The problem with the RNG a case in point

This has been bugging me for about the last year the crystal rng is a joke and unfortunately not a funny one I have read on here today all the members moaning about killing themselves for long periods of time completing harder and harder content only to be given the middle finger from the rng when they open the crystals and see what they get.
Kabam say that the drop rates for the champions is the same but all the people who have played for more then 6 months knows that is totally rubbish so what follows is a experiment to see if this true or how I believe is really happening.
So we have 3 people open new accounts on the same day let's call them player a,b&c and this is how I believe the rng is affecting the players experience
Player A starts opens his first crystals and he falls in to the rng of getting the best champions ie pulls a 4* blade then a 4* doc doom he feels great and progress quickly
Player B starts opens his first crystals and falls into the rng that most of us receive ie pulls a 3* cable then a 3* electro he's done okay and progress steadily
Player C starts opens his first crystals and falls into the rng at its most nasty ie he pulls a 2* groot then a 2* kamla Khan he feels shafted and progress at a slow pace
Now tell me you all don't know players who fall into these 3 categories because I do .
So let's move forward say 12 month's and see where these players are
Player A well he is cavalier completed most if not all content and has a roster full of killer champions and is in a top alliance he is a whale and loves the game
Player B well he is uncollected or close to it has a okay roaster and is in a mid-tier alliance he is doing okay and has mixture or good and **** champions he plays off and on
Player C has left or is close to quitting his roster is **** has few to no good champions and is struggling to finish act 4 he hates the game.
This is the problem that kabam has and by the way has admitted to a few months back the rng for a lot of us is ruining the game and needs really looking at.
As I said earlier we all know players who fall into all 3 group's
Now I am waiting for the normal thing of conspiracy theories but tell me that what I have laid out is not true we have all seen this with our own eyes and experiences to date


  • GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 306 ★★
    But you never stay in group a b and c forever. The player that pulls the blade and doom in the first few crystals will have something to complain later on, because he never had to develop skills and will hit a brick wall. Player C will get a lot of skills. And will burst once he does pull a good champ. I have been decently lucky with my 5 star pulls after the first 20. I have only pulled rubbish 6 stars, but it does not mean I will pull bad champs forever.
    Even if you only consider 15 champs great, 25 decent and the rest bad I have a 23.5 procent change of pull something decent or better.
  • Now what would happen if in your scenario a b and c where all whales or all f2p? Also you are suggesting that one you pull champs you find undesirable you stay pulling that for the rest of the game, that's not true. It is more like a roller coaster where you have your ups and downs. This is a conspiracy theory just like all the other ones.
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    You have to open hundreds of crystals to see the numbers match the drop rates. If something has a 1 percent drop rate and you open 100 crystals, it does not mean one of those will be the drop. All it means the each pull has a one percent chance of being that drop.

    Your scenario is narrowly focused and assumes a lot of outcomes that are certainly possible, but only as one possibility out of many many many others.
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    rng won't be a problem if Kabam reworked even 20% of the older champs ... pulling a colossus used to ruin everybody's day now pulling a colossus brings joy...just rework older champs quickly not with a 6 - 8 month timeline ...another issue this solves is that players will start exploring their rosters ... force players to deep dive into their rosters...create content where 4* champs become relevant of the biggest reasons variant 4 was a smash hit is cause 4* 3* 2* and 1* champs became relevant...players enjoyed pitting a 2* champ against a 3* one complained about weird nodes cause people enjoyed it...kabam is making newer content a grind by just increasing attack and healthpools...act 7 literally kills you if you make a single mistake and super niche nodes with opponents having 12-13k attack rating this rate even a r5 6* champ wont be enough....
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    Now I am waiting for the normal thing of conspiracy theories but tell me that what I have laid out is not true we have all seen this with our own eyes and experiences to date

    i have 5 accounts. 2 are Cavalier, 2 are uncollected and one just gets logged into every 3 months to see what swag kabam hands out.

    in no particular order, here's account A

    account b:

    account c:

    1 is Cavalier, one has had $0 spent, and 1 has been on autofight primarily for 50 levels.

    that's my rng, anyways.
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 1,726 ★★★★
    The way you put it is correct but unfortunately that’s how rng is.

