Alliance War Season 19: Node Combination Feedback



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    For example, Ebb and Flow - Intercept is a version of Aegis Intercept that lets you do some damage, even if you can't hit the opponent with an intercept

    But it resets after X seconds. That makes the fights slow, boring and frustrating. And the damage that lets you do is insignificant actually.
    Hazard shift plus cold turkey, tunnel vision...the list of pain points is long.

    I'd like to see not only nodes that punish you, but "something" that rewards you. It may be a node designed to give you a temporary boost when you execute a certain task, or even a boost on your path like Incursions...

    Please rethink about season 19. Suspend AW till it's more refined and in tune with your promised general improvements in the game and quality of life, this update is terrible...

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    The fact you had to state dont say "scrap it all" actually says you know what everyone wants your just not willing to do it.
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    As long as flow is involved our alliance is sitting war out. We were plat 3 for a long time . Last season we did item less and made gold 2 and everyone kept their sanity. After seeing these nodes they don't even want to do it itemless just flat out skip this mode. Please make wars exciting. Many summoners have pointed out the new nodes involved so I thought I just mention a mechanic that should have been scrubbed mid season 18 and not carry it on to season 19 together with these new nodes
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    I think EMP modification and many other free damage mechanics should be rebalanced.
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    The fact you had to state dont say "scrap it all" actually says you know what everyone wants your just not willing to do it.

    It’s not constructive feedback. Saying scrap it all without giving information on what nodes are hard for YOU means they can’t make changes even if they do in fact scrap it all.
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    I am taking a break so I am in an alliance that is doing tier 12 AW ... and I saw Ebb and Flow node there ... I think you don't know your player base if you think that tier 12 should be subjected to such a node ... while most of the feedback on fine tuning nodes in tier 1-6 is valid, you do have to make wholesale changes to lower tiers as people hear are not used to seeing such tough nodes.
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    The Ebb & Flow time slot for damage dealing leads to extremly long fights. In particular against defenders having thereself protection mechanism and almost all immunities. Like e.g. Thing (with high sig) or Korg. Even without the added nodes like tenacity, this will most likely force you into Timeouts. Though playing almost perfect, rng might not be in your favour. This is quite frustrating. On top you have to deliver several 5min long tough fights in a row, making no mistakes every war. Thats how I would define stress 😅 Note: I am playing tier 3.
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    Tunnel vision needs to be removed. Currently a Korg on tunnel vision will require one of 2 scenarios. Either perfect intercepting and play (even then you will still get falter from evading his special 1), or quake. BUT with stubborn coming, quake will be useless. Then you are left with one option to reliably get an in using storm pyramid x since she places a passive stun if he shrugs off your parry, but will still take damage back I believe.

    To reiterate tunnel vision needs to go please.
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    Node 33: Spite and Powerful From Afar.
    When coupled with flow, they are constantly gaining a lot of power. Fought a magik on that node last aw, and she was constantly in limbo, meaning she healed practically all the damage I dealt to her and killed both phases of my Nick Fury purely with limbo damage.
    The only champ I could see handling that is gulk, and even then it'd still be a nightmare to control her power so she doesnt just sp3 you.
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    I don't know if this is mentioned, please extend timer to 30 seconds for changing poison to incinerate phases on the hazard shift node. That way I can bring in a single immune champ and do damage in one phase and just block or evade in second phase. Better thing will be to change that DOT to have overlapping champs or remove it entirely. What I gave was a decent option I believe.
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    Another node that is really niche is Unlimited power. There are certain champs who are best fought with debuffs on them. When paired with this node, it is awful. Doom/Thing are great examples. Void does superb against them, not on this node, though. Also, the powergain is too much per nullify. faced an annhilus there and nullifying his control rod gave him two bars of power, everytime (with sym).
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    Ebb and flow needs to be seriously tuned. Fighting certain champs make it impossible to deal serious damage within the 6 second window. Currently the payoff for knocking down or intercepting the defender is almost non-existent. 6 seconds is barely enough to get off a single combo. The duration and potency of the boost should be much greater. Anywhere from 15-20 seconds is fair especially when in high tier aw with painful defenders that when paired with the node are near impossible to fight. And a precision buff for intercepting is nowhere near rewarding enough. Please give these ebb and flow nodes some serious tuning.
  • I think these have been covered ad nauseam, but what the heck. I'll throw my 2 cents as well. Mind you this is all from the perspective of an Alliance on the cusp between Tiers 4 & 5, so Challenger Map nodes.

