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    Sun Wukong (Earth-616)

    Powers and Abilities
    The true extent of the original Monkey King's powers are unknown. He was one of the most powerful of the Xian capable defeating many of their greatest warriors. It is unknown to what extent his successor has inherited his powers:

    Super-Strength: The original Monkey King possessed unlimited strength. His successor possesses at least some degree of superhuman strength.
    Superhuman Durability: Thanks to being born from stone, eating the peaches of immortality, and other factors the original Monkey King was practically invulnerable to all harm and could not be executed by the Xian. His successor has inherited at least a degree of this power.
    Shape-shifting: The original Monkey King could transform into nearly anything after learning 72 transformations. His successor has inherited this power in part by shapeshifting into animals.
    Immortality The original Monkey King became immortal thanks to his training from the Taoist master and further augmented his immortality by eating the celestial peaches, drinking the wine of heaven, and eating the pills of immortality. It is unknown if his successor has inherited any of this power.
    Magical Manipulation The original Monkey King possessed knowledge of spells for varying effects. It is unknown of the current one has any knowledge of magic.
    The original and current Monkey King are both masters of Kung Fu specializing in staff fighting. Both are also expert tricksters.

    Ruyi Jingu Bang, a magical staff that could grow or shrink to nearly any length or size.

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    Living Mummy (Mystic)

    Reptil (Mystic)

    Silvermane (Tech)

    Ironclad (Science)

    Arnim Zola (Tech)

    Jolt (Science)

    Taserface (Cosmic)
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    SPIDER MAN (2099)

    Unlike Peter Parker, who received his powers after an accident with a genetically modified spider, Miguel O'Hara decided, on his own, to use himself as a test subject for an experiment. Pressed by the laboratory where he worked, Alchemax, Miguel had already tested the process on another scientist, who volunteered as a guinea pig, but ended up becoming a monster and died a few hours after the experiment. But during his test, O'Hara was sabotaged by a co-worker and his DNA eventually merged with that of a spider. After that, he became 50% human and 50% arachnid. Although many of O'Hara's powers are the same as those of Peter Parker, he has several differences that bring him even closer to a spider. Miguel is able to produce organic web from several glands arranged throughout his body. It also has fangs that secrete poison and two stingers on each forearm. Spider-Man 2099 is also faster, stronger and more resilient than its 616 version. It is capable of jumping from buildings and even fighting enemies with several broken bones.


    Just before the start of the Civil War of comics, Peter was given the Iron Spider costume that made him join the Initiative. However, when Peter decided to switch sides and join Captain America's Secret Avengers, he had to fight against Iron Man and later against the Thunderbolts. The suit was destroyed during the clashes, symbolizing the end of his relationship with Tony. The Iron Spider created by Tony Stark had a lot of unique and more technological features than Peter's classic costume. Check out some attributes that this costume had: four mechanical arms, an invisible mesh around the arms that allow the ability to fly, a nitrile titanium foam with panels that allow the inner body to articulate, the improved mask lenses provide panoramic vision, varied spectral vision modes, and overlapping information.


    Kitty was born in Deerfield, Illinois. When she was 13, her powers began to manifest. Both the Hell Club and the X-Men went after the mutant. Kitty did not like Emma Frost and preferred to join the X-Men, creating a friendly relationship with the Storm. However, Emma had plans for Kitty and the X-Men were abruptly attacked by mercenaries. Professor X's team emerged victorious, but Emma used her telepathy to freeze everyone. Kitty was able to escape during the confusion and called for Cyclops, Jean Gray, and Nocturne. They arrived shortly after and Kitty helped them rescue the X-Men. When Kitty returned home, her parents were furious that she had been missing all day. Professor Xavier asked for permission to take Kitty to study at his Gifted Youth School, but the answer was no. To make things easier, Jean Gray erased the memories of Kitty's parents and replaced them with false memories, causing them to change their perception of Professor Xavier. In the end, Kitty's parents gave in, and she was allowed to leave with the school, becoming the newest X-Men.
    Kitty has the ability to pass through matter and solid objects, passing its atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the object by which it is moving. That way, she and the object she is passing through can temporarily merge without interacting, and each is unharmed when Kitty finishes passing through the object.


    His alter ego is Dr. Karl Lykos, a doctor who has a curse: the mutant power to feed on the vital force of others. Although his good nature gave him the strength to fight his instincts for food, Dr. Karl often fell into temptation, causing his life to be immersed in guilt. He appeared in the stories of the X-Men when Destroyer, after being rescued from the Sentinels, was taken into his care. Realizing the enormous amount of energy that the boy accumulated in his body, Dr. Karl lost control, sucking an enormous amount of vital energy and transforming himself into Sauron, an unscrupulous "Pterodactyl Man", who delights in sucking the vital force of others. In addition to this power, Sauron has the ability to fly, increased stamina due to his thick skin and the ability to provoke hypnosis in those who look into his eyes. When metamorphosed in Sauron, it can only be reverted to the form of Karl Lykos when seriously injured and without reserves of vital force.
    Habilities: Energy drainage, feeding on people's vital energy. When draining mutant life energy, it becomes Sauron. As Sauron: Hypnosis: You just need to stare into the victim's eyes. Sniff out Mutant energy Flight Super strength Resistance: due to its resistant armor and reptile characteristics such as vulnerability to cold.



