Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    Spidercide (Science)

    Spider-Ma'am (Science)

    Brix (Mystic)
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    New champion: Carnage (Dark) class: cosmic

    Bio: during the events of Absolute Carnage, Cletus Kasady was visited by the dark god Knull who made him his herald of destruction by bonding him with the Grendel, a dragon symbiote, now Carnage is here to make sure he makes his master proud.

    Special attacks:
    Sp1: Cleaver Of Death
    Carnage pins his enemy with chest spikes before hacking them with a massive axe appendage

    Sp2: Symbiotic Insanity
    Carnage howls in hunger, lacerating and rending his enemy with blades, axes, ground spikes and enlarged claws

    Sp3: Blood Craving
    Carnage suppresses his enemy with symbiotic bear traps before spreading his wings and firing an airborne storm of spikes and then Carnage crashes down on his unlucky prey with spiked maces

    Awakened Ability: Knull's Empowerment
    When Carnage reaches 5 Symbiote buffs he can convert them into a Knull Gift buff, either giving Carnage 8 fury buffs, 8 armour ups or regeneration healing 80% of his health
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    New champion: Iron Monger Class: Tech

    Bio: Obadiah Stane is the jealous business partner of Tony Stark who, obsessed with recreating the Arc Reactor, stole Tony's before creating his huge Iron Man suit, now the Iron Monger is on a quest to beat all Iron Man suits in the Battlerealm.

    Special attacks:
    Sp1: Fight Fire With...More Fire
    Iron Monger fires a ballistic missile before mowing his foe down with a barrage of minigun fire

    Sp2: Eliminate The Competition
    Iron Monger slams his fist into the ground, dazing his foe before firing 2 missiles and then blasting them with his foot afterburners

    Sp3: It's Over
    Iron Monger let's rip with his minigun, fires all wrist missiles before flying into the air and launching a guided nuclear warhead from his shoulder, ending them

    Awakened Ability: The Monger's Wrath
    Iron Monger gets more enraged every time his opponent dodges or parries him, gaining 3 fury buffs and activating a slow debut on evading enemies
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    New champion: Kindred Class: Mystic

    Bio: Harry Osborn, friend of Peter Parker and the 2nd Green Goblin was killed following a Goblin Serum Poisoning, he was then sent to hell where a demon bonded to him, giving him a horrific appearance, now Kindred is out to haunt all the champions in the Battlerealm

    Special attacks
    SP1: Centipede Cut
    Kindred extends 2 centipedes and snares and slashes his foe until they bleed

    SP2: Creepy Crawler
    Kindred possesses his foe so he can rip them apart with his centipedes and calls upon a bug swarm to poison them

    SP3: The Nightmare Begins
    There is nowhere you can run from Kindred, not even your mind...

    Awakened Ability: Centipede Mind Control
    Kindred can invert the controls of his foe and once on expiry he can either deal 5 stacks of poison or a 10 second stun, depending on what type of hit he used before SP2
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    New champion: Baron Zemo
    Class: Skill

    Bio: Helmut Zemo was the mastermind behind Civil War, now after he was released from his sentence, he begins to realise that saving lives is better than losing lives, so Zemo is now fighting foes and saved the world from the Flag Smashers

    Special attacks
    Sp1: EKO Takedown
    Zemo's military training enables him to land stunning hits before firing his gun point-blank at his foe

    Sp2: Semi Automatic Assault
    Zemo fires any gun he can get his hands on, before revealing a hidden knife and stabbing them

    Sp3: Superhumans Should Not Be Allowed To Exist
    Zemo feels contempt for his foe, firing lots of close shots to his opponent, multiple knife slashes and stabs before finishing with multiple Krav Maga strikes

    Awakened Ability: The 13th Baron
    Zemo studies his foe's fighting style before landing brutal hits to his opponent's weak spots, also gaining counterattack charges to land the deadly hits
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    New champion: Knull
    Class: Cosmic

    Bio: Knull is the ancient god of the Symbiotes, a malevolent deity who is obsessed with ending life so he can return to the darkness he once dwelled in, no matter who stands in his way

