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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    Spider-Man Noir:(Skill/Science)

    Unique Buffs: Fade to Black (Invisibility Buff)

    SP1 and SP2 Give this buff along with a Fury Buff from SP1.

    SP3 Would inflict bleed to non-bleed immune champions.

    (I don't know what the synergies do I'm just making them)

    Synergies: Spider-Heroes:
    Spider-Man (Classic) Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

    (Next Synergy)

    Black and White Webs:
    Agent Venom
    Spider-Man (Symbiote)

    (Next Synergy)

    Better Blasters:
    Punisher (Both)
    Agent Venom


    The New Kids
    Punisher 2099
    Agent Venom

    (Correct me if I'm wrong on anything and add bonuses to the synergies if you want.)
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    With "The New Kids" synergy it's supposed to be Guillotine 2099 not agent venom so sorry about that.
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    Rockdog8Rockdog8 Posts: 1
    My character wishlist
    Cyrus black
    Hyperion (construct)
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    XmenD53XmenD53 Posts: 1
    My wishlist
    Future man
    Black phantom
    Black specter
    Iorn cross
    Marduk kurios
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    My wishlist of characters
    Scarlet scarab
    Puppet master
    The face
    Warrior woman
    Stained glass scarlet
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    MadMad51MadMad51 Posts: 1
    It would be nice to see the fallowing champions in the game sometime.
    Master khan
    Sea leopard
    Adam K’ad-MON
    Shadow knight
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    New Champion: Cypher

    Cypher is a Mutant who can understand ANY language even if he has never heard it before!

    Passive: If Cypher is facing a Champion that doesnt speak english, All of his stats get a small boost.

    Unique Buffs: He has a buff called a "Language Charge" Which gives him a charge every time he's hit by or blocks a sound move. Each charge boosts his stats and, if you get 5 or maybe 10 charges you get a random buff that lasts for 7-8 seconds.

    Specials: His Sp1 and Sp2 both give him a Language Charge and a random buff that lasts for 3-4 seconds.

    Teammates: Gambit, Daredevil (Classic)
    All Champions get a +8% Armor Boost.

    Friends: Psylocke, Kitty Pride(Not in game)
    All Champions start the fight with a Fury buff that lasts for 5 seconds.

    New Mutants: Domino, Magik, Sunspot
    Cypher starts each fight with a Language Charge. (I dont know anything for the other champions)

    SelfSoulFriends: Warlock
    Cypher starts each fight with 3 Language Charges. (Again I dont know what to give Warlock.)

    Hope you enjoyed this Champion suggestion! Feel free to add anything you want.
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    My wishlist
    Citizen V
    Doctor druid
    The fulcrum
    Abner jenkins
    Red she-hulk (betty Ross banner)
    Ancient one
    Serpent (cul borson)
    Purple man
    Cottonmouth (cornell stokes)
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    2020yrt2020yrt Posts: 1
    My character wishlist
    Red widow
    Red vulture
    Wind dancer
    Jack of hearts
    Grey gargoyle
    Devos the devastator
    Conan the barbarian
    Colossus (future)
    Black widow (yelena belova)
    Sun-girl(selah burke)

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    I would like to see the fallowing characters
    Golden skull
    Skurge the executioner
    Nova (sam Alexander)
    Gladiator (kallark)
    Amora the enchantress
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    North9North9 Posts: 1
    My character wishlist
    Adam warlock
    Valkryie moonstar
    Red ghost
    Gorr the god butcher
    Lord pumpkin
    Black cat
    Bor burison
    Morbius the living vampire
    Malekith the accursed
    Blood axe
    Crimson crowl (Justine hammer)
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    FighterDebashisFighterDebashis Posts: 45
    Characters that can have cross fighting ability are-

    Blue Marvel
    High Evolutionary
    Moon Girl

    Because they are some of Smartest people of Marvel universe.
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    KDSuperFlash10KDSuperFlash10 Posts: 5,869 ★★★★★

    Superior Carnage

    This would be sick.
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    VBug12VBug12 Posts: 1
    My wishlist
    Kid colt
    Captain ultra
    Scorpion (carmilla black)
    Ursa major
    Ivan petrovitch
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    SettimoSettimo Posts: 35
    Black Tom Cassidy