    The Bullseye is one of Marvel's most mysterious figures, whose past is still a mystery to this day. Not even his real name is certain, as he has revealed himself to be both Lester and Ben in two different situations. He is in the habit of telling different stories about his past, so that you cannot know exactly what is true and what is invention. At one point in his life, Bullseye became a mercenary, a hit man with a unique signature, as he killed his targets by throwing whatever object he had in hand. This signature came about on one of his first missions, when he impersonated a soldier in Vietnam and killed an enemy by throwing his rifle, hitting him with the bayonet. Thus began his perfect career as a murderer. Thanks to his work, Bullseye went around the world, but at one point his work took him to New York, where he found Daredevil, his main enemy. The first time the two crossed paths was when Mercenary was in the city, extorting and killing several people. However, Daredevil appeared and ended the villain's plans. The second time Mercenary was hired to assassinate Matt Murdock, but again he was defeated by the blind hero. Thinking that his reputation had been destroyed, Mercenary swore revenge on the Daredevil.
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    Speed (Mutant)

    Captain America (Peggy Carter) (Science)

    Count Nefaria (Science)

    Laufey (Mystic)

    Kid Colt (Skill)

    Blackout (Science)

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    You missed out on the Endgame Thor hype.... please don't miss out on this new "All-Father" and add him to the game.

  • Onederfull One

    Agent X

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    First Knife


    Granite Phantom

    Karragan the Unforgiving

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    Zadkiel (Erde-616)

    Zadkiel (Erde-616)

    Powers and Abilities
    Zadkiel is an Angel so possesses vast supernatural power, which is apparently inherent within him.

    Superhuman Strength: Zadkiel possesses a degree of superhuman strength. He is capable of using his magical powers to augment his strength, but to an unknown degree.

    Superhuman Speed: Zadkiel is capable of running and moving at speeds greater than even the finest human athlete.

    Superhuman Stamina: The various mystical energies flowing through Zadkiel's body augments his musculature so that it generates virtually no fatigue toxins during physical activity. As a result, Zadkiel possesses almost limitless superhuman stamina.

    Superhuman Durability: The tissues of Zadkiel's body, while similar in appearance to a human's, are considerably tougher and more resistant to injury than the tissues of a human being. Zadkiel's body is virtually invulnerable to conventional injury. He is capable of withstanding great impact forces, high caliber bullets, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury.

    Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his superhuman durability, it is possible to injure Zadkiel. However, his unique physiology and mystical energies enable him to rapidly recover from almost any form of injury. He is capable of regenerating almost any damaged or destroyed tissue, even missing limbs.

    Immortality: As an Angel, Zadkiel is functionally immortal. He is immune to the effects of aging and is immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections. Zadkiel is also beyond the need of food, water, or oxygen. If killed, he will merely reform in Heaven.

    Magical Manipulation: Zadkiel can use this magical energy for various effects only a few which have been shown. Known abilities include the ability to project heavenly blasts, shapeshift. He is also able to summon celestial armor and weaponry at will.

    Ensnare Astral Bodies: Zadkiel also possesses certain powers enabling him to capture and detain the astral bodies (sheaths of the soul) of recently deceased human beings.

    Winged Flight: Zadkiel as Angel posses two large bird like wings that protrude from his back. These wings allow him to fly at incredible speed, and defy the laws of gravity. It has been shown that angels can fly with their wings on show, so they maybe symbolic.

    Former Powers
    During his holding of Heaven's Throne, Zadkiel grew more and more powerful, towards omnipotence. At the height of that power, he would have been able to manipulate the very threads of all existence, to eradicate, to unmake, to destroy.

    Among his feats during this period:

    He made rain blood and urine for three days on a village in the Kunlun Mountains of China.[14]
    He made an expectant mother give birth to a litter of baby pigs in the south of France.[14]
    He made sacred statues to soil themselves in an ancient temple overlooking the Dead Sea.[14]
    He had thirty-seven people just disappear off the planet.[3]
    This power allegedly extended to all the cosmos,[14] but didn't include the creation or control of Spirits of Vengeance/Ghost Riders.[3]
    Zadkiel is a skilled swordsman, able to to single-handedly slaughter an entire group of Asura[4] with his ebony blade.

    Physical Strength
    Zadkiel is extremely strong.