    1st and foremost - Tile #23 : Tunnel Vision/Oscillate/Aggression Fury

    This is by and far over the top. You can place any champ here and it could get messy quick. Some champs, forget about it if you lack certain counters or don't play with absoluer perfection/precision. Being trapped by roster constraints is rough enough in the Solo Quests. This happening in AW is even worse despite the fact you technically have 30 potential counter slots. However that doesn't mean anyone in said BG will have exact counters ranked and ready. You screw up in Solo, it's whatever. You slip ever so slightly on this combo, and it's goodbye Attack Bonuses, and you get to feel that lovely feeling of "I just let 29 other players down" in that moment.

    We had Domino last war and it was just ridiculous that my 1 block motion counts as more than 1 due to the Ai hitting into it twice from 1 motion (double hit opening medium attack). That's... wrong. IMHO. The removal of Tunnel Vision would still make the fight sketchy with other Defenders and DTs in play, but manageable with patience and many champs.

    2nd - Tiles 29, 37, and 39 : ebb flow intercept/knock down being coupled with Rapid Metabolism/Tenacity

    Ok, yet another that can demand near perfect play or the consequences are dire. Shortening and already tight window of opportunity (hehe, that's next BTW) can draw out a fight to result in Time Outs aplenty. Certain champs already can shrug off Debuffs with a quickness. Then you add in max Limber Mastery. Certain options are gonna demand that A++ game. I like Challenge, just be nice if it was also realistic in it's expectations of the player. In this case, for many it's unrealistic.

    Heck, I threw Nightcrawler on ebb flow intercept war #1 (6* R1) and he snagged 4 kills and stopped the player dead. Haven't seen ol' blue face do that kind of damage in a LONGTIME. War #2 placed Rhino and Nova back to back. They skipped the lane. Nuff' said. The idea behind ebb flow is actually pretty neat, but do we REALLY NEED Tenacity or Rapid Metabolism? Not really. Probably still gonna be challenging with certain champs without those in play, let alone with certain defender and DT combos.

    3rd - Tiles 35, 45, and 47 : Window of Opportunity

    I feel it would be better titled "Stun Me, I Dare You." Truth is, the window that's there isn't great, and the punishment for a slipped parry is QUITE severe. 4 second stun?!?! YeeoOoOOWWWWCH!! Even a 2 second stun would be painful, but 4?!?! The fight could be essentially over if you slip once. There's a fine line between "rewarding optimal play" and "punishing less than perfect play," yah know?

    4th - Hazard Shift

    The options for Incinerate AND Poison Immunity in 1 package are slim pickings. Add in a champ with something extra and DOT Debuff damage is essentially inevitable. Then topping one of them off with Cold Turkey is almost sadistic, lol. Then your champs that could've benefited (and tactical selection of those champs) from converting those Debuffs into charges or passive Fury end up getting punished. Which essentially leaves you with either selecting a less than stellar champ (if you even have them) for a couple fights, or essentially eating damage and forcing health pot usage even if you otherwise play perfectly.

    As I said at the end of the 3rd one, there's a fine line between "rewarding optimal play" and "punishing less than perfect play." Many of these promote the latter instead of the former. Punishment for slip ups can be dire in any AW fight as it was. Now... some of these it's either perfection or bust. I don't feel that's very fun, and I'm sure many would agree with this sentiment.

    I like the adrenaline of a tight fight that makes you work for it. That's good times. What I don't like... coming into a fight, blocking once, and getting trounced when I go for the intercept because my 1 block counted as more than 1 motion resulting in a Falter causing me to miss and get laid out by a 20k medium and a couple 9k lights in a matter of seconds. That's not fun.

    Watching some of the best in my BG say "This is ridiculous" and "I'm starting to HATE AW" is also very disheartening. I hope the feedback here gives enough perspective to make optimal changes to the map allowing a realistic chance at 100% while providing the playerbase with something they can generally agree on being fun. There's other nodes that are definitely difficult, but I feel are generally manageable. Although we'll see how that goes when the new DTs come into play.

    I will give credit where it's due in regards to the changes to the link system on the Main Boss. That's pretty cool. It doesn't Buff the Boss through the ROOF anymore and enables players a pretty fair chance at dropping the Boss while a link is still up. Honestly I think Boss Island overall isn't too bad. So, there's that.
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    Dr voodoo on node 4 was unblockable the whole time even when he had no regen buf on but he had unblock buf only occasionaly. That seems to be a bug

    That is a permanent unblock voodoo with flow..
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    Tile 21
    Cold Turkey node needs to be removed.
    It's not fun to get an instant degen damage from removing a Debuff on your champion.

