We are currently experiencing an issue causing a delay in delivery of Summoner Advancement, the Alliance Quest event, and other 3-Day X-Men use event. We are working to resolve this, but it will likely take a few days. We will ensure that these rewards are delivered to affected Alliances. Please do not change Alliances until your rewards are delivered.

Emergency Maintenance Discussion [Merged Threads]



  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 935 ★★★
    Games up - 50% health of corvus but hey.. its corvus :wink:
  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 935 ★★★

    I hope there will be some compensation after this! I was in the middle of sleeping when my dreams alerted me of this nonsense...

    I expect 7.5 six star crystals via in game message tomorrow and a generic r3 to r4 six star rank up gem.

    Dreaming too low! Least ask for a max sig 7* R6 doom & aegon! then they'll give us 7* R1s :D
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 8,395 ★★★★★
    HamedSO said:

    Dear Kabam,

    Please issue the 30 min AQ timer this time. We have been facing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and we haven't seen this 30 minutes timer for a while. Our guys don't feel comfortable playing map6 and placing defenders and all of this stuff at the same time, with all of those maintenance. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Porthos pleaaaase!

    It was down for 45 mins. You'll survive.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 8,395 ★★★★★
    DJMNH said:

    This month has been filled with a lot of maintenance , I know we received compensation for maintenance earlier this month. Was this enough to satisfy players or do you feel like you need more?

    Again and Again Maintenance, why don't you guys plan for maintenance thing when there is no AQ or AW attack even during season. Can't you solve once and for all this simple basic issue.. it's highly disappointing 🤧
    @DJMNH I believe once they figure out how to get better communication from the issue itself they can do better, but The Issue flat out refuses to notify Kabam when it feels like acting up. Maybe you can talk to The Issue and get it to cooperate with Kabam. Then maybe you can be happy for once.
  • MayisMayis Posts: 321 ★★
    edited May 28

    Maintenance is over! Thank you all for waiting patiently as we worked on this issue.

    @Kabam Miike Game is still down for me (it's 9:06 here now)

    HaVe U dElEtEd Me FrOm Da GaMe KaBaM?
  • Not one that likes complaining, we’re calling this “scheduled maintenance “ lol
    Really! Appreciate the effort though;)
  • KtashakKtashak Posts: 196

    I hope there will be some compensation after this! I was in the middle of sleeping when my dreams alerted me of this nonsense...

    I expect 7.5 six star crystals via in game message tomorrow and a generic r3 to r4 six star rank up gem.

    Also a fully formed T8A catalyst for our future 11star champs please.
  • KtashakKtashak Posts: 196
    edited May 28

    We don't use this bar very often, but I'm going to ask that we improve it so that we can use it more in the future.

    better solution: not to summon these bars/imaginary scheduled maintenances at all.

    1) plan max 1 / month scheduled maintenance if really needed for some bigger in-game changes
    2) invest more to the server infrastructure (we are giving to Kabam enough money to buy half of the Google's servers) - if you have a database connectivity issue,use mirroring - feel free to contact me to send a short 350pages of how-to to Kabam DB admins, I have more DB certificates than my redhulk has stars.
    3) if the problem was on the DB table structure, there is one solution too: TEST DATABASE before apply to production database + better sysadmins..
    4) other :p:p
  • ZarakikZarakik Posts: 167
    I have this window in the morning before work to move in AQ/AW, but this month so many maintenances and i can't make the move and make my my alliance angry, it's only my two cents
  • SiriusBreakSiriusBreak Posts: 1,932 Guardian
    I tried to wait it out, but ended up passing out half way through apparently, lol. Randomly awoke at 5:50 AM (EST) and managed to wipe out my lane in AQ with 1 eye open 😂. While unexpected and inconvenient, it is what it is. Although I do agree with the notion that an in game message on top of the bar would've been prudent for such a venture. I was grinding Arena and then stopped to grab a drink. I go to start back up and BAM, maintenance. Didn't get to see the orange line at the bottom.

    Perhaps there's a way for the game to send an alert in these instances? (Or for any form of maintenance for that matter) Like when it tells me that the 4 hour free crystal is ready to be claimed, or other alerts. If it is a planned maintenance (albeit impromptu planned, but planned none the less), then perhaps a notification from the game would be the best course of action. That way, even if you're not playing, you'll know about it. No need to come here, or log in and find out. The game tells you. If that can be done, that would be your best bet IMHO.

    I would wager that the Free Crystal notification is basically working on an in app timer. However I have seen notifications from CoC that describe a deal that's available. So I would imagine there's got to be a way for it to notify the players of incoming maintenance, or even if it's "Emergency Maintenance" a mass notification being sent out to each device that the game is down would be helpful. It's quite frustrating when you think you're all good to go, go to login, and NOPE, Emergency Maintenance. If this can be implemented, it would be something to consider. If it's possible that is.
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