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  • BomberManBomberMan Posts: 56
    Well I guess I won't waste any more loyalty points on this. Thanks for this thread. Would be nice to have some insight from @Kabam Miike
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,882 ★★★★
    If I don't do something within six months I probably don't plan on it unless I'm forced to. Ask my wife...lol
  • Mobius360Mobius360 Posts: 68
    @Kabam Miike

    Why the continued silence? I just don't get it. Nobody is being rude about this topic. We just want to know what's going on with Pure Skill?

    What is being done to fix it?

    Why is this so impossible for anyone at Kabam to supply an update on? Been extremely patient about this, we want some action on this fix or refund.

  • Viper1987 wrote: »
    Nobody ever holds Kabam accountable for their actions. We just keep opening that wallet (I've been guilty of it, too). But money is the only thing they respond to. If you stop spending, they will fix things. But right now, they mess something up, then throw out an offer and say "Look something shiny" then laugh when everyone buys it and forgets about the issues. I mean I still tried to fight for some type of compensation for the whole 12.0 debacle that everyone forgot about. I can't believe people forgot about all the lagging, the crashes, the item usage, the screwed up mechanics (still waiting on parry timing to go back to normal), and just the lack of info that we still don't have to this day. Just resign. They don't care. I understand things take time and they have to discuss, but 6 months? Really? Come on.

    Seem like you’re the only one that has common sense.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 6,327 ★★★★★
    Pure Skill doesn't make them money anymore. So why bother with it? It used to be the only Class mastery other than MD that was worthwhile. Now? Trash. I'm guessing fixing it is right around Bases on the To Do List.

    Dr. Zola

  • Still waiting on my refund. Or change it to include a bonus of critical penetration stat and lower opponent critical resistance to zero
  • World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 2,786 ★★★★★
    Once October hits; it'll have been 7 months since PS was screwed up. Sorry for those who've invested into this mastery.
  • SvainSvain Posts: 453 ★★
    Well said @mutamatt it has been far too long. A response, and not "we're looking into it", or a refund is in order. I haven't spent a penny on this game since 12.0 and told myself I wouldn't until pure skill was fixed or refunded.
  • Mobius360Mobius360 Posts: 68
    Great post @mutamatt.

    @Kabam Miike waiting and waiting and waiting for a response.

    How can pure skill 4 and 5 even still be unblockable at this point? Any new player that unknowingly unlocks this mastery is basically spending some form of in game currency for absolutely nothing.

    This really can't be that many people who have unlocked this mastery on all 5 levels, why not just do the right thing and compensate the people who have unlocked levels 4 and 5?

    The design team can surely come up with some amazing replacement options for the skill class mastery, vote on one and implement it. I don't think anyone would be upset having a reworked mastery that functions properly.

    @kabam Please give us a response on this topic.
  • Mobius360Mobius360 Posts: 68
    Bump for @Kabam Miike
  • KpatrixKpatrix Posts: 1,050 ★★★
    The last 3 updates haven't even matched their notes, not surprised they still haven't done anything about pure skill. maybe it's time to ask for refunds and give out 1 star reviews. This game is following transformed into the forgotten realm.
  • Maximus_SpankersonMaximus_Spankerson Posts: 445 ★★
    I am just curious if they are waiting for this to simply go away... Yesterday’s news... I put in the units to unlock PS and want this made right
  • HuluhulaHuluhula Posts: 263
    “Working as intended”
  • Just refund everyone and remove the mastery. Simple.
  • SvainSvain Posts: 453 ★★
    I'll start spending again when this is made right.
  • TwuntTwunt Posts: 149
    @mutamatt Good luck getting a meaningful response to satisfy you. They have shown a pattern of ignoring important issues like this and showing up to only be The Watcher unless they close threads that are nonsense.
  • rwhackrwhack Posts: 1,004 ★★★
    So let me summarize:
    -Kabam just wants this to go away. They will not fix it.
    - The only useful mastery is M.D.
    - They cannot do an update without ruining the game
    - They do not respond. They said they were looking into it.

    Give me the deal they gave people with suicide masteries.

    Hey...remember mike when you said they were "looking" into it?

    @Kabam Miike Just tell us Kabam is not going to do anything or compensate anyone so I can screenshot the answer.
  • World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 2,786 ★★★★★
    Anyone who unlocked PS got ripped off
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,882 ★★★★
    They really need to either fix PS or refund everyone that bought the cores to unlock it. To continue to ignore this is incredibly shady to say the least. It doesn't take a year to investigate the mastery.
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