Celebrate the successes

ChovnerChovner Posts: 319 ★★★
There's been a lot of **** happening lately in the game that I've complained about, but I also want to celebrate the good changes that have happened:
  1. New Sunday arenas are AWESOME
  2. UI prestige addition is good
  3. Ressource to easily locate ressources you need to rank champs is AWESOME
  4. Ability to look at abilities for unowned champs is AWESOME
  5. Full breakdown of quests AND chapters rewards for completion and exploration from the game meny is AWESOME
  6. New daily and weekly objectives and subsequent Objective crystals are AWESOME
  7. Upcoming Glory Store update is AWESOMEx2
  8. Cutting down Alliance Events from 3 days down to 2 days is great
  9. Releasing Nexus crystals into daily deals, even temporarily was AWESOME
  10. Updated Act 6 rewards is GREAT... almost AWESOME with some generic stuff added... but still GREAT

It's very easy to openly complain about the negative because problems cause anger, frustration and stress, but it's also very important to point out where things are going right too.


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