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So I’m just wondering who everyone thinks is a champ who is soooo close to perfection but just missing that one or two things that’ll push them further. Now I’m not talking about someone who needs a rework or buff...more like someone who is good but could be even better with a minor tweak in stats or playstyle.

For me it would be Darkhawk...his damage after S3 is above average and being able to regen every mode switch is so nice. His damage though with S3 still feels very underwhelming. Also it’s annoying to get one of your mode switches, you need to be knocked down....not something I like to do since that’s damage you have to take. And sure you could say he’s more of a tank style play through, but technically so is Guardian but his S2 damage after 4-5+ charges is insane.

That’s just one person I like who deserves maybe a little bump in stats to make him fun. What are everyone else’s?
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  • AleorAleor Posts: 2,578 ★★★★
    Hood. Let him stack shocks/staggers, make his invisibility twice shorter but 100% for everything, increase his sp3 based on opponents not filled bars of power, a little attack/crit rate bump maybe
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    Qacob said:

    Etm34 said:

    Wasp. Love her kit, damage, all of that. But her health is just so low unless you're going intercept only past Act 6 you're gonna take some serious chip damage.

    You want to spam heavies against the wall until they get a special attack, then bait that and punish with MLLLH and back you go into heavy spam. Means you don't have to worry about her health or block prof at all
    Was about to the exact thing, glad I caught myself.
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    Immortal Hulk. He just really needs a bit more time on his rage timer.
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    Dormamu just needs more damage, everything else is there for a great mystic champ. If he does end up getting a damage tuneup, hopefully they don't take away part of his core utility like with hood
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    Night thrasher, srorm pyramid x, squirrel girl,
  • Cam97Cam97 Posts: 190
    Old man logan, mr fantastic, mysterio
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    Spidey SE.
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    Civil War BP.

    Give his armor up abilities and reflective state effects similar to Namor’s hydro-reflective armor.

    Allow his Armor Up buffs to convert to temporary Fury passives as they fall off.

    Every attack has a bleed chance and armor breaks if the opponent is bleed immune.

    Dr. Zola
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