    I have a buddy who had a steller account. Finished a lot of content. But he needed to quit because of school. Gave away his account to someone. Even though his account had amazing pulls it had TRASH 6 star pulls. He completed everything with skill and resources.

    Now fast forward 6 months. I have an account sitting in my lap my other buddy gave me cuz he quit and my school buddy wants to come back. The account I gave him has amazing pulls too. He takes the account, takes the account another step further and completes even more and this account pulls him some amazing 6 stars. It’s just rng unfortunately.

    A lot of people conspire on the spenders get the best pulls. I wouldn’t go that far cuz my best friend (real life) has some sick 6 star pulls and has not spent a penny on the account. Clear rng.
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    The staggering number of champs that suck for the majority of the content is the problem. RNG wouldn't matter so much if there weren't so many lousy champs and Kabam wasn't taking their sweet time addressing it (kinda-ish) ever so slooooooooooooooooooowly.
  • Unio77Unio77 Posts: 858 ★★★★
    Unpopular opinion:

    (it's funny how ppl complain when they get trash but are bragging when they get amazing champs)

    The ratio from good to bad champs is extremely low (Or is it high plz correct) in crystals especially featured

    It's either the RNG gods are with you or against you
  • BLEEDlNG_DGEBLEEDlNG_DGE Posts: 245 ★★
    Some of us are still out here, with all the skill we could ever possess, still can't get passed Act 6 Mr Sinister because despite the unquestionable imbalance of trash champs and great ones (which reflects as terrible RNG), Kabam still chose to ban 4*s, practically alienating and putting a halt to my progression.
    Now I look at challenges like 6.2 Champion, Act 7 beta testing and my "recent" crystal pull luck which saw me pull a 6* M.O.D.O.K, 6* Red Skull (troll rolling over Human Torch), 3 5* Nightcrawlers, HulkBuster, Bishop, Starky and a glorious Moon Knight (troll roll over Nick Fury) & I wonder if it's worth investing energy and effort into this once enjoyable, beloved game.
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    If rng was rigged none would have playable champs
  • Ravenrob_33Ravenrob_33 Posts: 117
    I have read and heard all that you guys are saying this was just a hypothetical example of how the game is going maybe kabam could give us more of a choice like nexus crystals for completion of the really hard content like the back end of act 6 and act 7 for example.
    The other thing that needs looking at is the crystals you get along the way and the rewards the 1 that sticks in my mind is the quest crystals these haven't been updated since the beginning 5 years ago like the lvl 1 iso.
    How many of them do need to add 1 lvl on a 5* let alone a 6* and we are still getting these for doing act 5&6 these need to be stopped they are grading rewards based on progression so surely the quest crystals should also be the same sometimes else for you guys to think about
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    edited May 9
    It isn't the rng! it is the drop rates. We are at a point where 2 stars are so irrelevant that they have to create special material to give us a reason to use them! And yet they remain 90 plus percent of what drops from crystals. As a summoner reaches material that needs higher tier champs to finish the crystals continue to repeatedly drop 2 and 3 stars and that finally drives them to quit. That is where i am. 972k overall rating but only a 6k plus team rating. Why? Cause i have 53 5 stars, most of whom i will not ever waste materials and time on, a pittiful few awakened because duping is virtually impossible! I am uncollected and have opened 10s of thousands of units worth of grandmaster crystals and 90 plus percent of those are useless 3 stars. So it isn't the rng it is the drop rates in the crystals...90 plus percent garbage in! 90 percent plus garbage out! At this point in the game phc should have fewer 2 stars and have 5 stars added to them
    as well as the drop rates adjusted on all the crystals. Uncollected should not have anything less than a 4. Cavalier should be 5 and 6.
  • Ravenrob_33Ravenrob_33 Posts: 117
    I totally agree however I think you will find the the rng and the drop rates are tied together more than you would expect good rng you are more likely to be in the top % of the drop rates for that crystal. You are however totally correct about the phc and so on they are making the rewards progression based so it goes without saying that when get these crystals that they should reflect your progression as well ie you are uncollected so the crystals are 3* min with the chance of 4&5*'s instead.
    Kabam have spent loads of time ramming up the difficulty of the game maybe now they should spent there time making sure the rewards match the difficulty or risk losing a growing number of the player base
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