Either nerf doom or give everyone doom.



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    The power level doom has is so far beyond anything else in the game. He is in a class all his own. Literally it is the only answer for every bit of content now, and many people have him (including a level 41 with a 6* doom which is nice). Nerf doom or give everyone a 5* to even the playing field since a pity timer will not be implemented for crystals. If this upsets you, that is because you are abusing him, he is basically a cheat code.

    It is true he is crazy powerful but there are many champions that can do it and they can help u get cav.
    Take an example of who i used:-
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    Why is everyone disagreeing with this guy?

    OP I absolutely agree.

    Everyone should get a free 6* Doom.


    still isn’t a five star Quake
    Nice to know someone is enjoying my suffering.

    I am 5*s now though!

    Dear god what am I doing with my life
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    HI_guys said:

    He’s closer to groot then he is to quake on the power scale lol

    Is this sarcasm or....
    It’s actually not. While the wording is probably not accurate, on a “power level” doom is probably not closer to groot, in terms of importance and how good he is as a champ i would say it’s accurate. For example, a 5/65 quake is miles better for almost everything then a 6/3 doom. I would take a 4/55 quake over a 6/3 doom and it’s not close.
    i thought of it as a giant vertical line, and you put each champ on that line. the higher they are, the better they are. I thought you meant quake was do far up that doom was closer to the bottom than he was to matching quake
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    I have never seen over 100 disagrees in one post that when you know u messes up
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