What is it like being a leader or an officer for your alliance?

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I have a question for all the leaders and officers of respective alliances. What is it like being a leader or an officer of your alliance? After having a responsibility of keeping the alliance running and alive does it take time, effort & dedication?


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    I'm the only officer of a silver 3 alliance ( I'm cavalier) and it's not much. I think our alliance is going to grow soon in rank as everyone has 5/50 champs to place in defence and bring in attack
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    More pressure same reward
  • headaches and bad vibes
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    I'm the only officer of a silver 3 alliance ( I'm cavalier) and it's not much. I think our alliance is going to grow soon in rank as everyone has 5/50 champs to place in defence and bring in attack

    yeah kinda like this for me. I'm the officer in an alliance of mostly newer accounts
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    I used to be leader for over a year in a G1 and 5x5 alliance, then i demoted mysel down to officers because i was doing too much. And my officers were just chillin. Anyways, the stress level would depend on the level your alliance is at. If you guys are pushing AW and AQ 100% then more stress, if not pushing at all, then others members might get frustrated due to the lack of activity, rewards, etc.

    Anyways, i been only for at least 2.5 years now and guess what? I dont miss leadership one bit. Doing way too much, spending way too much out of the game, for what? Recruiting is the worst. Takes too much time and so very tedious.
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    My alliance is like 8 friends, and myself and another friend is an officer. We don't do much outside of some Map 4, and usually only 3 of us play AQ. Extremely chill ally.
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    I am a leader.
    It takes kicking opening alliances mak8ng officers etc.
    Some good leadership required.
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    My alliance consists of 6 friends and around 8 active members only.
    I have currently 23 members in my alliance.
    Rest 9 r like 2 days ago, 4 days, 10 days 11 days.
    I kick all players with more than 12 days ago.
    Some irritating job tooooooo
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    Those inactive players irritate alot
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    I always enjoyed it, spent over 5 years in a leadership position whether it be leading my own alliance or being a long term officer in another. For me it’s a big part of the game that’s just normal at this point, this is the first time I haven’t been in leadership since alliances started really and it’s weird in a way, feels as if I’m missing something. Definitely takes the pressure off but I’d by lying if I said I didn’t miss it. Spent a lot of time at a P2-4 level in leadership and planning those sorts of things out with defence and our attack plans was always enjoyable for me. Sure it can get a bit stressful at times and there are days where you just want a breather from it all, but actively playing a big role in progressing your BG or alliance as a whole is great to see and a nice reflection of the effort you’ve put in to it.
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    It’s alright. I’ve been an officer for as long as I can remember.

    Back when I was full time war at a decentish level (gold 1) and leading my own bg, it was time hungry- defensive lists for diversity, planning paths for everyone for every section could make it a little intense.

    But it’s been a while since I did war full time. The alliance I’m in does only 1 bg in war and I’ve participated in maybe 4/5 across the last 2 seasons. With war no longer in the equation, the only 2 things I do that members do not is start AQ and recruit.
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    It also depends on the players in your group massivley. There will be certain players that you can leave alone and know they will clear nodes in a timely fashion and hit minis and bosses without being prompted. Others you have to constantly tag and try to get to move and will sit around waiting for others to clear bosses rather than having a go themselves so it can be frustrating. Your looking for a good group of responsible players that can move and fight without you constatnly being on their case. Then is "easy game easy life" as seatin would say
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    Well it's my first time being an officer.
    We are currently is silver 2 and it can be a bit stressful, but I think the extra stress comes from me wanting everything to be perfect.

    Some days you won't complete a map in AQ 100%
    Some days you won't win a war.
    Some days a members will miss the deadline to place champs in defense.

    Overall it's nice being in a position of power but when things start to go downhill it's your responsibility to make it go up.
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    It can be a bit stressful. I manage a BG in AW, AQ runs itself - Map 5 doesn’t exactly need any guidance at our level, we could probably do Map7 but don’t want the hassle.