    Heavenly armor.

    Heavenly ebony blade.

    Zadkiel (Earth-15513)

    Powers and Abilities
    Seemingly those of the Zadkiel of Earth-616.

    Seemingly those of the Zadkiel of Earth-616.

    Protective armor.

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    Michael (Angel) (Earth-616)

    Powers and Abilities
    The appearance of angels are widely varied and many seem able to alter their appearance at will, but most favor beautiful humanoid forms with large, birdlike wings protruding from their shoulder blades. They are immortal and do not age.

    Angels, depending on their ranking in the hierarchy of heaven, have varying levels of superhuman capabilities.[citation needed]

    Superhuman Strength: Most angels have varying degrees of superhuman strength.[1] Some can use their magical powers to augment their strength, but to an unknown degree.[citation needed]
    Superhuman Speed: Ruth is capable of running and moving at speeds greater than even the finest human athlete.[citation needed]
    Superhuman Stamina: The various mystical energies flowing through Angels' bodies augment their musculature so that it generates virtually no fatigue toxins during physical activity. As a result, Angels possess almost limitless superhuman stamina.[citation needed]
    Superhuman Durability: The tissues of Angels' bodies, while similar in appearance to a human's, are considerably tougher and more resistant to injury than the tissues of a human being, to the extent where their bodies are virtually invulnerable to conventional injury. Angels are capable of withstanding great impact forces, high caliber bullets, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury.[citation needed]
    Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite their superhuman durability, it is possible to injure Angels. However, their unique physiology and mystical energies enable them to rapidly recover from almost any form of injury. They are capable of regenerating almost any damaged or destroyed tissue, even missing limbs.[citation needed]
    Immortality: Angels are immortal and do not age.[1] Angels are immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections. They are also beyond the need of food, water, or oxygen. If killed, she will merely reform in Heaven.[citation needed]
    Magical Manipulation: Angels can use this magical energy for various effects only a few which have been shown. Known abilities include the ability to project fire bolts,[1] shapeshift. They can also summon celestial armor[citation needed] and burning swords at will.[1]
    Ensnare Astral Bodies: Angels also possess certain powers enabling them to capture and detain the astral bodies (sheaths of the soul) of recently deceased human beings.[citation needed]
    Invisibility to humans: They can make themselves (or simply their wings) invisible to humans, although rare sensitives (four or five millions of them on Earth) may still see them (or the wings).[22]
    Many angels can generate illusions and compel humans to obey their will[1] and inflict pain to themselves. Powerful angels can even "switch off" humans for a limited amount of time, with potentially dangerous effects (such as miscarrying for pregnant women).[22]
    Resurrection: Some angels can resurrect the dead by sharing their own divine essence with the deceased.[1]
    Winged Flight: The Angels possess large bird-like wings that protrude from their backs, who allow them to fly at incredible speed, and defy the laws of gravity. It has been shown that angels can fly with their wings on show, so they may be symbolic.[citation needed]
    Warriors, scholars, philosophers.

    The Angels speak aramatic.[23]

    Average Strength Level
    Varying level of strength

    They can be harmed and killed with heavenly-made weapons,[citation needed] and also by Judas' silver.[13]

    An Angel powers can be decreased by removing their wings. This will make them mortal and can be as easily as killed as a human. In that state they are humans and their souls will be judged as such, and if they have sinned, they will go to Hell rather than Heaven.[citation needed]

    On Earth-85133, angels can kill humans only if commanded by Yahweh. While that rule was verified with Gabriel who was unable to defend himself against the Devil-Slayer.[24]

    Powers and Abilities
    It seems like Michael (and other Archangels) are powerful and hard to hit when prepared, as a demon told Necrodamus that even with an angel-killing weapon, he would only have one shot to kill him.[1]


    Possibly sword.[3]
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    Maximus Boltagon (Earth-101)

    Maximus Boltagon (Earth-101)

    Powers and Abilities
    Super Strength
    Hand to Hand Combat
    Strength level
    Super Strength
    None known.

    Equipment: None known.

    Commandeered Inhuman Sky Cruiser
    Weapons: None known.
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    Maximus (otherwise known as Maximus the Mad)

    Maximus (otherwise known as Maximus the Mad)

    Extraordinarily gifted inventor
    Superhuman intellect
    Mental powers
    Advanced knowledge of physics, mechanics and biology
    Maximus was portrayed in television series Inhumans by Iwan Rheon and Aidan Fiske.

    Powers and abilities
    Maximus has a genius-level intellect and great inventiveness. His mental powers granted by the mutagenic effects from exposure to Terrigen Mist give him the ability to numb, override, and even efface a person's mind. He has the ability to induce short-term amnesia in others, and the ability to exchange his consciousness with another's. Maximus's mental powers have a limited range as well as variability - he can only affect minds in a certain radius and only create one effect at a time. His influence generally functions while Maximus concentrates, but he has left long-buried influence in his subjects as well, which he can trigger by voice command, causing a subject to carry out embedded commands, forget, or remember.

