Alliance War Season 19: Node Combination Feedback



  • slayer6slayer6 Posts: 322 ★★
    Domino on node 47 is absolutely putrid, whoever made these new changes should be hung up and slapped 1000 times in the face with a rubber pair of flip flops!
    Other paths have horrible nodes also, i think this will push gamers away further.
    This is going to be a money maker for kabam but for gamers a nightmare.
  • Jrtiger23Jrtiger23 Posts: 29
    Nodes "Steady Build UP" stated 3 or more debuffs grains defenders unblockable or fury! But when defenders running suicide, it starts with 2 debuffs, and the whole fight is UNBLOCKABLE!?

    Is it a Bug?
  • MasterGGMasterGG Posts: 5

    This tunnel vision & defender like IMIW we can't pass through him even not in higher tier...this seems impossible for us...
  • SaltygoodnessSaltygoodness Posts: 185
    A few comments and suggestions based on the last two wars with the new map (we are P4, tier 4 alliance, never really had much trouble getting through minibosses and bosses in this tier until the new nodes came out).

    1. Ebb and flow nodes (knockdown / intercept) - path 5

    Limit to 3 the number of times protection activates. It’s still going to be hard but not impossibly tough against some defenders who resist knockdown (Thing, Darkhawk) or getting intercepted (Thor Rag, Rhino, Nova).

    Allow 50% damage when protection is on.

    Remove tenacity from node 37, it adds unnecessary difficulty in getting the defender down on top of protection.

    2. Nodes 27 and 36 (steady buildup - unblockable) - fix the bug when a defender becomes unblockable at the start of the fight and throughout it if the attacker has suicides. The unblockable mode is on for the defender even with 1-2 debuffs on the attacker with suicides, something is not right with the nodes or their description.

    3. Node 23 - tunnel vision / oscillate / aggression fury - remove tunnel vision since it can be cleared with only 2-3 possible counters and in addition to oscillate / aggression fury can make fights impossible to get through without many deaths based on the defenders placed there. Tunnel vision shouldn't be present in wars.

    Nick Fury got 23 kills for our defense on that node in the last war, and we played against P4 alliance who seemed rather skilled otherwise. Half of their battlegroup was destroyed by one defender.

    4. Hazard shift - poison / incinerate (nodes 9, 18 and node 49 on the boss island) - these nodes require a very limited number of attackers that aren’t normally used in wars due to their low damage and utility (like Iceman or Mephisto / Red Hulk). Consider switching it to bleed / poison because it allows more flexibility. Or give attackers with one immunity the chance to heal / life steal during the phase that doesn’t affect them.

    5. Node 48 on the boss island - remove return policy from this node, not being able to nullify rage stacks makes the node too OP.

    6. Node 50 - remove vigorous assault from the node, having unblockable regenerating defenders there makes the node a bit too much compared to the previous map.

    Consider further reevaluating and increasing rewards for war seasons, the increase for P4 alliances and below is rather insignificant and won’t make players motivated to put in a lot of effort and resources to clear these tough nodes (+1k 6* shards for P4 alliances is next to no change at all).
  • MauledMauled Posts: 2,775 ★★★★★
    Node 53 - Stunning Reflection and Heavy Hitter.

    There are three realistic ways to fight this node:
    - ghost so that you’re not parrying anyway
    - Heavy bait/counter
    - Get incinerate/poison off

    Unfortunately Flow counters Ghost unless you’re running Hood, Heavy hitter directly counters heavy baiting and placing a poison/incinerate immune counters half of the viable attack options.

    This leaves you with the option to intercept and punish special attacks. Ok, so out Mysterio on for example and you can’t punish his Sp1.

    If defence tactic is Flow vs a flow defender your only method of play is G2099 because you can’t deactivate Flow with a perfect block.

    The fury buff from inflicting debuffs seems punitive- you’re advising the player to debuff the opponent then punishing them for doing what you said.

