The game team has resolved this issue. Keys will be distributed via in-game messages and the quest timer will be extended.
More information and timeline here.
*This includes currently unclaimable keys as well*
As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.

Share your Mulaney Champion Challenge Rewards!

RookiieRookiie Posts: 4,537 ★★★★★

But more importantly I awakened my Beyond Groot Tier 5-star Groot!


  • Soar2878Soar2878 Posts: 143 ★★
    6 star duped Man-Thing
    5 star Nexus- duped Thing
  • kingbradley1297kingbradley1297 Posts: 119 ★★
    I feel like this is only fun and entertaining if you pull good champs. I can't imagine my own anger and frustration if I have to go through 30 stages of hell and then pull like 6* DPX
  • X_E_CutionerX_E_Cutioner Posts: 155
    6* Aegon
    5* Red Guardian ( Nexus )
    5* Agent Venom
  • X_E_CutionerX_E_Cutioner Posts: 155
    Soar2878 said:

    6 star duped Man-Thing
    5 star Nexus- duped Thing

    That day ... Somewhere along the crystal tabs ... This guy lost the Manliness
  • DeaconDeacon Posts: 3,938 ★★★★★
    6* Loki.

    this is the perfect example of the grind not being equal in return. the ROI is what prevents me sometimes from doing exploration etc. the trash pulls.

    i appreciate the crystal no doubt but it stings when you pull trash that doesn't quite measure up with the required time and difficulty to complete the event.
  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 5,017 ★★★★★
    Got magneto as a six star and a new five star Mojo (not too excited since I have Mojo as a 6r3).
  • MasterpuffMasterpuff Posts: 6,463 ★★★★★
    5* GR, 5* Sparkles(i have 6* r3), and 6* electro.
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 2,897 ★★★★★

    Don’t you just love this game? lol

    This is not from Mulaney Champion Challenge Rewards.
  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 1,643 ★★★★★
    5* was Nova. Finally got him in the collection.
    5* Nexus was AA to sig 40
    6* awakened Old Man Logan
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 7,775 ★★★★★
    I will attempt the last quest later but I pulled 5 star Loki from the exploration of chapter 1
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