    Maximus's mental instability often prevents him from making full use of his powers.

    Maximus is superhumanly intelligent. He is an extraordinarily gifted inventor, with advanced knowledge of physics, mechanics, and biology. He has invented an Atmo-gun (able to create seismic shockwaves and "negative zone" force fields), and a Hypno-gun (able to control minds at a far distance).

    Even without using the Terrigen Mist, the Kree modifications, combined with centuries of selective breeding, have given all Inhumans certain advantages. Their average lifespan is 150 years and an Inhuman in good physical condition possesses strength, reaction time, speed, and endurance greater than the finest of human athletes. Inhumans who are in excellent physical shape can lift one ton and are physically slightly superior to the peak of normal human physical achievement. Most Inhumans are used to living in a pollution-free, germ-free environment and have difficulty tolerating air and water pollution for any length of time.
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    Gorgon Petragon (Earth-616)

    Enhanced strength and durability
    Ability to generate seismic shockwaves via bull-like legs and hooves
    Gorgon was portrayed by Eme Ikwuakor in the 2017 Marvel Cinematic Universe Inhumans TV series.

    Powers and abilities Edit
    Gorgon's superhuman powers are a result of exposure to the mutagenic Terrigen Mist. Gorgon now has bull's legs and hooves and can create intense shockwaves equivalent to a powerful earthquake. He also possesses enhanced strength and durability, although like all Inhumans he has a weaker immune system than that of an average human.

    Gorgon was exposed to Terrigen Mists a second time by Pentagon officials. He then appeared larger and stronger and behaved more brutishly.[15] These changes gradually faded.[17]

    Powers and Abilities

    Gorgon possesses a variety of superhuman physical attributes as a result of a combination of his unique heritage and exposure to the Terrigen Mist on two separate occasions.

    Superhuman Strength: Gorgon is superhumanly strong, more so than most other Inhumans, and was previously capable of lifting at least 40 tons, though it's believed he can handle more. His current strength since undergoing Secondary Terregenesis is unrevealed, but the upper limit is presumed to be exponentially higher than it was previously. It is believed since his secondary terragenesis, that Gorgon is able to lift anywhere between 80 to 100 tons.

    Superhuman Speed: Gorgon is capable of running and moving at speeds greater than even the finest human athlete.

    Superhuman Stamina: Gorgon's musculature produces less fatigue toxin during physical activity than the musculature of a human. He could previously physically exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to impair him. His current stamina is unknown, but it takes a liter of tiletmine to keep him unconscious, and this dosage must be given hourly in order to be effective, so his stamina is much higher.

    Superhuman Agility: Gorgon's natural agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

    Superhuman Reflexes: Gorgon's reaction time is enhanced to a level that is beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

    Superhuman Durability: The tissue of Gorgon's body is somewhat harder and more resistant to injury than those of a human being. Gorgon can withstand impact and blunt trauma forces that would cripple or kill a human being and suffer from only mild discomfort. However, Gorgon is not invulnerable and can be injured in ways similar to a human. For instance, he can be hurt by weapons composed of conventional materials.

    Regenerative Healing Factor: Gorgon, if injured, is capable of healing somewhat faster and more extensively than a human being can. His recovery time from physical trauma is about twice that of a human.

    Kinetic Shockwaves: Gorgon's legs are thickly muscled, allowing him to do massive damage by kicking something or someone, or he can use them to create seismic shocks by stomping the ground with his hooves. As a result, Gorgon can generate shockwaves with a strength of 7.5 on the Richter Scale, or 9.5 if near a fault line.

    Primagen Boost: After exposing himself to Primagen, Gorgon's powers were greatly enhanced, giving him the ability to break in half an entire planet with a stomp.[20]

    Gorgon is a formidable hand to hand combatant.

    Physical Strength
    Unknown, though at least 40 tons.

    Like all Inhumans, while being physically superior to humans in most respects, Gorgon's resistance to diseases and recovery time from diseases is slower than that of a human. Since undergoing Secondary Terrigenesis, Gorgon's intelligence has been compromised.

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    Karnak Mander-Azur (Erde-616)

    Karnak Mander-Azur (Erde-616)

    Master martial artist
    Experienced hand-to-hand combatant
    Enhanced physical attributes
    Ability to sense weak points
    The character Karnak Mander-Azur[2] was never exposed to the Terrigen Mists, so he never developed additional powers like other Inhumans, but he is a martial artist who can find the weakness in anything and then use his training and strength to exploit it. Although the Jack Kirby Collector described him as "a philosophical karate expert with nominal personality" in 2004,[3] subsequent writers have made use of his skill for puzzle-solving[4] and strategic-planning[5] in Inhumans' stories, leading to him being given his first solo series in 2015.[6]

    Karnak made his live-action debut in the 2017 Marvel Cinematic Universe television series Inhumans, portrayed by Ken Leung.

