Special Easter Egg Dialogue between champs

So far I've seen 3
Doom vs Namor - "Doom toots as he pleases"
Doom vs Mr.Fantastic - They go back and forth with each other for a bit
Doom vs. Gwenpool - "You look like Warmachine in a hoodie"

M.O.D.O.K and Stealth Suit Spiderman also talk trash to their opponents depending on who they fight.

Is this mechanic random, or is there a way to make it happen? Also has anyone seen any other "Easter egg" dialogue between champs?


  • RiderofHellRiderofHell Posts: 3,462 ★★★★★
    Stealthy vs Thing when using sp1 he says Lemon Fresh Scent 🤣
  • shield456shield456 Posts: 1,934 ★★★
    Stealthy Vs Sinister six smoke with a bomb
    Kick with smoke and something like this while sp1
  • shield456shield456 Posts: 1,934 ★★★
    MikeHock said:

    Pretty sure I saw stealth spidey with a “Say Cheese” but I don’t remember the fight.

    Yeah he says around 5 to 6 dialogues together.
    I think I was fighting either octopus or sinister
  • DontsellthemDontsellthem Posts: 466 ★★
    Rookiie said:

    Unio77 said:

    I tried to duel Mr fantastic but his name can't fit into the search bar and it comes out as "Mr Fantasti"
    Now I can't duel him to what they say to each other.

    Try Mister F 😉
    I don’t think they would have a champion who eats prop grapes

  • UvoginUvogin Posts: 204 ★★★
    annihilus when you nullify his cosmic rod: "it's miiiiiine!"
    Doctor Doom when fighting Modok: "Insolence!" and "I do as I please!"
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