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  • I too am having major input drops and loading issues. Im on my home WiFi with a full signal and it continues to happen day in n day out. I'm on a Note10+ so its definitely not my device. I have even closed every other ap n that appears to help SOMETIMES but most times it does nothing. Please just fix the game even if it involves an unscheduled emergency maintenance. Thank you
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    Thanton said:

    Hey Kabam I know you are a very nice gaming company but I am very much disappointed with you specially after the new update. After the new update game is almost not opening in android. It takes about ten to fifteen minutes to open. And you haven't fixed it. After new update there seemed a bug in limbo quests and those who exploited it you punished them. Now my question is this will you compensate android user for your fault.

    the only punishment people got for the bug in limbo was their exploited items removed. Also you have not established the issue with your phone is their fault.
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    It might be you internet connection
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    same issues here. Barely loads. Has cost me items in map 7 aq because the fight will reset to beginning after I just won and my champ is koed. The loading times and connection issues have made it unbearable to sit down and play.

    LG G7
    Android 9
    wifi and data same issues.
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    Yeah, this is happening too other people in my ally that have Samsung phones.
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    It is not crashing on my but I am getting a lot of dropped input. When I am in the middle of a battle my guy stops and stands there! This happen in an AQ,AW and regular play. I have an iPhone 8 and iPad Mini. Both with the latest iOS 14.0.1. It is rather annoying!
  • i have 3 accounts in a different ally which is my own account. i cant even play the event quest side quest aw and aq on the other 2 accounts. the time consume is a very big loss getting those key for the side event Zzzz tsk tsk. with just one account very difficult to play cant even stablelize gaming in my main account on the event and side event. and it is very scarry to play aq and aw because of the connection issue. tsktsk
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    More than half of our alliance members using Android phone, and they’re suffering from almost-infinite login waiting since this October update! Now the new AW is about to start but we can’t even fill two AW Map defense!

    I don’t think it’s a good idea for Kabam to open AW recruitment without fixing this terrible connection issue, it’s so unfair for Android phone users!
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    iPhone XR
    Latest patch
    WiFi and direct connection w full bars
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    i forgot to mention arena is also broken too and incursion is super delay
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    One of my mates has average load times of 20 mins at the moment on android and he’s got a decent phone. Well it could’ve been an iPhone but apparently they’re not very good.
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    Here's what I have noticed following the most recent update:

    Login time has increased significantly. It varies, but whereas the login (from memory) took 20-30 seconds before, it will now take between 1 minute, and up to 3 minutes.
    Phone: Huawei Mate20 Pro, updated OS, game updated to October patch.
    Issue persists across wifi and cell data.

    But what I have seen, that makes me wonder, is this:

    Just to make sure it wasn't my home internet being the issue, I ran some speed tests from phone. Have 400 Mbit internet, and managed to get about 350 Mbit, so that was fine. Speed test on cellphone came out just fine as well on 4G.

    But: where I previously saw the game generating, during login, network activity to 1-2 mbyte/sec, it now seems throttled at 80K/sec or thereabouts. This is unchanged across wifi vs cell data, with the obligatory "losing internet connection" signal during login.

    If this is the case, and my memory isn't entirely off, then I could suspect the latest patch somehow included data throttling, or came concurrently with server side changes to the same effect.

    I realize Kabam will not likely come out and say that they've put throttling on, because that would open up to a deluge of tickets about lost time, items, fights and what not.

    Seeing players from what I assume to be wildly varying regions having the same issue, I will ditch my initial thought that it could be transatlantic routing (I live in the EU), but that again leads back to the sneaking feeling that either the login servers are under way more pressure than pre-patch, or someone are closing the gates on data throughput at the servers.
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    We lost the AW due to this terrible connection issue!

    My allies can’t even get into the AW battle groups and start the fights!!!!! What a helpless moment to see we lost the game just because we can’t join it!

    C’mon, Kabam, you’re losing your customers and ruining your product!
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    Any updates, admin?