    Bio -
    While he was always the black sheep of his prominent Irish family, Tom Cassidy’s decent to villainy began when the X-Man Banshee, his cousin Sean Cassidy, whom he has already lost his fortune, estate, and love interest to, lashed out at Tom with his sonic scream upon finding out his wife had died. As a result of these slights against him, Tom swore to make Banshee pay, even concealing his cousin’s own daughter, raising her himself instead to become the villain Siryn.
    Soon after turning to a life of crime, he would befriend and team up with the Juggernaut, and the two of them, as well as the occasional addition of Siryn, would often prove themselves more than capable of opposing the likes of the X-Men.
    After one of their battles with the X-Men ended poorly, with Tom being shot by Cable, wood-like implants were grafted to his body with the aid of Deadpool’s cells in order to save his life. This process awakened Tom’s secondary mutation, granting him the power to control plant life. However, these new powers would ultimately lead him to madness, and would tear apart the only true friendship he had ever known in Juggernaut.

    Class -

    Tags -
    #Villain, #HellfireClub, #BrotherhoodOfEvilMutants, #Defensive:Guard, #Offensive:Burst, #Wood, #Size:M

    Signature Ability - “Splintering Defense” -
    If Black Tom Cassidy performs a Parry or a Perfect Block against any contact attack, his opponent has a 35-90% chance to gain a Splinter Buff, based on his Signature Level.
    Splinter Buffs last indefinitely and can stack without limit, but have no effect unless Black Tom Cassidy strikes his opponent with a Heavy Attack, which then Nullifies all Splinter Buffs and detonates them each for a burst of Direct Energy Damage.
    Parrying or Perfectly Blocking non-contact attacks can never inflict Splinter Buffs.
    Bleed Immune champions cannot gain Splinter Buffs.

    Abilities, Attacks & Animations -

    Unique Passive Ability - “Chlorokinesis” -

    A secondary mutation grants Black Tom Cassidy limited control over plant-life.
    All plant-based champions (Groot, King Groot, Man-Thing) suffer a Passive 50% Ability Accuracy Reduction.
    Additionally, all champions reliant on #Wood in their arsenal (Massacre, Night Thrasher, Doctor Voodoo, Mordo, Mole Man, Elsa Bloodstone) suffer a Passive 20% Ability Accuracy Reduction.
    Despite having the #Wood tag, Black Tom Cassidy is himself Immune to Chlorokinesis, and if fighting another copy of himself will be unaffected by the Ability Accuracy Reduction.

    Unique Ability - “Wooden Implants” -
    Throughout a quest, Black Tom Cassidy’s Wooden Implants grow over most of the damage he has sustained in previous battles.
    Black Tom Cassidy is granted full Immunity to Open Wound Debuffs.
    Black Tom Cassidy gains a Permanent Passive 1% Resistance to Bleed Damage scaling up with his Missing Heath at the start of each fight, up to a maximum of 99% Bleed Resistance.
    Bleed Resistance does not vary during the fight as Health is lost or gained. The percentage value of the Bleed Resistance is determined at the start of each fight, and it’s value remains constant throughout each fight.

    Basic Attacks & Animations -
    Black Tom Cassidy uses an ancient Celtic wooden club called a Shillelagh both as a weapon to bludgeon his opponent and as a focus for his primary mutation which allows him to generate and project Bio-Organic Thermokinetic Energy through wood.
    Utilizing both his Wooden Implants and his Shillelagh, Black Tom Cassidy is able to convert a fraction of all of his Basic Attacks to bursts of Energy Damage, granting him utility against opponents with High Physical Resistance and Armor Ratings, as well as mechanics that Reflect Attack Damage like Reverberation and Rock Shield.
    Up to 40% of this Energy Damage penetrates the opponent’s Block.

    Basic Attacks -
    Only 80% of the damage from Light Attacks is dealt as Physical Damage, the other 20% of this attack is dealt in Energy Damage.
    Only 60% of the damage from Medium Attacks is dealt as Physical Damage, the other 40% of this attack is dealt in Energy Damage.

    Heavy Attacks -
    Black Tom Cassidy charges up his Shillelagh with energy and uses it to deal a devastating upward strike to his opponent.
    Copies Moon Knight’s Heavy Attack animation.
    Only 20% of the damage from Heavy Attacks is dealt as Physical Damage, the other 80% of this attack is dealt in Energy Damage.
    This is the only attack Black Tom Cassidy can use to Nullify Splinter Buffs.
    When Nullified, each Splinter Buff instantly deals an additional burst of Direct Energy Damage, equal to 35% of Black Tom Cassidy’s Base Attack.

