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Practice game mode: Danger Room

I believe it’d be useful if there were a mode for practice. It could be called the “Danger Room” and allow you to choose what champion you fight, set the nodes, select the challenge rating, and such. There wouldn’t need to be any rewards and shouldn’t be any cost energy or otherwise (maybe you unlock it after a certain level).

What do you all think? Ideas?


  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Disclaimer: Didn’t fully come up with this my self.
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Maybe you would unlock champions you could fight by defeating them in other quest.
  • Urkel2Urkel2 Posts: 371 ★★
    I actaully have pisted a suggestion similiar to this many times.. I think they said in the dorky dave video they do intend to make some form of practice mode
  • This idea isn’t a bad one, but it might be easier to modify the duel system to search for specific champs with star rating filters, fight them for free, and then use duel credits to activate specific nodes of your choice for a certain window of time.

    You wouldn’t be able to modify the power levels of other people’s champs, so maybe iso infused nodes and champion boost nodes could be free.
  • PsyLifePsyLife Posts: 399 ★★
    The problem with this thing for now with choosing star rating and rank is that they will release the PI and stats of six star rank 4 and 5s. Then again, by the time they would release it if they started now, rank4 six stars would probably be a thing. Then when t6cc are out, rank 5 six stars.
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    They could make it so you can make custom quest (sort of). With a straight line of chosen champions to fight and a boss. This way you could also practice ramp up champions and the like.
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    The ability to have different buffs active for a certain amount of time (on ether champion or both) would also be cool.

    At least the ability to have both champions start with a permanent indestructible buff. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about the match ending before you want it to.
  • GreywardenGreywarden Posts: 843 ★★★★
    Been asking for this for years now. Maybe every node combo in the game would be too difficult to setup but at least having the node combos that already exist in the game would be a step forward.

    Understanding interactions in this game can get tricky and other than jumping in blind there really is no way to try things out that you haven't seen before.
  • PsyLifePsyLife Posts: 399 ★★
    I also really want to see how long I could last against a do you bleed omega. Maybe we should be able to make them challenges amongst our friends.
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Besides being (potentially) really useful, I think this could be really fun to play with.
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    PsyLife said:

    The problem with this thing for now with choosing star rating and rank is that they will release the PI and stats of six star rank 4 and 5s. Then again, by the time they would release it if they started now, rank4 six stars would probably be a thing. Then when t6cc are out, rank 5 six stars.

    They could just prevent you from chosen rank 4 and 5 for six stars.
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    You wouldn’t be able to use champions you don’t have of course.
  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
    Oh please man even I would love to see that
    I also wrote a post on same topic
  • PsyLifePsyLife Posts: 399 ★★
    We need this so badly.
  • WhiteStrikerWhiteStriker Posts: 107
    Every one would like such idea. But Kabam would not prefer to add the buff selection. They can make a quest hard only with buff combinations and endurance test with PI. However kabam should still consider letting us practice on selected champion to get used with those special animations.
  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
    i wont let this post die until there is a reply from the mods
  • RedTide75RedTide75 Posts: 29
    Good idea
  • RasiloverRasilover Posts: 1,420 ★★★★
    Agreed. Would love to practice against all of 6.2 champion's nodes
  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
    i would like to merge my post, strenghtening the topic:
    So I was trying to practice with my SS on bane node and very often I would get hit and had to exit the quest and start again which is very annoying

    How about having a practice mode in which our champ will have infinite health( so that we don't have start again and as we can tolerate having some hits we can do experiments with our champs) we can choose a particular node or combination of nodes or a specific champ to fight against
    Now our opponent would have a limited health ( as we might want to test our champs damage) , but the catch is that we won't be forced out of practice mode once we won from the opponent , instead the same opponent ( if u have chosen to fight against a specific champ) or champs with same node will keep coming one after another ( kind of like survival mode)

    we can practice against a champ or node without wasting time in searching an opponent or having to enter the quest again and again
    Lately kabam has tried to bring diversity in usage of champs( for ex they introduced points for champ diversity in aw ) . If kabam allows players to explore their champ, people would obviously now use a wider spectrum of champs
    Note : u can also add entry energy ( like 10-15 more or less )


  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    I’d prefer for it not to take energy. No rewards no cost.
  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
    I won't. Ind even if they charge energy cz it will save my:
    Time, energy ( that we spend in travelling to opponent)
  • RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 3,896 ★★★★★
    I’ve suggested this a bunch of times but the issue is that they might not make as much money on revives or energy because people can practise. I would hope this would t he factor but I’m always cynical about these things
  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    I’d be really awesome to be able to play around with Incursion buff in a sandbox like practice.
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