    Especially when Void is the defender.
    Now you've gotta finish the fight before his debuffs damage take you down.
    While doing so, you will definitely purify his debuffs after every 10 hits of your combo.

    If this is not removed, I'll say goodbye to my alliance that plays AW and would rather play just AQ instead.

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    Node 23 had Doom on it, and took down all the maxed 5*R5 and 6*R2 champs we tried with. I can take down 6*R2 and sometimes 6*R3 with 4* champs, so my skill is not shite. But this is a joke. Where will you be if no one will play AW anymore? Your new difficulty level was NOT tested before release.
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    What’s so bad about this is even though our last map was around for a few seasons, tier 2 teams still manage to die Over 50 times. No you put out a new war map that is Easily five times harder and s it’s like you expect us to die over 200 times per war? Ebb and flow intercept is the most disrespectful thing a company can do to a player. I put concussion on nova and pulled off my intercepts even though it auto blocked I didn’t get Parried And it didn’t count as an intercept. I fought havok on EBBN flow knockdown And he was unstoppable the full fight and I have the video to prove it. You guys missed the mark By a 1,000,000 yards this time. War is terrible absolutely no fun at all. If this company wants to be transparent get your own players that make the game to do it and show the community on YouTube that it can be done without rainbow boosts gray boosts Max suicides And 15 items for one fight. I see creators doing dungeons/Incursions and what not so why don’t they do a tier 1 tier 2 war map and show us that it can be done instead of us being thrown into the fire.
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    "safeguard". Very troublesome nodes. Imagine immune defenders, korg, the thing, colossus, warlock, centinelle and many more. They will be battles of more than 300 hits, if you win the first time.

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    The new AW nodes and constant money grabbing content. Kabam can go **** themselves. The game is now boring and not fun at all unless you spend money. So to all the people at kabam. You all suck. 🖕🏼
    Hello, dear Kabam team.

    Here is my point of view and feedback regarding the new nodes and their combinations.

    1. Node 23 - is probably the hardest. A Domino or Nova will make you throw your phone.
    2. The ebb/flow intercept Node. Facing Nova on it is a nightmare! - Because how do you intercept someone who can't be intercepted to clear this mechanic? With a 90% damage reduction from all sources combined with not being able to intercept is a sure and guaranteed timeout.
    3. Node 11 - Ebb/Flow Knockdown + heavy hitter - with a Nick Fury or IMIW
    4. Nodes 29 & 37 - Ebb/flow intercept. These nodes with a combination of tenacity, and rapid metabolism. Makes Darkhawk a nightmare.
    5. Nodes 12, 22, 53 - unlimited power - Hyperion and NF
    6. Nodes 9, 21 - cold turkey - you need a specific counter ( poison/incinerate champs like red hulk)
    If these nodes make it into the next season, "100% exploration will be a rare instance."
    A lot of alliances will struggle to explore the map 100%

    With respect, humbling and sincere empathy.
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    Tier 5, Node 23 facing NF. Oscillate 2, Tunnel Vision, Agression Fury. It took around 8 lives for us to get him to his second life. After that he was practically unhittable. I baited a heavy, dashed back twice to avoid the hit, threw a light attack out of range to scrub off the falter, then dashed in at the end of his heavy and faltered anyway. And then he killed me. If this is what you want AW to be, I want no part of it and I’m done with Alliance play. Which means I won’t progress much and will probably be done with the whole game fairly soon.
    Don't get me wrong; I love challenges and the fact that the level of difficulty that the combination of new nodes brings is stimulating! I don't remember when was the last time I had such a great Time enjoying war.
    Wars should not be simple and straightforward; planning strategically placing the right defender on the appropriate node and having to bring counter for them during the attack phase is exciting!
    After all, no maps should be able to be explored 100%, and the victory should not be decided merely by attack bonuses but whoever is able to power through the maps and nodes exploring them 100%
    Please don’t tone down the node too much.
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    EMP Modification is far too specific of a node to have in aw. It forces players to waste a roster spot for just 1 fight, there aren’t that many characters that are shock immune in the first place and some of those shock immune characters could be countered by specific champions placed on the node (i.e, Human Torch could be placed to automatically prevent someone from using Doom even though he’s shock immune). Overall the addition of mini bosses for each lane after the 2 mini bosses in section 1 was absolutely uncalled for and would just make it less fun and more stressful and time consuming than it needs to be. At the very least make them some interesting and fun fights that could be done with any champion and not something people need to plan for.
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