• Spidey076Spidey076 Posts: 310
    I am playing voodoo arena in just thought weekend will be start tomorrow and i can make enough score but then this happen. i want stamina refill
  • Unbelievable! I've been waiting for voodoo arena for months and holding up from all the 4* crappy champs I've been getting, and when I finally have a chance to get a decent champ, this shows up.
  • Jiggy143Jiggy143 Posts: 2
    This is frustrating as hell. On a MOTO g5 - Android Nougat, tried a reinstall, but no such luck.
    I've been stuck for more than half a day now, in the middle of AW. :neutral:
    You'd better have a really decent apology gift.

    I really can't believe this, Kabam, please get your s*** together and stop pushing updates without thourough testing.
    I'm really considering asking for a refeund of all my transactions for this game, because this is not funny anymore.

    kabam you'd really have to shell out apologies this time. This is really not acceptable.
  • unknownunknown Posts: 378
    I had to take my kids iPad from him just to get on. This is bull. Can't get on using my google be us 6p. Sad I have to take my kids stuff just to do a couple things.
  • TsunaniTsunani Posts: 173
    Every android user off the game and kabam has not started maintenance , that's how much they care about us and they have the audacity to talk about balance.
  • mortismortis Posts: 17
    My alliance needs me for war. But if you guys wanna give me some awakening gems and shards i will gladly forgive and forget. :)

    I was trash talking our war opponents. You making look . we were stomping a mud hole in thier arse.
  • DopinderDopinder Posts: 22
    edited June 2017
    Guys, any compensation wishlist?
  • aAakritaAakrit Posts: 2
    Me too , I have android having the same problems after update has been more than 6 hours now
  • emınemın Posts: 4
    sevgılı kabam yazıklar olsun yaptıgın güncellemeye satacam carı felan bu ne rezıllık tır her guncellemede oyunun ıcıne ettınız ayıptır yaptıgınız
  • ShadowNetShadowNet Posts: 95
    Dopinder wrote: »
    Guys, any compensation wishlist?

    Like 100 of those 2.5x, 3x 4* arena boosts and stamina refills.
  • emınemın Posts: 4
    bır cok kahramanı hıc ettınız bırde bu guncelleme ıle ıyıce oyunun tadını kacırdınız artık marvel harıcı oyun oynamayı dusunuyorum ıyıce ayar oldum bır an önce carı satışa cıkaracagım 3yıldır ounuyorum bukadar hatalar zıncırı olamaz bır oyunda para tuzagı olduguna kanmayın arkadaslar bırakın oyunu bence bu rezıllık tır
  • mortismortis Posts: 17
    Where can i send my resume?
  • MikeSA76MikeSA76 Posts: 2
    You know you're addicted when.... :D
  • MFarooqueMFarooque Posts: 1
    I am having same issue can't login from l 6 hours on Android HTC one. I tried to login in Iphone 6 and its working but can't play as my account connected with Google Play not kabam.
  • JahredJahred Posts: 1
    hope kabam prepare some good "apology rewards" for this...
  • MgklbnnieMgklbnnie Posts: 10
    I can't connect either. keep getting the message
    Failed to connect. unknown login issue.

    several android users in my alliance can't connect either and have been trying since last night.

    I have a Samsung galaxy s7 if it helps
  • been trying to log since 5 am central time. losing arena time and alliance is in middle of war. this sux. so much for arena boost.
  • CarlosemjCarlosemj Posts: 5
    Por favor agilizem isso logo
  • Honestly the amount of bugs this game has had and the fanbase is still loyal is amazing, but on the other hand they really need to fix their game I was actually going for voodoo but looks like im not now ;/
  • I have the samsung galaxy s8 plus and I can't log in. I get the unknown error at start up
  • mateot93mateot93 Posts: 1
    Still same issue. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G361F), Android 5.1.1
  • Hi kabam . I have Samsung Galaxy A5 on android. . I am still getting the same problem with logging in .. ? My alliance members have received update but I still can't get on ??? Can you help me please. My game name is kavy151107
  • KawayKaway Posts: 3

    I need to play, kabam, please fix this. :'(
  • Digma optima 8701B Android 6.0.0.

    Не могу войти... Уже с утра не могу (а у нас щас вечер) Арену не бью, но наш союз весь сидит на андроидах и мы теряем тем самым очки за дормамму и войну союзов, а так же за поединки...

    Исправьте пожалуйста свой косяк...
  • What a joke kabam, hope everyone continues the no spending pledge
  • Kabam would never give away a free Voodoo. What would be the point of providing everyone with a four star version?
  • Joey0480Joey0480 Posts: 82
    edited June 2017
    How come we can't even get an estimate of when it will be back up
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