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Cyber Weekend Sales Feedback [Merged Threads]



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    kmac_qtpkmac_qtp Posts: 62

    kmac_qtp said:

    Gardener said:

    The only reason why people are hating the offers is because theyre comparing them to July 4th offers, if July 4th offers didn't exist then poeple whould be loving these offers

    Completely incorrect. The reason people are hating on these offers is because they've reach a place in the game where the offers are redundant and unnecessary.
    Actually, the OP is not far off. It's been a common perspective for years. People take the "best deal" i.e. lowest price seen, and call that the absolute value. "Why would I spend regular price? You offered it for X at half price.". A rare Sale is not a norm.
    This is also incorrect as people buy far less compelling deals throughout the year for less value - like last week. People are comparing this special to previous specials. No one is comparing to the cash deals from last week and there wasn't this level of backlash for those deals.

    People are pissed because Kabam just told us that a 17% chance at complete T5CC of the class a player needs is worth $1000 and it has nothing to do with progression or skill.

    You can justify it all you want. It wasn't business savy and it intentionally didn't account for the shifting meta. People will spend their money elsewhere, many will get bored at the stagnation in their accounts until they find 8 hours and get the right champs to clear the Abyss or while they wait a year or more to collect 2%, 5%, and 10% T5CC crystals and eventually get a full T5CC, Kabam and it's employees will feel it, and apologists will not change that because real life economics trump in-game economics.
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    Doctorwho13Doctorwho13 Posts: 598 ★★★
    AC666 said:

    Is there a recourse here? We've all expressed how we've felt for 18 pages so far. Does anybody think Kabam will renege on their statement that these offers will not be changed and now send out updated offers?!

    I don’t think they could do it that quickly. Could be wrong. At this point I think it’s a lost opportunity. They could maybe fix it in a couple of weeks, but by then gifting is in full swing and they’re competing with themselves on their deal offerings. Honestly. I think it’s done. They’ll take the complaints and hopefully fix it next time.
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    OGAvengerOGAvenger Posts: 1,121 ★★★★★
    I mean if there is truly a very small amount of people who bought the Cav deals then I can see updating the deals. However it would need to be done ASAP to limit the things they’d need to fix

    I’m sure a ton more TB’s got their deals though so going through and changing those would be a legit nightmare
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    KapitzKapitz Posts: 59
    I personally don't know why so many people are surprised about the Cavalier deals. When Kabam announced Thronebreaker they were pretty clear that their initial intention was for it to be gated to either Abyss exploration or somewhere around the mid-point of Act 7. But then the "roadmap saga" happened and they revised their plans regarding difficulty tuning, so instead had to pick something else that would become the longer-term progression motivator for players.

    Or, reading between the lines, just like you wouldn't have been able to buy 100% Abyss or 7.2 Completion and it would have been something you had to work towards over a long period, you shouldn't have expected to be able to buy your way to the Thronebreaker progression milestone in these deals. That was the reason I gritted my teeth and did an Abyss run last month despite hating the longer fight format of the game as I needed that T5CC catalyst to get there and was prepared to make a bad rank up choice if I had to.

    I also think that expecting these offers to meet or better the 4th of July was always going to lead to disappointment. Those deals had to strike a balance between new Cavalier players and those who would have been Thronebreaker if it had existed (which as Cavalier EQ has shown, is a huge spectrum of players). That being the case, they had to inflate the offers for the "whale" end, whilst not going too far so as to allow newer Cavalier players to suddenly blast through content. If you want to look for a reason as to why Kabam introduced the Thronebreaker title when they did, I don't think you need to look any further than the 4th of July.
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    Salguod47Salguod47 Posts: 4

    Hey guys,

    I want to thank you all for your feedback. I completely understand where our Cavalier players are coming from today (I'm a Cav player as well), and I wanted to let you know that I am going to be talking to the team about this, so we can learn from it for the future.

    Thank you again for your constructive feedback.

    This is what I don't understand...instead of taking the cavalier deals from 4th of July and either keeping them the same or making them either slightly better ALL of them get nerfed. For 5k units on 4th of July we get T5CC and 10k 6 star shards and T5 basic catalysts now we get t4cc and 3.5k 6* shards. I did more grinding the last 2 months than I have since I started playing in anticipation of the unit offers and now I'll just save the for the gifting event unless that gets nerfed too if there even is one this year.
    C4LH3LH4 said:

    Huge disappointment, not even as good as July 4th offers

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    JonBlackJonBlack Posts: 26
    Nice job kAbam, so for u is the same thing Cavalier Act 6.1 and someone who complete Act6?!?! This is a ffff joke! I was expecting some catalyst ct5 for Odin s offer not that **** 6* nexus and a rank up gem, offer that thronbreaker (act6 completed with a r3 6*) can buy it for 20£??? Wtf is wrong with u??? I m done playing this game! Thank for giving me the final reason.
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    LPH_337LPH_337 Posts: 74
    Lormif said:

    LPH_337 said:

    I just can't wrap my head around this at all. I really hope kabam will at least tell us what their thought process was on this because it just doesn't make sense. The difference between TB and Cav is just so massive. And the jump between 4th of july deals for Cav and black friday for TBs is equally massive while in some cases the difference between 4th of july to black friday for Cav is actually worse! And as someone who is TB level but stuck at Cav because of terrible RNG this hurts. This is very disappointing. What else to expect from 2020 i shouldn't be surprised. The 1% gets theirs and who cares about the rest of us right?

    Cav players, please don't support kabam with your hard earned money. This is a giant slap in the face

    There was no Jump, TBs did not have a deal on 4th of july because there was no TB back then.
    The jump between Cav on the 4th and thronebreaker now is what i am referring to. Because there is usually always a sizeable jump in offers each time. Like how there was a huge jump in value from black friday 2019 to 4th of july 2020. Players who gained thronebreaker saw a massive jump whereas in some cases the deals are actually worse for Cav today then it was on the 4th.
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    AO8mileAO8mile Posts: 89
    Buff cavalier deals
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    Anghel_2403Anghel_2403 Posts: 52
    Plantesan said:

    Hey guys,

    I want to thank you all for your feedback. I completely understand where our Cavalier players are coming from today (I'm a Cav player as well), and I wanted to let you know that I am going to be talking to the team about this, so we can learn from it for the future.

    Thank you again for your constructive feedback.

    Allowing players to sell t4cc for t5cc shards would be a good start for that discussion...and giving whoever in the marketing team a proper upside that thought the cav deals was a good idea
    How does it help me to "learn for the future" if in these offers many of us have an extremely great disappointment and several (I include myself) with these "offers" I will definitely leave the game, it becomes more and more Pay yo win
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    So disappointed there wasn’t t5cc selectors for cavalier. Competed first run through of act 6 today. I’m only 15% from completing a mutant t5 to R3 domino and be throne breaker. Kabam seriously dropped the ball on this one.
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    GrootsGroots Posts: 14
    Sry new to forms last time I logged in was patch 12
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    GreekhitGreekhit Posts: 2,819 ★★★★★
    Cavaliers just became Uncollected 🤣
    Cavaliers should have expect those deals since the the glory store update, that tied Cavalier to Uncollected title.
    Long live the Thronebreakers 👏
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