    Special attacks

    Sp1: Corrupting Cleave
    Knull impales his enemy with Symbiote spikes before dealing a massive slash with All black

    Sp2: Grendel Fire
    Knull summons 2 Grendel Symbiote dragons to rain black fire upon Knull's foe before Knull lunges forward, stabbing his foe then does a huge cross slash to finish

    Sp3: Darkness Consumes
    Knull transports his foe to Klyntar, unleashing the full fury of his wrath, entombing his foe in Symbiotic matter before impaling them and slashing them, finishing off with turning them into a Symbiote which then destroys itself

    Awakened Ability: King In Black
    Knull gains more power for every battle he wins, gaining 1/2 bar of power each win, if he fights a hero he gains 1/4 of his health back plus 4 armour up buffs
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    New champion: Doctor Octopus(Superior)
    Class: Science

    Bio: Otto Octavius is now an agent of HYDRA where he received an updated suit plus a more physically fit body, this Doctor Octopus, using tech similar to Spider Man is a force to be reckoned with

    Special attacks

    SP1: Ten-Tackle
    Doctor Octopus uses his wrist grapples to get close before he uses his tentacles as lethal flails, concussing his foe

    SP2: Sonic Cannons
    Doctor Octopus catapults himself towards his opponent, drilling into his foe with tentacles spinning at 20 000 rpm before lifting himself up on his lower tentacles and firing 2 sonic bursts at his foe

    SP3: Tentacles of HYDRA
    Doctor Octopus shows his opponent the punishment you get for messing with him and HYDRA, pummelling his foe with tentacles, deploying kamikaze spider mines, Spidey themed gadgets and beating them up with his tentacles

    Awakened Ability: HYDRA Targeting Protocols
    Doctor Octopus' new suit can analyse his foe and place debuffs on what class champion he's facing, if it's a Spider Verse character, he'll apply a vigilance debuff to defeat them
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    edited May 7
    Spider-Man 2099


    Black Knight (Dane Whitman)

    Baron Zemo (MCU: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)

    Sam Wilson Captain America (MCU: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)

    White Vision (MCU: WandaVision)

    War Machine (MCU: Avengers Endgame)

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    Thor (MCU: Avengers Infinity War)

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    Gorr The God Butcher
    Class: Cosmic

    Bio: Gorr was an alien from an unknown race, brought up in severe poverty, one day he witnesses 2 gods fighting each other, praying each day and night for them to help him and his family live, but he never got anything, once one of the gods was defeated, Gorr realised one of them which was Knull, dropped a Symbiote sword, Gorr went to pick it up then the sword bonded to him, he felt the need, since the gods neglected him, to slaughter every last one of them.

    Special attacks

    SP1: Debilitating Sword Combo
    Gorr uses All-black to ruthlessly cut down anyone in his way with a slash, stab and hilt blow

    SP2: Godly Gutter
    Gorr uses All-black's symbiote power to reel in the enemy and gut them like a fish

    SP3: The God Butcher
    Rage overcomes Gorr, and does as his moniker is described as...Butchering gods

    Awakened Ability: All-black Affinity
    Gorr becomes more used to using the Symbiote nature of All-black, using the sword not just for offense but for defense
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    Slapstick (Science)

    Solo (Tech)

    Foolkiller (Tech)

    Montana (Skill)

    Porcupine (Tech)

    Batroc (Skill)

    Synapse (Cosmic)

    Cosmo the Spacedog (Cosmic)

    Texas Twister (Science)
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    Punisher (Frankencastle) Updated
    Class: Science

    Signature Ability: Undead Vengeance
    Once per fight Whenever Punisher would be knocked out he gains an indestructible charge reducing all incoming damage to 0 for 10 seconds, in addition Punisher also gains a burst of regeneration healing x amount of health for 10 seconds (Regeneration potency increases with sig level). Punisher cannot be knocked out by special attacks unless this ability has already been used

