so it's not nearly as punishing.

    Thanks for the info. Is good to see a chapter with almost no degeneration
  • MilkthewhalesMilkthewhales Posts: 81
    Seriously no t2a...again...joke
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 26,690 ★★★★★
    The_One wrote: »
    Do we need to have completed or explored 5.2 to access chapter 3?

    Completion, as per usual. That's my guess.
  • Haji_SaabHaji_Saab Posts: 5,097 ★★★★★
    Still no t2A?
  • PalanthraxPalanthrax Posts: 795 ★★★★
    Everyone's complaining about the rewards. My concern is the requirement of a full team of 4* 5/50 minimum PER CLASS. 4/40s won't cut it and using a single champ will cost way over the odds in revives. I've got, at best, 2 5/50s in some classes, only 1 in others.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 4,240 ★★★★★
    Did I miss the "more available" T2a?

    Dr. Zola
  • Superman69Superman69 Posts: 534
    5.4 will surely have 6*s. At this point, i was really expecting at least a couple t5bs and t2as to get just one maxed r5 5* from 5.3 rewards. It would only be fair, but oh well.
  • Spidey076Spidey076 Posts: 310
    edited August 2017
    Any clarification will that 5* gem be class specific or generic?
    Ps-leave it i found now that was a 5* gem crystal so definitely be not generic
  • MSpawnMSpawn Posts: 87
    So why no T5b? Not even shards? If I needed a champ to be R5 in order to be strong enough to pass content, why give the necessary resources after I've already spent to complete said content? Especially if this is truly end-game and new content creation will possibly slow to a crawl? If this is a revenue model then I don't expect an answer. If not, please elaborate!
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