Magneto BUFF Idea: Bullets/Missile Attacks should Fail/Miss

e.g. Punisher, War Machine and Winter Soldiers' SP attacks, War Machine and Howard the Ducks' SP2, et al.
Magneto is an Omega Level mutant and should be in the same league as Dr Doom (at least in this game).
He is also a Marvel "Legacy" character and should not be an behind 'lesser-known' or 'unknown' characters like Mole Man, Aegon, Sorcerer Supreme, et al

Just a fun post/suggestion, everyone. Please try to fight your need to make a big deal out of it or turn it into something negative. Cheers!


  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 249
    Good idea
    The more he is awakened, the higher are his odds
    He would be like Daredevil
  • Ideal221Ideal221 Posts: 10
    Yeah but i dont think only that would make him good for end game content.
  • RCunhaRCunha Posts: 328 ★★
    He should be able to reduce and remove abilities from Metal champions the closer they are to him, paralyze them on sp3 for # seconds, parry light and medium projectile attacks, and dodge specials attacks with projectiles, the more specials he uses the more he places a unique debuff reducing defensive abilities and increases % attack
  • AburaeesAburaees Posts: 196 ★★
    I like the miss idea. There’s no shortage of ways to make Magneto great in the presence of #Metal: glancing; reflect damage; passive power gain; slow debuff; weakness debuff; exhaustion debuff; vulnerability debuff; degen damage over time. Even the doombots have more utility than Magneto at this point.
  • MauledMauled Posts: 2,025 ★★★★
    I’d like his #metal to effectively act as Blade’s danger sense does to dimensional beings (as irritating as it is when I’m not paying attention and just go in with Ghost).

    I think one of the biggest dilemmas that Kabam will have if/when they buff Magneto is that all of his best matchups, thematically speaking, are going to be tech champions, who he should be weak to.

    I would favour the metallic tag to give him his own danger sense, and any effects his actions do have a guaranteed chance to work.

    I’d like his basic attacks to have some interaction with power gain to represent him hitting with his magneticness (note the technical terms here ;p )
    Sp1 - concussion and stun
    Sp2 - should inflict a passive bleed and heal block.
    Sp3 - paralyse.

    I see him as having the potential to shut down champions that fit his criteria
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