    As we’re a P2 alliance that’s relatively small compared to some of the big fish at our level (we’re ~31m) setting paths in AW can be a bit of a balancing act between item use, skill level and rosters but it’s quite rewarding when it works out. Some of our larger rosters can be thrown down any path and know they’ve got the solution somewhere, with some of the smaller players we do have to shoehorn it a little bit. It’s a bit like Tetris really.
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    I was the leader of an alliance as it transitioned from map 2/3 to map 5, borderline map 6. It could be a headache, and at times made me want to put the game down for a month or two. Mostly just got annoyed at my progress being stagnated a bit as the time I’d typically put aside for arena was taken up by doing leader things more often than not.
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    I started an alliance about a month ago, recruitment is a pain and definitely the worst part overall but being able to decide how many BGs and what maps to run is a big plus since you're not relying on someone else having good judgement, which the leaders of my previous alliances didn't have (except 1 guy but he quit and that alliance fell apart). Once you have a core of good players and some officers it's not too bad, although organizing it takes a lot of the time I'd be questing, so I'd say I'm progressing slower overall (although I'd probably be avoiding questing rn anyway, act 4 exploration is boring af).
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    I will never go back to being an officer or a leader, unless kabam decides to bump the rewards for them only for alliance activities like AQ and AW. For all the extra work they are doing, they should get more rewards. More 6 and 5 star shards more loyalty, et etc than the regular members.

    I vehemently disagree with Leaders and Officers getting more for doing something that is Voluntary. As far as I remember there is no limit to how many officers there can be, so opportunistic alliances will just make everyone officers to gain more rewards.

    Now for the original question. I haven't been an officer for many years now, I've been asked to be one several times since then but I've always declined. Not because I didn't want the additional "work" (since I don't do war that additional work boils down to recruiting if a member peaves or is removed, and starting AQ since BGs are pretty much set in stone at this point), but because I have a pretty low tolerance on people who don't put in as much effort as they can realistically give. For example recently people have been joining AQ later and later, and even though we still clear 100%, there are a few people who take advantage of this and wait until the final few hours before doing anything. I know that if I were an officer, I would be removing those people and replacing them with people who will carry their own weight and support the alliance as a whole. Since I choose not to be an officer, or leader for that matter, I get less annoyed by it since it's essentially out of my control to deal with those people, and I don’t have to feel tied down to an alliance if it becomes that much of an issue. I am free to choose to stay or leave as I please.
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    In one of the alliances I was in, we had a rewards system for those who took up the roll of officer depending on roll you were assigned.
    Example: BG Officers only had to put in half of their donations, Officers that were assign war placement wouldnt have to worry about SA requirements. Treasury officer didn't have to donate gold, etc.
    It was a pretty decent systems, and actually rewarded those who took up the sometime stressful position.
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    officer in plat4 ally
    its too tbh a lot of work but I don't really mind anybody asks questions I am always pretty happy to help flaunting as much of my mcoc knowledge I can lol

    but yeah I take like 1hr 15mins as soon as attack phase starts to plan the attack and who goes on what path
    reminding people on what path to take in map5 and where the backup can go in map6

    its a lot of work but again depends on the person. I don't mind doing it since I anyway have a lot of time.

    so yes it takes a lot of time lots of efforts and lots of dedication for sure.
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    I've always enjoyed leading group projects so being an officer has been fun. In my alliance, each BG has officers assigned to it so you don't have to plan for the whole alliance. It's a bit stressful as you have to be constantly active and badger people up and down. Having solid players and other good officers help to reduce the workload. Spending items to clear maps is not compulsory in my alliance but many times I've boosted and used a lot of revives because I feel responsible for my BG's success.
    The worst thing for an ally officer is inactive members and people who don't obey instructions. I'm talking about the guys who jump into random Bg's and paths while ignoring the ones assigned to them. Nothing triggers me more than 99% exploration.
    Overall, it's been fun. Stressful but fun and I intend to enjoy it while i lasts
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    it suck bad you become more crazy with doing all things on the game and you have to be active more than other members .. it the worst thing ever .. while peoples enjoy the game you suffer from it

    + the mid alliances officers suffer the most ( nooby ally don't really care ) ( skilled ally's members khnow what they should do and shouldn't and they are probably being officers before they make it more easy to you ).
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    I pretty much run 4l0ki, it’s not too bad
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    It's not easy but you get into a rhythm. The best part of being the leader is that you get to see your vision come true and you have final say. It's a lot of work to maintain though and you have to promote the right guys so you don't have to hold anybody's hand.
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    It's like a root canal without all of the fun. Lol
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    Being a leader is a thankless job. But the real
    Question is what’s it like being an officer lol in my opinion and experience you usually are assigning BG to officers. As leader you are making decisions about

    Direction of ally (AQ focused AW focused)
    Retaining talent ( checking in on people)
    Final say in kicking .

    But at the end of the day, you can get really close with people. I quit because you spend more time on the game then real life. I truly hope Kabam finds a way to incentivize leaders and officers without people being able to exploit it.
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