Summoner Show-Up Nerf...

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I personally rather the rewards get a buff than the difficulty and restrictions get nerfed. But the real question is will Kabam compensate all summoners who had to use items such as boosts, revives and health potions as well as units just to complete this event now that’s they’re completely nerfing the difficulty as well as the 4* restrictions. Seems a bit messed up to those who wasted items, units and money just to beat it as it was now that it will be much easier. We the community need answers!!


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    I could see this coming 🤣
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    The nerf to the fight is massive.
    I did it pre nerf by using one expiring revive and some expiring health potions. I personally don’t want anything.
    Apparently I can’t speak on behalf of those who spend a lot of items, units or even ranked up 4* champs for it 🤣🤣🤣
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    ItsDamien said:

    I want at least 10 6* Abyss Nexus crystals and 500,000 units as compensation.


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