    Powers and abilities
    Learn more
    This section does not cite any sources.
    Karnak has enhanced strength, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes as a result of his genetically superior Inhuman physiology. Unlike most other Inhumans, he does not have superhuman powers because he was never exposed to the mutagenic Terrigen Mist. Instead, Karnak has the extrasensory ability (achieved through meditation and intensive training) to perceive stress points, fracture planes, or weaknesses in objects or persons. He has complete voluntary control of most of his autonomic bodily functions. All striking surfaces of his body are extremely toughened. He is capable of shattering substances up to and including mild steel and rendering superhuman opponents unconscious by striking them.

    Like all Inhumans, Karnak's immune system is weaker than that of an average human.

    Karnak has received his fighting skills as a result of Inhuman royal militia training. He is also a graduate of the religious seminary, at the Tower of Wisdom in Attilan.

    He uses a hover-platform for transportation designed by Inhuman technicians

    Powers and Abilities

    Inhuman Metabolism: Besides strength, Karnak possesses certain physical skills superior to those of human athletes. His Inhuman metabolism affords him slightly greater reaction time, endurance, and speed than the human race's most perfect physical specimen, Captain America:[25]

    Enhanced Reflexes
    Enhanced Endurance
    Enhanced Speed
    Enhanced Strength
    Enhanced Durability: He has toughened all the striking surfaces of his body in general and his hands in particular, so that they are covered with dense callus. Karnak is capable of shattering wood, cinderblock, and even mild steel.
    Autonomic Function Control: Karnak has physically conditioned his body and mind to their peak levels of efficiency. He has voluntary control over most of his body's autonomic functions: breathing, heartbeat, bleeding, reaction to pain, rate of healing, etc.
    Stress Point Detection: Through mental discipline, Karnak has gained the extrasensory ability to perceive the stress points, fracture planes, or weaknesses, physical or psychological, in all objects or persons around him. By striking and applying pressure at these points, he can split or shatter objects made of seemingly invincible substances or render insensate beings of far greater strength than he. This mental discipline is virtually effortless, and Karnak can attain this state of awareness for extended periods of time.

    Precognition: At his very end, Karnak was able to see fragments of the future, by bending the definition of his powers.[17]
    Psychological Intuition: An after effect of Karnak's ability to discern faults also includes understanding the logical conclusions stemming to a person's rational.[1]
    Contortionist: He is extremely lithe and flexible, able to expand and contract his muscles and contort his body into seemingly painful positions.

    Master Martial Artist: Karnak is a highly skilled martial artist, capable of taking on multiple opponents with his martial art skill, sometimes with a single strike, defeating monsters with nothing but his martial ability and has easily beaten the likes of Black Widow, Iron Man,[17] Human Torch,[7] Fantomex[26] and even briefly fought Daredevil,[27] Taskmaster,[28] Black Panther,[29][30] and Mantis[31] before being defeated. He is easily the best martial artist in Attilan and is one of the worlds finest hand to hand combatants, his inhuman speed combined with his fighting ability as well as his ability to find weak spots make him a dangerous and incredibly talented martial artist.

    Physical Strength
    Karnak possesses a degree of superhuman strength, derived from his eugenically superior Inhuman heritage and his intensive regimen of regular exercise. Karnak can lift (press) about 1 ton.
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    Gorgon (Tomi Shishido)

    Gorgon (Tomi Shishido)

    Gorgon (Tomi Shishido)

    Ability to turn humans to stone by making eye contact with them
    Superhuman strength, speed, agility, dexterity, reflexes/reactions, coordination, balance, and endurance
    Regenerative healing factor
    Hand Mysticism
    Teleportation device
    Genius level intellect in multiple areas
    Extraordinary hand to hand combatant
    Expert swordsman

    Powers and abilities
    The Gorgon possesses a variety of superhuman abilities as a result of genetic mutation and mystical enhancement from the Hand.

    The Gorgon's primary mutant ability is the ability to transform an individual into stone by making eye contact with them. Gorgon's eyes have no visible features, glowing with a bright green energy. The Gorgon often wears a mask or pair of dark sunglasses in order to see without affecting those around him. Whether said face wear possess any sort of special properties or are composed of some special material designed to block his power was never revealed.

    He was also born with, or soon achieved, an extraordinary level of intelligence, possibly at a superhuman level, and psionic abilities. He possesses advanced knowledge in multiple academic and artistic fields. This intellect makes him extremely arrogant. For some reason he equates intelligence with being a mutant. For example, Gorgon dismisses Reed Richards as simply the equivalent of a parrot that can mimic a human voice, despite the fact that Gorgon was actually impressed by Richards' ideas, simply because Richards is not a mutant.