    Adrenaline Charges: whenever striking the opponent or being struck, Punisher gains a 70% chance to gain 1 Adrenaline charge. Performing a well timed block grants punisher 5 Adrenaline Charges. Max Cap: 20

    5 Adrenaline Charges: gain true accuracy ignoring evade, armor, and autoblock while at or above 5 charges

    10 Adrenaline Charges: special attacks become Unblockable while at or above 10 charges

    15 Adrenaline Charges: instantly stack 5 permanet passive Fury buffs each increasing attack by x% while at or above 15 charges. Punisher Gains an additional passive fury each time he armor breaks the opponet while at or above 15 charges. All Passive Fury buffs are removed whenever Punisher drops below 15 charges.

    20 Adrenaline Charges: gain a passive power gain buff while at 20 Charges

    Regeneration: whenever the opponet lands a critical hit, Punisher takes 65% less damage and instantly regenerates x amount of health.

    Medium attacks: 50% Chance to inflict armor break reducing opponents armor rating by x% for 8 seconds

    Unstoppable: Punisher gains a Passive Unstoppable buff while charging his heavy, the Unstoppable Passive runs on a timer for 2 seconds after punisher launches his heavy attack. The Unstoppable buff gains 0.1 additional seconds to its duration for each Adrenaline Charge active (Unstoppable buffs do not stack)

    Heavy attack: when landing a heavy attack Punisher gains a 100% chance to inflict Enervate preventing the opponent from gaining power when bieng struck for 4 seconds. If an Enervate debuff is already active pause its timer for 0.8 seconds

    Purify: Whenever punisher goes Unstoppable, 100% chance to shrug off all debuffs

    Persistence Charges: any leftover Adrenaline Charges are stored in the form of Persistence charges (Max Cap: 20)

    Special attacks: if Punisher has 5 or more Adrenaline Charges,Consume 5 Adrenaline charges. If below 5 charges, consume all remaining Charges. For each Charge consumed the attacks gain x amount of Burst damage

    Special 1
    Animation: Punisher knocks his opponent back before blasting them with a shotgun

    100% Chance to Inflict Petrify, reducing opponent power gain rate (including defensive power rate) for 10 Seconds

    Shotgun hit gains a 100% chance to inflict critical bleed dealing x amount of damage for 8 seconds

    Special 2
    Animation: Punisher pulls out a Minigun and sprays his opponent with Gunfire.

    each hit gains a 35% chance to inflict a Bleed debuff dealing x amount of damage for 8 seconds(chance increases to 100% while at or above 10 Adrenaline Charges)

    If all hits inflict a Bleed debuff, all Bleed debuffs are removed and replaced with critical Bleed lasting 17 seconds

    If the opponent had a armor break debuff this attack inflicts armor shatter for 12 seconds

    Special 3:
    Animation: Punisher Pulls out the big guns destroying his opponent then hits them with a flashbang Grenade.

    100% Chance to inflict stun for 4.5 seconds

    Each gun hit ignores all armor and physical resistance

    100% chance to inflict critical bleed dealing x amount of damage for 7 seconds

    Flashbang Grenade gains a 100% chance to inflict a Concussion Debuff reducing opponents ability Accuracy by x% for 12 seconds

    Unique synergies

    Punishment (Punisher/Punisher(2099)/Punisher(Frankencastle)

    Punisher : gain 5 permanent passive Physical resist buffs reducing incoming physical damage by x%

    Punisher (Frankencastle): Enervate debuffs gain an additional 4 seconds to thier duration

    Punisher 2099: start the fight at Full battery charge

    Legion of Monsters (Punisher(Frankencastle)/Man Thing/ Sasquatch)

    Man Thing: Fury/Regeneration gain +100% Potency

    Punisher(Frankencastle): gain 10 Adrenaline charges when intercepting the opponent

    Sasquatch: Rage Max Cap increases to 20 stacks

    The Undead: Punisher (Frankencastle)/ Hulk( Immortal)/ Abomination (Immortal)

    Punisher (Frankencastle): Medium attacks gain a 100% chance to inflict Armor Break

