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What did you guys get from season rewards?



  • Sparx265Sparx265 Posts: 268
    I was in gold 2 all season, but the last war effed us over to gold 3. Which sucks, buttttt I got a 5 star guilly 2099 and formed my second t5b (enough for my first r5!), so I'm very happy.
  • Steel_Ball_RunSteel_Ball_Run Posts: 534 ★★★
    Gold 2
    5* Hela first time
  • Lucifer1810Lucifer1810 Posts: 366 ★★★
    We ended up rank 4 in silver 2 :( so close..
    Got 5* sentinel, 4*s- emma frost and scarlet witch, happy with those pulls.
  • PolygonPolygon Posts: 3,835 ★★★★★
    Why are people listing two 5*’s when P4 or only gives enough for 1
  • MenkentMenkent Posts: 889 ★★★★
    Gold2: popped a 5* basic out of boredom and got a first dupe of aegon. Took him to r5 and felt quite proud of my wisdom in not using a gem on him until I ranked him up. Only had stones to take him to sig 50 or so, but even that low he rolled up RoL like it was act 4.
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,638 ★★★★★
    I pulled a 5* Gwenpool, which would have made me really happy several years ago when I missed multiple times on her featured crystal, and 6* Rocket lol. Also have a stash t5 basic now and several stash t2 alphas.
  • UltraeggUltraegg Posts: 74
    I got an omega red 5*
  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,995 ★★★
    5* omega red 4* gwenpool green goblin and hulk rag dupe
  • GamerGamer Posts: 10,158 ★★★★★
    Got beast and stealth spidey 5 stars and. A 6 star venom. Not bad
  • MauledMauled Posts: 3,957 Guardian

  • XboxPhantom00XboxPhantom00 Posts: 90
    5* Spider-Man (Classic)
  • A_corruptor13290A_corruptor13290 Posts: 17
    I got a 5 * crystal with which I opened void and took him to r3 straight
  • TP33TP33 Posts: 1,595 ★★★★
    4* pheonix (now sig 83!) and beast (I think) both dupes

    Was really hyped to open a 5* and got...
    Groot, I want to die rn
  • KamrandBKamrandB Posts: 19
    I got 6 star Thing, and I r5/65 my 5* Human Torch a few days before hand so they will be great together with the synergies between them.
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,804 ★★★★★
    TP33 said:

    4* pheonix (now sig 83!) and beast (I think) both dupes

    Was really hyped to open a 5* and got...

    Groot, I want to die rn
    Best champ in the game mate, what you mad about that for
    5 star punisher 2099, 5 star green goblin dupe
  • Player1994Player1994 Posts: 793 ★★★
    BłADE said:

    well i got hulkbuster, at least hes getting buffed right?

    same here a trash 6* Hulkbuster
  • ThehereticTheheretic Posts: 110
    5 star Carnage
    5 star Nebula on my secondary account.
  • Mohit_7Mohit_7 Posts: 88
    We finished in gold 2.
    Got rhino duped and the hood.
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