    After his resurrection, the Gorgon's strength, speed, reflexes/reactions, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance are all heightened to superhuman levels, the exact limits of which are unrevealed. Tomi also possesses an accelerated healing factor that enables him to repair damaged or destroyed tissue with extraordinary speed and efficiency. He is capable of healing from massive trauma inflicted by Wolverine's adamantium claws, bludgeoning, and falling from great heights while continuing to fight.

    Aside from his physical advantages, Mr. Shishido possesses some level of telepathy/empathy allowing him to hear the thoughts and feel the emotions of others. His telepathy also enables him to perceive his surroundings if necessary, such as when he's blindfolded. Much like his physical capabilities, the exact limits of the Gorgon's psionic powers remain unknown.

    The Gorgon is an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant, even before his resurrection, trained in multiple forms of martial arts. He is an expert swordsman and typically prefers to use a katana during combat. Also, he typically uses his psionic abilities to read the minds of his opponents during combat situations (even highly trained minds like Wolverine's and Elektra's), enabling him to predict and counter their every move. He has used swords and a personal teleportation device. He currently wields Godkiller, a sword that has killed many kings, emperors, and had also made a god bleed.

    On top of various mutant powers and his acquired skill set, the Gorgon also has high-end ties to various criminal sects and their resources; many such innovations in his possession come from underworld affiliates such as A.I.M, The Hand and Hydra. He's also adept at ninjutsu and skilled in the dark arts; able to resurrect the formerly dead who serve his bidding as well as enact rituals which enable him to raise ancient creatures from eternal slumber.

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    Captain Britain (Mystic)

    Merlin (Mystic)

    Ursa Major (Mutant)

    X-Ray (Science)

    Manphibian (Cosmic)

    Union Jack (Skill)

    Moonstone (Cosmic)
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    I guess I imagined 2021 going very my head it went:

    February: new Scarlet Witch (We got that she playable?) and Photon
    March: White Vision and Agatha Harkness
    ...Speed and Wiccan
    April: US Agent and the Flag Smasher (FWS)
    May: Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Agent 13.

    And then I saw the champion lists for Monica Rambeau on Puzzle Quest and saw the list of champs on Future Fight and was like dang Luke Cage and Jessica Jones look awesome, and basically was like "yeah, the list of champions they have and you don't is exactly where you should start for more new champs." ;) I appreciate a comic book nod every once and a while...I thought Vision Arkhus and Black Widow were cool. But even they I had an emotional connection to, because they are tied to modern characters...

    But I have more of an emotional connection to Toad because he was in those old X-Men movies than I do to most of the champs in the last two years here...and that makes me a bit disappointed...I mean Squirrel Girl is cool and so is Mole Man, even if I hadn't much heard of them or the Great Lakes Avengers...

    But I think the real head-scratcher is the one was the one where it was like: We're getting a female Wakandan that isn't Okoye, Nakia, or Shuri?!?!? And a Jabari who isn't M'Baku?!? And an Iron Man suit that isn't Iron Heart or Rescue?

    And if we're gonna get a faction leader whose a crossover from your other game that isn't doing so hot, maybe have it be someone like Agent Carter whom we know and love?

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    And now for an obscure character I do care about:

    Jarvis (AC): With his hat and umbrella, he'd be like Mr Game and Watch from Smash Bros, only accidentally hurting villains very sincerely.
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    I have no idea what that one guy was talking about, but we need Danny DeVito Wolverine in this game ASAP.
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    I have no idea what that one guy was talking about, but we need Danny DeVito Wolverine in this game ASAP.

    Because in the Comics Wolverine with depicted as the same physical height as Danny DeVito, so if they wanted to be Comics accurate, Danny DeVito would actually be the best physical representation of Wolverine, just preferably 40 years younger and in much better shape.
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    Arizona Annie (Skill)

    Human Fly (Science)

    Goblin 2099 (Tech)

    Vapor (Science)

    Shroud (Mystic)

    Atlas (Science)

    Terminatrix (Tech)

    Nikki (Cosmic)

    Horus (Mystic)
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    Thor Girl (Cosmic)

    Wiccan (Mystic)

    Adam Warlock (Cosmic)

    Stingray (Tech)

    Attuma (Skill)

    King Arthur (Skill)

    Korvac (Cosmic)

    Arácnido Jr. (Science)
  • FietroMaximoffzFietroMaximoffz Posts: 3
    edited May 5
    Character Wishlist:
    1. Quicksilver
    2. Speed
    3. Whizzer

  • Robin144Robin144 Posts: 1
    My wishlist

    • Peggy Carter (MCU „What if…?“)

    • Agatha Harkness (MCU „WandaVision“)

