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Seatin is right! Saving your hard earned 6* shards to pull an useless champ πŸ’€

These 6* pulls are getting so bad. Kabam please allow us to sell our 6*s. All new content is only for the newer champs. I truly believe that 6*s should not have been released & we stayed with 5*s. Sorry I’m not a whaler & wont spend with bad pulls like this. Seatin is right! u


  • Then don't spend. It truly is RNG. Someone today pulled elsa as their first 6*. someone elsewhere probed duped one they were waiting for. It happens.
  • GbabyfreshGbabyfresh Posts: 142 β˜…
    Yeah my 1st was lc and my 2nd was domino lol my 3rd was dd classic then my 4th was either wasp or ultra and the last one I got was massacre
  • ChEpiLa_6ChEpiLa_6 Posts: 14 β˜…
    Crystal opening is not fair enough!I have every trash champion duped many times and don’t have enough β€œgod” champions!
  • We have no plans to introduce a feature which allows players to sell 6-Star Champions at the moment. If we happen to change our minds about that in the future, we'll be sure to let you all know.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
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