Hear me out... Rhino is a Low Demi-God tier champion.



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    MaxGaming said:

    BTW taskmaster is older than any of these newer champions

    No duh Sherlock
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    MaxGaming said:

    BTW taskmaster is older than any of these newer champions

    No sh** Sherlock
    I can see where this is heading, and I'm just going to say this:
    Inb4 a mod closes the thread
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    Everyone be nice I'll start Taskmaster is amazing guys who else agrees
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    every champ deserves some point in the game

    Agent Venom is like forgotten and only some like him
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    Shafeeq said:

    every champ deserves some point in the game

    Agent Venom is like forgotten and only some like him

    he can get rid of the debuffs from suicide masterys making him good
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    That’s like saying any champ with unstoppable has guaranteed intercept's because they are unstoppable and that’s say juggernaut is a god tier
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    Making his dash attack unstoppable acting like mighty charge and adding 1.5 second indestructible anytime he dashes forward makes him instant God tier,With mighty he nullifies any debuff on him when he dashes forward,bye bye to slow,and makes him suicide friendly, and the indestructible makes it possible to tank Sp3 with the right timing,
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    I think everything is said that needs to be said.

    Unless Rhino is indestructible while charging and has a built-in Mighty Charge mechanic, he is not practical to use.
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    MaxGaming said:

    I reread the title and when it says low Demi-God I just realized that I made a post like this with Yellowjacket and it didn't get half as popular as this!

    You aren’t kd
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    Shafeeq said:

    every champ deserves some point in the game

    Agent Venom is like forgotten and only some like him

    I personally enjoy him. Kinda fun, has cool animations and decent damage
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    Ya_Boi_28 said:

    Interesting perspective. I would partially agree and disagree. He's tanky for sure, and can probably pack a punch. But in 2020 MCOC, champs need to do more than just pack a punch. I feel like Rhino's kit is just missing something, as you said. It's a great start, but needs a great finish!

    However, I think that he's trash as a war boss. As long as you bait a heavy, you're good. Use stealthy or Shulk, get the slow up, and clap his cheeks within an inch of his life!

    Still a very good write up overall tho. If he gets buffed, I'll definitely rank up my 5-Star version.

    Yeah, I totally agree. He needs a buff, but it should be an update to his current kit + new abilities. On his own right now, no one's really gonna use him. But he has a decent kit. Guaranteed intercepts + safety net of physical resistance and armor in case you get light intercepted. A very simple design but it can be used in certain situations. But of course, this alone in 2020 is not enough.

    What I would do with Rhino is:
    - Add autoblock mechanic like Nova's if Rhino's unstoppable charge is light intercepted
    - Evade counter against Spiderverse champions OR slow debuff
    - Some sort of immunities/resistances
    - Mechanic to gain much more damage (either stack more potent furies or some new mechanic)
    - Rupture DOT on basic attacks that improve special attack damage like Sasquatch
    What kind of sadist wants more autoBlock mechanics on top of unblockable and unstoppable???

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    good bait
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    Well thats certainly one way to look at it. But uhm. No

    Dang I thought you would agree cuz you rank 3 interesting 6 star champions, SAD!
    Well sorry to dissapoint you xD but difference is dormammus got great utility and r3 him makes the dmg more acceptable thats why hes a great r3 candidate the only thing he lacks is dmg so the higher the rank the more he becomes viable. Rhino just doesnt have much going for him no matter what rank you take him to. But he should be up earlier then most for a buff so if you do like him now then all the more power to you when he does get that buff
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    Rhino is an absolutely awful champ with no redeeming features whatsoever.
    How has this thread made 3 pages.
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    Just duped him as a 6 star, so I appreciate what you are trying to do. Rhino does decent work in Arenas and I do enjoy his easy intercept mechanic, but I am not going to take him along with me to clear content unless he gets buffed.
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