    Blocking -
    Black Tom Cassidy makes use of Wooden Implants that have been grafted to his skin while he is Blocking attacks - instantly growing a dense wooden shield on his forearm whenever holding his block.
    Black Tom Cassidy Passively raises his Physical Resistance by 1000 while holding his Block.
    If Black Tom Cassidy is suffering from an Incinerate, Coldsnap, Frostbite, or Plasma Debuff or Effect, he can not raise his Physical Resistance while holding his Block.

    Special 1 - “Krakoa Security” -
    Black Tom Cassidy plunges his hands into the earth and uses his mutant powers to command a series of roots to violently erupt from the ground in a burst of energy, knocking the opponent off their feet.
    This attack has a Passive True Accuracy Effect, ignoring the opponent’s Passive Evasion and Auto-Block abilities, for the attack’s duration.
    While Environmental Symbiosis is Active, this attack becomes Unblockable.

    Special 2 - “Bio-Organic Thermokinetic Blast” -
    Black Tom Cassidy fires a powerful beam of Bio-Organic Thermokinetic Energy through his Shillelagh at the opponent.
    This attack inflicts an Incinerate Debuff on the opponent, dealing 40% of Black Tom Cassidy’s Attack as Direct Energy Damage over a 4 second duration.
    The Potency of this Incinerate Debuff is Passively increased by 5% for every Buff Active on the opponent, up to a maximum increase of 100%.
    Incinerate Debuffs also remove the opponent’s Perfect Block Chance and reduces their Block Proficiency by 50%.

    Special 3 - “Environmental Symbiosis” -
    Black Tom Cassidy entraps his opponent in a tangled mess of roots. As his opponent tries to free themselves, he walks up to them and slams his Shillelagh down into the ground, charging up all of the surrounding earth and roots with energy before lifting the overcharged Shillelagh and striking a devastating blow to the opponent which sends them flying to the edge of the arena.
    This attack has a 100% chance to generate 3 Splinter Buffs on the opponent.
    This attack generates a Passive Environmental Symbiosis Buff for 15 seconds.
    While Environmental Symbiosis is Active, the opponent has a 15% chance to gain 1 Splinter Buff while dashing forwards or backwards, a 60% chance to gain 1 Splinter Buff each time a successful hit pushes them against the edge of the arena, and a 100% chance to gain 2 Splinter Buffs each time they are Knocked Down.
    While Environmental Symbiosis is Active, Black Tom Cassidy Instantly Regenerates 1% of his Missing Health for every Splinter Buff he Nullifies with his Heavy Attack, up to a maximum of 75% of his Missing Heath Regenerated.
    Bleed Immune champions cannot gain Splinter Buffs.

    Synergies -

    “Plant-based” - (Groot & King Groot & Man-Thing & Black Tom Cassidy)

    Groot & King Groot -
    Gain a Steady Release Buff for the duration of the fight.
    With the Steady Release Buff, up to 40% of Basic Attack Damage is replaced with bursts of Energy Damage that bypass Armor and Physical Resistance as well as mechanics that Reflect Attack Damage like Reverberation and Rock Shield.
    Up to 30% of this Energy Damage penetrates the opponent’s Block.
    Man-Thing -
    Gain a minor Steady Release Buff for the duration of the fight. Because Man-Thing is made of swamp mush and vines as opposed to wood, the effectiveness of Steady Release is greatly reduced.
    With the Steady Release Buff, up to 20% of Basic Attack Damage is replaced with bursts of Energy Damage that bypass Armor and Physical Resistance as well as mechanics that Reflect Attack Damage like Reverberation and Rock Shield.
    Up to 25% of this Energy Damage penetrates the opponent’s Block.
    Black Tom Cassidy -
    For each member of this Synergy present, Cassidy gains a Passive 20% Increase to his Base Energy Resistance Rating while Blocking.

    “Partners in Crime” - (Juggernaut & Black Tom Cassidy)
    Juggernaut -
    If the opponent strikes Juggernaut with a contact attack while he is Unstoppable, they are inflicted with an Injury Debuff lasting for 10 seconds.
    While the opponent is Injured, all of Juggernaut’s attacks bypass 100% of the opponent’s Physical Resistance.
    This Injury Debuff does not stack.
    Black Tom Cassidy -
    Increases Black Tom Cassidy’s Perfect Block Rating by 5%.
    Additionally, Black Tom Cassidy gains the ability to successfully Block all incoming Unblockable Attacks.

    “Revenge for Squid-Boy” - (Juggernaut)
    Juggernaut -
    While in the presence of Squid-Boy’s murderer, Juggernaut gains a Permanent Passive Rage Buff, raising both his Attack and Power Gain Rate by 10%.