    • Polaris
    • The new Captain America Sam Wilson (MCU „The Falcon and the Winter Soldier“)

    • Thanos (MCU „Avengers: Infinity War“)

  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 195
    Lady Spider (Tech)

    Bengal (Skill)

    Black Knight (Nathan Garrett) (Tech)

    Cloud 9 (Cosmic)

    Jennifer Kale (Mystic)

    Colleen Wing (Skill)

    Lorelei (Mystic)

    Spider-UK (Science)

    Patriot (Elijah Bradley) (Science)
  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 195
    Assassin Spider-Man (Science)

    Bora (Mystic)

    Captain Spider (Science)

    Ultimate Spider-Woman (Science)

    Cyborg Spider-Man (Tech)

    Morlun (Mystic)

    Spider-Girl (Betty Brant) (Science)

    Daemos (Mystic)

    Spider-Jameson (Science)
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 103

    Emplate enters The Contest MM/DDth at TT AM

    About Emplate:

    Emplate, a vampire-like mutant who can take on the abilities of those he feeds upon as well as control their minds. Emplate was the main villain of Generation X, and will come into the Battlerealm to inflict "PESTILENCE"!!!

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    .Health: 15660
    .Attack: 1227
    .Max PI
    .Without Signature: 3727
    .With Signature (99): 4737

    #Control: Counter #Villian #X-Men
    #Hellions #Size: S #Year: 2021
    *Synergy Bonuses:

    Age of Apocalypse:

    .with Mister Sinister


    .with Magik and Emma Frost


    .with Jubilee and Iceman

    Near Future !:

    .with Bishop
    Character Class: Mutant/Mystic

    *Passive: Pocket Dimensions
    .Emplate suffers from a permanent (active) Degeneration debuff that drains 0.2% health each second.

    .When against mutants, Emplate senses Mutant Aura of target which grants Emplate 1193 attack rating while also reducing the opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 50%. This Ability Accuracy reduction ignores mutants immunities.

    *Medium Attack Combo Finisher:
    .50% chance to cause your opponent to "Rupture" for 1500 direct damage over 15 seconds.

    *Heavy Attack: Vampiric Infection
    .100% chance to inflict Vampiric Infection to opponent, passively Heal Blocking and Slowing them for 7.5 seconds.

    ✓Developer Note - The Heavy Attack animation has to be of 6 hits for convenience of players during playing.

    ~Density Control: Another natural power Emplate does have, is ability to control his own density, from being intangible to invulnerable.

    *While Heavy Attack Charging -
    .Become Intangible and opponent has 100% chance to miss, providing the Opponent isn’t able to bypass Miss.

    *Dash Back -
    .Become Invulnerable for 3 seconds, this indestructibility also ignores all DOT debuffs and passives.

    *Special Attacks -
    .100% chance to cause your opponent to "Rupture" for 2000 direct damage over 20 seconds.

    #Signature Ability: Energy Siphon
    .Being a Energy Vampire Emplate has also the ability to Siphon Energy from his target through their Bone Marrow Sap, and utilising it for his requirements.

    *Bone Marrow Sap (Max Stack 42):
    .50% chance to gain 1 Bone Marrow Sap per Critical Hit.
    .For every 3 hit on Combo Meter gains 1 Bone Marrow Sap.

    ✓Developer Note - Emplate's normal Combo will be of 6 hits, i.e. he will gain 2 Bone Marrow Sap per 1 Combo Rotation.

    *Special Attacks:
    .Consumes same number of Bone Marrow Sap as number of Hits on that Special Attack.

    ✓Developer Note - Special Attacks effect will be depend upon, the type of Stance at which Emplate is during Special Attack activation.

    ~Emplate can Siphon Life, Power and Buff from his opponents depending upon his current Stance.

    *Emplate has 3 Stances -

    >Attack Energy

    .SP 1 - 100% Chance to Drain 35% of the target's current power.
    .SP 2 - 100% Chance to Steal 50% of the target's current power.
    .SP 3 - 100% Chance to Power Lock the target for 20 seconds.

    >Buff Energy

    .SP 1 - 100% Chance to Drain (Nullify) all of the target's current buffs.
    .SP 2 - 100% Chance to Buff Steal for 10 seconds.
    .SP 3 - 100% Chance to Buff Lock (Stagger) for 15 seconds.

    >Life Energy

    .SP 1 - Inflict Life Steal, Stealing 1000 Health from the opponent.
    .SP 2 - Inflict Life Steal, Stealing 2500 Health from the opponent.
    .SP 3 - Inflict Life Steal, Stealing 4000 Health from the opponent.

    ~Emplate will start every fight with Power Siphon stance when he gains enough Bone Marrow Mass.
    ~To change Stances from one to another dash back and hold block for 1 second.

    ✓Developer Note - If during activation of a Special Attack a minimum amount of Bone Marrow Sap is not present than the Special Attack will not produce any of the above listed effect.