    I still get 15mins on the initial loading screen and 3mins loading for actions that change tabs. This is one definition of hell.
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    Facing this issue from the latest update, just not able to login, it's affecting my alliance quest, alliance war, i can't able to play arena, event quest...!
    Loading, loading,and just loading.
    Samsung galaxy s9+.
    Android 10
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    JBC89 said:

    Kabam, why don't you shut the game for some days? It's unplayable, game crashing while AQ, can't enter the war section and can't place defenders, waiting 10 minute to enter the game and waiting 3 minutes to enter a fight, it's not fair to miss wars because of this.

    today would be the best day to do this with an emergency maintenance because there's no AW or AQ. anyone that's trying to get red goblin in arena just make it so that they get another chance starting on thursday with the 2 arena already set to go out. this would give you guys a whole day to fix all the major problems & make a game that people could actually play
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro
    Android 10
    Game version 28.2.0
    Network : Wifi

    Tried to log in a couple of times today. It even passed 2 minutes today but still couldn't log in. I think I'd miss my daily calendar today.
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    iPhone XR user.

    After the October update, I experience crash almost every 30min-60min.

    So fortunate that I was not playing AW at that moment...otherwise it’s really annoying!

    Don’t tell me I’m the only one

    You're not. I'm on android but some in my alliance with ios also have that.
    And here on android I have to start the game and go do the dishes, take a shower, eat dinner, do laundry go for a walk and game would still not load. But seriously it takes like 5m + to load and about 30s between screens!
    Worst update ever!
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    I am using both ipad and mi 9t pro. On iPad, it takes few minutes to log in and i get major lag spikes. Moreover, i get loading issue everytime in arenas, eq, every mode.

    On my Android phone, i sometimes can't log in at all. I tried both wifi and data but it is the same. Everything else runs fine. So, not my internet issue. Especially, in the night time i cannot login to Android. I primarily play mcoc on my Android phone. Do, it has been really bad experience ever since the update was released. Almost got kicked from my alliance.

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    There’s always been connection problem when using signature stones but this month, the delay is ridiculous.

    Took almost 4 minutes to try and use 4 different sig stones.

    iPad 6th gen
    On WiFi
    Latest iOS and mcoc versions

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Android OS 7, latest game update 28.2.

    Crash, crash, crash. Network drops. Crash to Android desktop in the middle of a fight.....or when clicking the Fight button....or when throwing an SP2 for Doom or Warlock.....or when trying to look at the Champions screen.

    Loading times excessively long in logging into the game, or switching between various parts of the game itself.

    I tried to help out my team in the last AW by clearing a lane. In the course of four fights I had TWO crashes to desktop as soon as I clicked the Fight! button (resulting in my champion losing half their health in both cases), and two crashes to desktop mid-fight (resulting, again, in my champion losing half their remaining health in both cases, and let me tell you, seeing your fight reported as a "loss" when you had the enemy down to 5% remaining health and had taken no damage yourself, then coming back after the crash and seeing the enemy back to full strength and your champion at half health, is enough to make you want to just uninstall the game and never come back).

    These issues have been ongoing since the Sasquatch / 27.5 update but this latest update has made the game nearly unplayable. Kabam, the evidence is overwhelming that something went drastically wrong. Take the game down for maintenance and get the issue fixed. You are not engendering confidence with your silence on these problems.
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    I am still waiting on a fix... game lost connection during 2 aq fights again today and cost me revives. That is 5 revives in this aq series. On top of that, I have had constant dropped fights in monthly. I usually finish cavalier and epic difficulty in 3 days. It has been a week and I was barely able to do one line through cavalier. Cost me units/revives because of the timing out.

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious where is the update? Tell us something! If not for aq/aw, I wouldn't bother logging in.
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    I got the same problem too i tried with both wifi and cellular it takes longer to load on wifi about 10 or 15 minutes and on cellular it takes about 5 or 10 minutes to log in it's driving me crazy
    Phone:samsung A30s
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    Logging in is still taking alot of time, effecting our AQ and AW performance.
    People of my alliance has simply stopped logging in. Kabam
    plz help.
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    What is update on this ? Many players are not being able to enter and kabam is not addressing this issue, it's effecting us heavyly , I have Alliance and we play aQ but many of our player were discouraged from playing due to loading screen time. Why kabam isn't talking about this ?
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