Kabam with its lagging and crashing is getting tiresome!

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I’ll start by saying I have an up to date iPad and everything is always updated, device and game. In every aspect of the game i get lags and crashing and it seems it’s always at a crucial moment. My first fight in war today, defender throws and sp, game lags I take it to the face and lose my champ. Every war during this off season at least 1 fight I’ll push start and the game will crash losing me half my health and gaining 1 attacker death, it’s ridiculous.

I even turned in a complaint about it some weeks ago and kabam says oh well sorry, not sorry, we won’t be doing anything to compensate you for this recurring problem. This problem has cost summoners, resources, time and frustration. 😡😡😡😡😡

I do and have spend a lot of money on this game, I’m sick of it!
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    All you said above is 100% true, and I afraid that Kabam won't or can't do nothing with this issue.
    Since the error start occurring passed over half year and is even worse than before.
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    Couple months ago they relased game engine update to android devices and since that time people are experiencing a lot of problems.
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    It’s obvious that we are not the only ones having these issues, others in my alliance are as well. I’m sure it’s wide spread. Maybe if kabam won’t fix the issues we should consider doing something ourselves ie, revolt. I’m tired of spending money on their issues, and losing wars due to the problems.
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    I’m having like the rest of you my shares of all the things in this thread too.
    Sick and tired of getting the cold shoulder and silent treatment from Kabam on these issues.

    Doesn’t seam to make much of a difference with threads like this and they are most likely to be closed with the info to use the lag threads.

    “Good deals” is working like clockwork tempting you to spend, NOT going to happen until things are fixed.
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    What bothers me is overall degradation of performance. I understand there are new abilities, etc. which require updates. And I also understand the better effects require more power.
    But a few years ago, my 2 gig nvidia shield played Hawkeye v. SW fight better than a brand new device does today. That is frustrating.
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    Same for me, it's annoying
  • Hey all.

    Please remember to follow the but reporting template, and post in the appropriate threads. Without that information, we cannot find the cause of issues, especially ones that could be device specific.
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