    I may not have set this out the best, but the node combination alone is pretty awful, let alone when you add in a global and if you then chuck a hard defender on top you’re in for a rough ride.

    Solution - hard hitter removed, stunning reflection altered to be any damaging debuff. I would make it include Void’s too as he’s one of the better counters to Flow and you still have to start the fight with an intercept.

    The other thing I would do is remove Max Power as it clashes with the node combination unless you’re willing to add a reciprocal node that gives the player a 25% fury buff for each time they intercept. This way you get rewarded for taking the ‘hard’ way to tackle the fight.
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  • rkase2rkase2 Posts: 7
    Tier 1 Node 53:
    Stunning Reflection and Heavy Hitter.
    Unlimited Power!!

    THING was on this node was a totally problematic.

    Stealth Spidey had no access with his slow to heavy hitter, since HH is not avoidable by slow debuff.

    THING get over furied, only by blocking or intercepting was the soltion for counter agaist, although those furies and his lock stacks makes so hard the fight.

    Other substitution for THING like Omega, or Void etc... then it will be interupted by unlimited power's furies.

    "Heavy Hitter" is totally unsuitable for this node.

    Either "Heavy Hitter should be bypassed by slow debuff".

    Please fix this. its just a stressful and no fun AT ALL.

  • qartweliqartweli Posts: 525 ★★★
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    Let's not include Defense Tactics in this right now, since the new ones and Attack Tactics are not live yet.

    This gave me the hope

    I found oscilate+agression fuey+tunnel vision and some very hard defender as extreme challenge

    Also that unlimited power node..medusa mini could gather 100 furies but did the same damage on my block which is fine but feels somehow wrong

    My alliance members found that quake couldnt evade thing as if had true strike on but there was no true strike

    But he was in assasins range. If that can affect quakes evade..concussion reduces abilities with 100% and not only defensive abilities. No idea why thing was able to hit quake while charging heavy and concussion on.evade triggers when concussion is on and only after it dissapears

    I think this war is just too much and when the season goes on 99.9% players will be so frustrated that we will just have to give up and let it be. I am an endgame player who breezes throigh abyss and has everything on 100% with several r3s...this war is a 48 hours event which is ten steps above abyss act6 and anything else

    Any damage reduction higher then 40% should give a big window to compensate this
    There are interactions which make it impossible to do it even in 10 minutes. And who wants to fight an hour against 3 defenders?

  • CaptainaidenCaptainaiden Posts: 42
    Intercept and the falter one, please that too hard man
  • Alex_Jr_JrAlex_Jr_Jr Posts: 7

    This is pretty much impossible. Tier7 war shouldn't be this bad
  • SpicyslicerSpicyslicer Posts: 2,130 ★★★★
    Ebb and flow with tenacity and armor break. Gave our opponent a terrible time. Naw bad as imiw on 35 I think it was.
  • Mu7zMu7z Posts: 25
    I won't say anything but attaching ss of current war. Our opponent and us also are stucked at same place

  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,336 ★★★★★
    Unlimited power also needs a tweak to not give power on purify, since nick fury purifies everything on him if he has 7 furies he goes to a special 3, and it’s near impossible to avoid this if they place with suicides, meaning you need 1 of a tiny amount of counters or an invulnerability boost which just isn’t a good way to have it, either change how nick functions with the purify or remove the power gain part of the node
  • Leiva_darkLeiva_dark Posts: 342 ★★
    Node 35, 45, 57 Invasive Stun, combined with defenders plus very poorly thought flow tactic. Now you cannot stop the gathering of power and you are stunned if you try .... And it was what was discussed for the flow adjustment and now it is in these nodes worse than before ...
  • Mr_ChrisMr_Chris Posts: 109
    I’ve played a lot of top end war but for the last couple of seasons although I’m in a top 5 aq alliance I’ve been playing 2 bg casual war. Ebb and flow is, as only one example part of the reason I feel that this version of war is a failure in providing enjoyable content.