  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 195
    Spider-Man Noir (Skill)

    Web-Slinger (Skill)

    Karn/Master Weaver (Mystic)
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 103

    About Forge:

    Forge is a Native American of the Cheyenne Indian tribe. He is a mutant with an innate superhuman talent for inventing mechanical devices and an intuitive genius, — Hold up — let me tell something..! "it is as natural as breathing for me..! "- Continue - He is trained in mysticism by his tribe's shaman, Naze, to become a great sorcerer and to defeat their nemesis The Adversary. Although he is both inventor and sorcerer, he has primarily relied upon technology rather than mysticism to accomplish his tasks and he must continue to do so in the Battlerealm.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    . Health: 15432
    . Attack: 1321
    . Max PI:
    . Without Signature: 3987
    . With Signature (99): 4765

    Character Class: Mutant

    Passive – Synthetic Stretch Fabric:

    .Forge's synthetic stretch fabric backed by micro-thin bulletproof Kevlar and thermal insulation makes him resistant to Bleed and Incinerate effects, decreasing their Potency and Duration by 85%

    Passive - Scanning Device:

    .When against superhuman beings and aliens, Scanning Device activates and grants Forge 50% Critical Hit Chance while also reducing the opponent’s Power Gain by 35%.

    Passive – Mechanical Energy:

    .Each time Forge performs a well timed block he gains 25 Mechanical Energy for later use.
    .When the Energy reaches 100, Forge will consume all Mechanical Energy and gains 5 Feedback Charges.
    .If your opponent has any active damage dealing Debuff place on him, Feedback Charges are converted into 5 different Buffs which last for 15 seconds granting Forge:
    .Cruelty: +1722 Critical Damage Rate
    .Fury: +1280 Attack
    .Power Gain: +25% Power Gain
    .Precision: +1223.5 Critical Rate
    .True Strike
    .If your opponent has not any active damage dealing Debuff place on him, 2 Feedback Charges are consumed to increase the next damage dealing Debuff duration and potency by 200%.
    .The other 3 Feedback Charges are converted to 3 different Debuffs which last for 15 seconds granting opponent:
    .Trauma: -65% Ability Accuracy
    .Coma: -65% Block Proficiency
    .Heal Block
    .Once spent Mechanical Energy takes 5 seconds to regain.

    Medium Attack:

    .50% chance to cause your opponent to Shock for 717.5 Direct Damage over 10 seconds.

    Heavy Attack:

    .A heavy strike inflicts Armor Break, reducing the opponent’s Armor Rating by 333 for 10 seconds.

    Special 1 : Plasma Blaster

    .This attack has 100% chance to cause your opponent to Shock for 1000 Direct Damage over 10 seconds.

    Special 2 : Incendiary Bomb

    .This attack has 100% chance to cause your opponent to Incinerate for 1000 Direct Damage over 10 seconds.
    .Burns up to 35% of the target's max Power and inflicts Direct Damage proportionate to the amount lost.

    Special 3 : Neutralizer Gun

    .This attack has 100% chance to cause your opponent to Degenerate for 2000 Direct Damage over 10 seconds.

    Signature Ability: Shaman's Heritage - Forge has considerable mystical powers as a result of the training Naze gave him.

    Astral Form

    .To enter into Astral Form for 10 seconds, Dodge back and hold Block for 2 seconds. While in Astral Form, Forge cannot lose more than 50% of her current health per hit from Special Attacks.

    Buff Burn - Passive

    .80% chance that Forge automatically counters enemy Status Effects by burning them and inflicting 250 Direct Damage, per Buff burnt.
  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 195
    Verna (Mystic)

    Spider-Man 2211 (Tech)

    The Other (Mystic)

    Jennix (Mystic)

    Solus (Mystic)

    Spiders-Man (Science)

    Spider-Man (Bullet Points) (Science)
  • Marvelfan2003Marvelfan2003 Posts: 56
    New champ suggestion: Ares Class: Skill

    Tags: hero, avenger, combat

    Bio: Ares is the ancient god of war, fighting both for good and evil, now in the battlerealm he fights for the good for everyone.

    Special attacks
    SP1: Axe Slam
    Ares slams his axe into the ground, sending the opponent flying from a godly shockwave
    Sp2: No Regrets
    Ares unleashes weapons, both ancient and modern, first slashing his opponent with swords and axes before opening fire with 2 M16 assault rifles
    SP3: Warmonger
    Ares feels no remorse for his attacker, opening fire with assault rifles, missile launchers and commandeering a tank before rolling a grenade under the tank obliterating his enemy

    Awakened Ability: God Of War
    When Ares gains enough fury buffs, he gains immortality when his health reaches 0, after the immortality buff, he regains 100% of his health plus 3 fury buffs
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