• TiemiliosTiemilios Posts: 336
    Actually, I haven't seen a response from Kabam on this. When I said "I know you are aware of the issue", I was looking at an old post of known issues from 5/18/2017. We have yet to hear on an update of when this might be fixed and I haven't seen this acknowledged yet. Hoping for an update soon on when this can be fixed.

    Thanks in advance!
  • EdwardsBSEdwardsBS Posts: 2
    Guys in my alliance say since approx 2am it's been down
  • 23dwitt23dwitt Posts: 6
    edited June 2017
    Is everyone with android having issues with logging on right now?
  • quitequite Posts: 1
    what happened to Android user no body can able to login
  • 1MOdin1MOdin Posts: 3
    This is major. Impacts so many things but usually everyone is in same boat so playing field stays even. In this case others get a huge advantage for rank rewards and wars. Im really upset about unit card too.
  • Nick54lNick54l Posts: 8
    So I purchased the daily unit card so what happen over the next few days when I can't login
  • That's 4 moves in AW and 4 runs in arena
  • HazemHazem Posts: 243
    so it will take another 7 hours :#
  • SchapenkopSchapenkop Posts: 82
    Give or take xD
  • Ajay4UAjay4U Posts: 4
    Am Using Lenovo K5 note Android version 6+. My user ID Ajay4U

    I am unable to logging for quite some time more than 7 hours. Please look into it.
  • DhdjddDhdjdd Posts: 3
    Same thing over here stupid
  • Ciprian82Ciprian82 Posts: 0
    Why cant i log in from andoid?
  • fhhvhhhufhhvhhhu Posts: 1
    Even I'm unable to login
  • Imagine that the other alliance in war is all iOS users... Serious disadvantage
  • Brt07Brt07 Posts: 4
    Any Update on Kabam? Did they post anything about this issue?
  • MrcMumbleMrcMumble Posts: 161
    Stop spreading this degenerates troll
  • JMARJMAR Posts: 1
    Same here I think it's all android users
  • Spidey076Spidey076 Posts: 310
    Did they mean we are **** and solve this after voodoo arena and all we did is **** time wastage
  • thebest018thebest018 Posts: 14
    My alliance was in state of AW ,we were going to win this AW and now we can't login ,we want the compensation not that potions and all
  • Go check out Kabam Miike and his forum titled 'Android V 13.0.2'
  • Go check out Kabam Miike on his forum titled 'Android v 13.0.2.'
  • TiemiliosTiemilios Posts: 336
    No update yet...but it's true...only 5:45 am where they are now. they're going to be in a world of hurt when they wake up and see all these posts.
  • wadderswadders Posts: 12
    At this point I think at least an acknowledgement of sorts is required from kabam. If you're support and community team only work 9-5 west coast time, I'd suggest you remedy that too. I think the obnoxious amount of revenue this game generates requires a decent support network. Can we get some sort of communication going between kabam and your users?

  • This is Crazy!! It's Been Hours! So Many Gamers Losing Out On Play Time... Arena AW.... WE want Some Big For This Kabam!!!!
  • MarvelKeekMarvelKeek Posts: 31
    7 hours for a non-response response at that...
  • HazemHazem Posts: 243
    no one knows...but probably gonna work b4 its over...well hopefully
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