What's the one champ you originally hated, but eventually changed your mind on after playing them

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Hey everyone, Monke here

I thought AA bad, but then I played him. So now AA OP



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    Quake. Then ranked up the 5* which forced myself to get good with her. And now I love using her when she will save me a revive or two.
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    Wouldn't say hated, but the first time I pulled quake and played with her I was like 'meh'. Then I found about the quake and bake method and i was like 'woah'
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    Didn’t think cap iw was that good. Tried him out a bit more and started to realize how good he really was.
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    Monke said:

    To continue,

    I thought AA was bad for a while because I played him in bleed immune/poison immune matchups

    Took me a while to realize it, Act 5 became easier

    I didn't think AA bad because I did this but I do this so often because I don't pay attention on the pre fight screen and the next thing I know is I'm fighting a robot.
    Or Luke Cage. Damn your bleed immunity.

    I used to think Sentinel was eh. I was wrong and a fool.
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    Didn't think much of Warlock. I'd got other bleed and poison immune champs and just thought he was meh.

    Then I took him up to rank 5. Game changer. He's a beast.
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    Omega. I always thought he unfairly overshadowed Emma since they were released in the same month

    But I really love him now and he’s been invaluable. But I am very happy I’ve got my R3 Emma
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    Black Widow Claire. Originally I thought she was a lot of hype, but after learning her, I realized she was as good as everyone said she was.
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    Reverse. CMM. First r5 55 then I started hating her. Then kilmonger. First 3 45. Then hated him
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    Monke, let me put some money on your books bro.

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    Reverse situation with me for Proxima. She's really good, and she got me Uncollected, but all that block damage just for Special damage isn't a fair trade-off in my opinion.
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    Nicholas furious.
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    Dr doom and Domino
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    Monke said:

    Hey everyone, Monke here

    I thought AA bad, but then I played him. So now AA OP


    Why are u jailed though?
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    I know many would be angry on me...I thought Ghost was bad...then I learner her to play then rest is history
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  • i personally hated star lord because of his actions in infinity war
    but when i played him as even a maxed out 3 star he impressed me and was my main rol clearer as a 3 star
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