Due to issues affecting Alliance Wars, Alliance War Season 36 will be postponed until August 19th, 2022 and the minimum number of Wars Summoners are required to participate in to qualify for rewards will be reduced to 4.

The currently active War will not count towards the Season.

Act 6 Chapter 4: The End of the Elders has Begun! [Rewards Updated]



  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,061 ★★★★★
    This is ridiculous bad. One thing cavalier cystal need to be removed because ther rng and is so bad you never and only if you lucky don’t push luck in act rewards that just a tourn if from me
  • Lvernon15 said:

    This is meant to be a ‘high note’ ending, rewards certainly aren’t, when is act 7? Might get a t5cc selector there or something I have a guaranteed use for

    At the end of Act 7, maybe. Catalyst Selectors are new and awesome, but T5CC are the rarest resource in the game. I wouldn't expect a Selector for T5CC for quite some time.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,061 ★★★★★

    IKON said:

    Rewards really miss the mark. We're transitioning into 6* meta, at least one of those 4-5 gems should be an R1-R2 gem.

    The transition to a 6-Star Meta is not here yet, and it's still going to be a while before they are the sole focus of Rewards.
    Well there shuld had ben better rewards. Spictel do not like the cavalier it don’t show offer that if you lucky or not why punish us from cler conste and giv underwhelmed rewards yes it steak op underwhelmed
  • Legendary_PoeyLegendary_Poey Posts: 209
    I like the amount of t2a and t5bs, but those r5 gems probably should have been r2 6* gems or just cats.
  • theMercenarytheMercenary Posts: 643 ★★★

    That active prowess effect, is that means prowess buff, or should it be there visually? Who has active prowess buff other than gambit anyway?
  • jnikolas92jnikolas92 Posts: 192 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike could you confirm if nothing has changed with "Special Connoisseur"? (that took me way to long to figure out the spelling). I remember a large portion of the feedback from the beta, myself included was how limiting it was to require an Active prowess buff vs Passive. To this day, I still think the pool of champs who fit the RPG requirements for this path is extremely small. Was hoping that something would be tweaked here for the general release.
  • Psy26Psy26 Posts: 159
    Is there a title connected to completion or exploration?
  • TheTalentsTheTalents Posts: 2,232 ★★★★★
    It should definitely be a t5cc selector for the rewards. Especially after people having to complete act 6.2 100% which is still the hardest and champion reliant content in the game.
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