    Hulk (immortal): Immortality Duration increases to 12 Seconds

    Abomination (Immortal): Acid Burn Duration increases to 10 Seconds

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    Tarantula (Skill)

    M.O.D.O.K. Superior (Science)

    Lady Bullseye (Skill)
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 103
    Timothy Dugan (skill)

  • Dex_RebırthDex_Rebırth Posts: 45
    Daredevil Earth X

    I have already written an idea of ​​their possible abilities, if I see an opinion from an admin, I will upload it
  • Dex_RebırthDex_Rebırth Posts: 45

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    New champion: Bullseye
    Class: Skill

    Bio: Benjamin Pointdexter grew up loving baseball, in school he played for his school baseball team where a classmate accused him of tampering with the ball, in a fit of rage he threw the baseball with such force he killed the boy, years later he became the Kingpin's hitman, where he can use anything as a lethal weapon.

    Special attacks

    SP1: Deadeye
    Bullseye throws 3 knives with pinpoint accuracy, dealing severe damage

    SP2: Sticks And Stones Will Break Your Bones
    Bullseye picks up rocks and sticks, throwing them with lethal force

    SP3: Deathmarked
    Bullseye is a madman, well he thinks he's he's in such a good mood, to kill!

    Awakened Ability: Targeting A Weak Point
    Bullseye's lethal accuracy becomes even more lethal, dealing instant bleeds whenever he inflicts 4 stacks of bleed
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    New champion: Daken
    Class: Mutant

    Bio: Wolverine's WW2 wife, Itso has a son, named Akihiro, but was given the name Daken (Mongrel) due to his aggressive and antisocial behaviour, due to this he became sociopathic and psychotic and having the same powers as his father, he has been the Wolverine of the Dark Avengers, still teetering on the right and wrong sides of justice

    Special attacks

    SP1: Vicious Clawing
    Daken rips and tears with his claws, shredding away his enemy

    SP2: Mongrel's Kill
    Daken goes berserk, lacerating and stabbing remorselessly, caring very little for his foe's state

    SP3: The Claws Are Out
    Daken takes on his father's trigger scent and bloodlust, at the scent of blood, this marks the final seconds of his enemy

    Awakened Ability: Arterial Lacerations
    Daken pinpoints his foe's major blood vessels and arteries, dealing heavier bleeds while they are getting weaker
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    New champion: Molecule Man
    Class: Science

    Bio: Owen Reece worked for an atomic power company, one day a particle reactor he was working on exploded, he gained the power to reshape reality at an atomic level, becoming both hero and villain

    Special attacks

    SP1: Dark Matter Strike
    Molecule Man launches a wave of dark matter spikes, obliterating his enemy

    SP2: Quasar Blast
    Molecule Man absorbs the very atoms in the air to channel the power of a quasar right at his foe

    SP3: Big Bang
    Molecule Man creates an event horizon before creating a destructive power equal to the universe exploding

    Awakened Ability: Universal Manifestation
    Molecule Man uses the fabric of reality to both heal and enhance himself and his teammates, when his team members reach 0 health he can grant them 50% of their health back
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    New champion: MACH-1
    Class: Tech

    Bio: Abner Jenkins was an Aircraft Maintenance Technician who was a skilled pilot as well as a technician was bored of his low wage job, he created his first Beetle armour to get test his skills as a mercenary, after failing numerous times he became an armoured hero known as MACH-1

    Special attacks

    SP1: Strafing Strike
    MACH-1 fires flares to disorient his foe before firing miniature missiles to line them up then he thrust punches his foe to finish

    SP2: Sonic Boom
    MACH-1 fires a sonic boom from his wingsuit thrusters, dropping bombs before swooping in with armour piercing rounds from weapons sourced from an Anti Aircraft gun

    SP3: Airborne Assault
    MACH-1 launches his foe high in the air before firing missiles, lasers, miniguns and ironclad punches before calling in a remotely operated Quinjet to go kamikaze on his foe on the ground

    Awakened Ability: Heat Sink
    MACH-1's weapons deal more damage, converting the empty rounds into fury and armour up buffs

