Can we get an ORIGINAL Latino or Asian Champion?



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    ABOMB said:

    Seems how were talking about all these about green?
    Anybody else think Gamora from the MCU
    was hot AF?

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    I agree with OP, there is a definitely lack of Asian characters, especially males. I don't think there are any Asian male characters in game. I mean they recently added Sorcerer Supreme as an Indian Female, but where the Asian male characters at? I mentioned Amadeus Cho Hulk as a possibility in another post.

    I mean Russia is part of both Europe and Asia so you could say Red Guardian is one by technicality
    David Harbour is Caucasian AF!
    no, Red Guardian not the actor that plays him

    The definition of asian as per google is: "a native of Asia or a person of Asian descent"

    Russia covers Europe and Russia so depending on where he hails from or if the entire country is considered both, he falls into this category
    Russians doesn't called themselves Asians, most those Russians are usually referred to as EASTERN EUROPEANS! Where are all the characters of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesian heritage? SILVER SAMURAI, make it happen, Kabam!
    I'm talking about Russia as a country, it's in both europe and asia, that means they're as much asian as they are european whether they like it or not.
    EurAsian isn't straight up Asian! Just like another poster saying Sunspot (Brazilian/Portuguese heritage) is Latino when the definition of it is “The terms ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Latino’ refer to persons who trace their origin or descent to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Spanish speaking Central and South America countries, and other Spanish cultures."
    First off Sunspot is Latino because Brazil is a part of Latin America.

    Second, I didn't say anything about EurAsian counting as straight up Asian but enough for it to count as either of the two, by the same logic he isn't straight up European.
    Sunspot doesn't meet the criteria of the OP's request for a HISPANIC character then, since Portugal is not Spain and is Portuguese speaking. Who cares if Red Guardian isn't straight up European, the main thing is having a straight up Asian Champ (male lacking) in the game.
    why are you even arguing about this? what do you plan on achieving?

    and what's wrong with not being straight up asian? you asked for asian, he counts.
    If you want to get technical, Red Guardian was born in MOSCOW, MOSCOW IS IN THE EUROPEAN part of Russia. So he DOESN"T COUNT. Are you one of those who are in denial of the fact that people in North American countries only sees Black and White and generally IGNORE Yellow and Brown?
    did you just seriously say yellow? Yellow?

    jesus christ
    Sure, but to be fair, everyone is pink but a different shade. It is society that came up with these color designations to differentiate ethnic groups. You can do your research, yellow activist groups exists.
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    Asian hero? Had one this year.

    Hispanic? There are a few in the game.
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    Just an FYI. Iron fist is white lol. Not because of Netflix but because of the comics. When his comic launched there was so much controversy because he should have been Asian.
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    Also yeah we do have Diablo, we do have masacre and sunspot (Brazilian not hispanic) but we could use some more. America chavez will probably be added during one of the MCU movies shes rumored to be in.

    I would also count miles because he is half hispanic and half African American
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