    Even with the increase in rewards cannot possibly justify the cost and frustration involved. I feel like even though you’re laying a roadmap out it’s just a winding road back to where we already are. I feel like act 6 getting nerfed is only to encourage more spending from the next tier of players on the ladder.

    I enjoy the game and continue to spend on the parts I enjoy but I have serious concerns about how the company’s decisions related to spending and content are damaging the enjoyment of the player base at large. You can do better than this. Your players deserve better.

  • Jcobra25Jcobra25 Posts: 159

    Tenacity plus whatever this other one is. Definitely too crazy @Kabam Miike
  • MauledMauled Posts: 2,775 ★★★★★
    Tunnel vision miniboss needs changing. I would change it to MixMaster so that at least you can dex specials/heavy bait etc.

    If you’re fighting a champ that can’t be parried cleanly on the first parry eg NF 2nd Phase/Maw/IMIW you’re activating the node and can’t then stun the opponent to safely whiff an attack. It’s literally a death sentence. Likewise dexing multiple hit special attacks trigger this as do blocking consecutive hits.
  • the_eradicatorthe_eradicator Posts: 246 ★★★
    Tunnel vision and aggression fury and ebb and flow combinations along with the oscillate mechanisms. You guys did not test this content at all ? Did you ? Separate these nodes out and don't put them all in one place.
  • Kevo9513Kevo9513 Posts: 346 ★★
    I almost feel sorry for the other team. He’s had 17 deaths and their entire alliance has been decimated. Some of these nodes are way harder than the boss node.
  • gohard123gohard123 Posts: 914 ★★★
    I just fought Domino on Aggression fury, oscillate and tunnel vision using Thing. The match started fine, doing 3 hit combos but then I got cornered. Blocking as you know triggers falter from tunnel vision. Domino had only the oscillate fury active when I triggered my protection but I still got crit for over 30k.
  • ShadowKing227ShadowKing227 Posts: 19
    For the node with Tunnel Vision, Aggression Fury, AND oscillate?
    This fight is already bad enough as it is. Couple that with Flow, Stubborn, or any decent defender (doesn't even have to be top-tier, because this node pushes them over that threshold anyways).

    We fought a thing today, and I'm sure that some have already mentioned this, that too many mechanics come into play to make this challenging, yet enjoyable.

    Korg, Domino, Thing, IMIW - these are just examples of absolute roadblocks that can cause frustration.
    The main issue with this node is the Oscillate. Tunnel Vision, fine. Add in Aggression Fury? Difficult, but still doable. When you toss in Oscillate, it just becomes undoable without an excessive amount of resources spent by the BG as a whole in my opinion. When the armor up mode is on for the Oscillate node, the defender becomes insanely passive. To the point where you can't do anything to prevent them from building furies up. Chaining heavies can work, but tunnel vision means you can't consecutively do that. And the armor phase doesn't mean the opponent will not attack at all. You risk getting clobbered with every heavy attack you try to land.

    I think the Window of Opportunity node needs to be checked as well. You have to understand that, individually, these nodes are not a problem. Treat this node as a Stun or Debuff immune champ, and just don't parry. There are plenty of areas in the game where we have had to do that, and while it is a challenge, it is not overly difficult. However, when you toss in defensive tactics, such as Flow, it can be a little worse.

    Not everyone has the champions needed to effectively counter these nodes. Players shouldn't have to be forced to rank up a champion specifically because they HAVE to, not because they WANT to.
  • The_MayorThe_Mayor Posts: 3
    Ebb and flow - intercept
    Incoming damage has 90 % they should be reduced to 50%
    Intercepting the defender removes the protection needs to be at lest 15 seconds and not 6 seconds and the and the precision pasive buff needs to be increased to 50% from 30%
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  • PAI_MEIPAI_MEI Posts: 18
    Tunnel vision is quickly becoming a node where champs with projectile basics (iwim, havok, Domino, etc) are placed. Since very few champs can parry projectiles, the node is becoming a headache.
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