    “Nefarious Nobility” - (Diablo & Black Tom Cassidy)
    Diablo & Black Tom Cassidy -
    Basic Attacks deal 10% more damage while the opponent has more power.

    “Enemies” - (Cable & Deadpool [X-Force] & Black Tom Cassidy)
    All Champions -
    All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating.
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    LarsEdison1808LarsEdison1808 Posts: 31
    Quicksilver and make a Phoenix a better champion considering shes a top 5 most powerful being in Marvel
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    Komodo65Komodo65 Posts: 15
    Can we see a buffed version of doc strange for the multiverse of madness
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    Rodomontade_BoiRodomontade_Boi Posts: 1,196 ★★★★
    Now I know this would be *yet* another spiderman, but I would really love to see earth-616 (correct me if I'm wrong) Ends of the Earth spiderman
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    FighterDebashisFighterDebashis Posts: 45
    *Addition of Venom ( Mac Gargan) i.e.
    Scorpion Venom, who is one of the most violent incarnation of Venom in to the contest would be awesome!!!

    *Kabam please do this..!

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    CeverexCeverex Posts: 8
    My Carnage (Absolute) idea

    3 or 4 star - 6 star
    Cosmic champion
    Persistant Charges
    Villain, Symbiote, Male
    Size: XL (He's very tall but skiny)

    Special attacks:
    No escape: Carnage lunges at the opponent before picking them up by the throat and throwing them (Inflicts Stifle)
    Omega Tendrils: Carnage ensnares the opponent before slaming them on the ground (Inflicts Bleed)
    The Swarm: Carnage stands back as his followers pile on top of the opponent before growing wings, flying over to the pile and lifting you up high into the sky by your neck and dropping you (Inflicts Stfle, Bleed and Stun)

    Passive: Symbiote mutations and buffs
    Passive: X% bleed chance on attacks and 1 stack of fury every X seconds.
    Pre-fight ability: Carnage can use his persistant charges to give himself different symbiote mutations (just like Mr Fantastic).
    Knull is coming: knowing that the symbiote god carnage will arrive fuels carnage with buffs including but not limited to: perfect block chance up, fury, regenerate and gives him unstoppable when on low health.

    Everyone is a target: (with himself) whenever a champion in your team (including Carnage (Absloute)) kills a 'Codex' champion, carnage gains 1 persistant charge.
    The final piece: (with venom) when venom dies, carnage gains 1 stack of permanent, non purifyable 'Knull is coming' which remains untill the end of the quest.
    The hunter and the unicorn: (with deadpool) Increases deadpool's regen and elongates carnage's bleed debuffs.
    Pesky spiders: (with all the spidermen and spiderwomen) increases carnages fury buffs.
    God is coming: (with all symbiote characters) all symbiote mutations are improved
    Infected: (with green goblin) when green goblin reaches X% health or below he gains fury and his power drain increases. When green goblin is dead carnage's symbiote mutantions increase effectiveness.
    We're a god now: (with carnage (classic)) carnage classic's bleed does more damage and carnage (absolute)'s stifle debuffs stun enemies when they wear off.

    Champion 'Codex' subcategory: Wolverine, Deadpool, Ghost Rider, Venom, Groot, Drax, Rocket Racoon, Spiderman (all of them), Ms Marvel (original), She Hulk, Red Hulk, Deadpool (all of them), Captain America (all of them), The Thing, Hulk, Black Panther (all of them), Antman, Green Goblin, Agent Venom, Symbiote Supreme, Venom, Venom the Duck, Venompool, Carnage (both of them), Gwenpool, SpiderGwen

    I think that's everything that i thought of so far.
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    CeverexCeverex Posts: 8
    Almost forgot

    Carnage (Abslotue):
    Cletus Kasady first bonded with the Carnage symbiote when he shared a cell with Eddie Brock, the original Venom. Since then, Carnage has become more powerful and has begun on a large scale killing spree, killing everyone who has ever worn a symbiote and stealing what the symbiote left behind - a Codex. The more Codexes carnage takes the more powerful he gets and the closer he gets to awakening the god and creator of the symbiotes, Knull.
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    CeverexCeverex Posts: 8
    Absolute Carnage is awesome
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    PgalPgal Posts: 39
    One fan favourite that I have not seen mentioned ever, is Ikari, from Daredevil.

    He's only appeared once, but he was loved by everyone who read the comics. He has a really bad ass design, and could be a great addition to the skill roster.

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