    MACH-1's rounds:

    Armour piercing: light, medium, medium
    Rapid fire: medium, light, light, medium
    EMP: medium, light, medium
    Napalm: light, medium, light, medium
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    Bonebreaker (Tech)

    Daken (Mutant)

    Fancy Dan (Skill)

    Terror (Mystic)

    The Ox (Science)
  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 198
    Mentor (Cosmic)

    Shanna the She-Devil (Skill)

    Oshtur (Mystic)

    Copycat (Mutant)

    Trickshot (Skill)

    Supreme Intelligence (Tech)

    Ajax (Science)

    Trickshot (Buck Chisholm) (Skill)

    Agamotto (Mystic)
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    My wishlist
    Death’s Head
    Superior carnage
    Red shift
    Nova (Frankie rays)
    Fallen one
    Black Tom Cassidy
    Sebastian Shaw
    Gorr the god butcher
    Kull the symboite god
    Madalen pryer
    Hope summers
    Rachel summers
    Nate grey
    Genesis (Tyler dayspring)
    Matthew Malloy
    Marquis of death
    Franklin Richards
    David richards
    Vlaeria richards
    Red Ghost
    Beta ray bill
    Captain Britain
    Kraven the hunter
    Lady sif
    Shadow king
    Modi thorson
    Blue marvel
    Kitty pryde
    Hydro man
    Deacon frost
    Hannibal king
    Lady deathstrike
    Weapon H
    David north (agent zero)
    Adam warlock
    Valkyrie moonstar
    Cecilla reyes
    Silver sable
    Black cat
    Ezekiel stane
    Madame masque
    Sasha hammer
    Absorbing man
    Starbrand (Kevin connor)
    Black widow (yelena belova)
    Darkstar (petrovna)
    Mikhail rasputin
    Punisher war machine
    Living tribunal
    Recorder 451
    Angel salvadore
    The maker
    Sentinel X (shogo Lee)
    Wraith (Zak-Del)
    Baron blood
    Sun god
    Anti man
    Machine man
    Black knight
    Bor Burison
    Tyr odinson
    John wraith
    Jessica jones
    Max fury
    G.W bridge
    Baron zemo
    Iorn maiden
    William Stryker
    William stryker jr
    Red vulture
    Black swan
    Jean grey (x-men red)
    Toxic Doxie
    Molten man
    Count nefaria
    The uranian
    Kingo sunen
    Hobgoblin 2099
    Mad Jim Jaspers
    Lady death
    Captain marvel (mar-vell)
    Lord tantalus
    Jake fury
    High evolutionary
    Agent X
    Mister X
    Dark Phoenix
    Callus the void
    Eson the searcher
    Gammenon the gatherer
    Exitar the exterminator
    White tiger
    Sliver samurai
    Kid omega
    Red king
    Daimon hellstrom
    Hallow (Yvette)
    Omega sentinel
    Morgan Le Fay
    Kid gladiator
  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 198
    In-Betweener (Cosmic)

    Danger (Tech)

    Frenzy (Mutant)
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 137

    Agamotto (Earth-616)

    Agamotto (Earth-616)

    Powers and Abilities

    * Capable of warp speed and teleportation; Heightened intelligence when using cosmic senses
    * Powers
    * As the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe, and the spawn of an Elder God of Earth, a realm where magic appears especially attuned, Agamotto possesses extremely powerful magical abilities, which he can channel to certain mystics, mainly the Sorcerer Supreme of the mainstream Earth dimension, sufficient in strength for him to usually defend his reality. Agamotto has held his own against entities of such power as Dormammu and Galactus on several separate occasions when they clashed, making it apparent his full power can rival either's. It has been hinted that he is more powerful than both Oshtur and Hoggoth combined, despite being the spawn of the former. As the Vishanti, their power and omniscience is even further magnified. Agamotto specializes in divination and truth, such as the Eye of Agamotto's all-revealing light. Agamotto is described as "all-knowing," implying omniscience in dimensions even beyond his own, or at least potent mystic sensory abilities. So powerful are his abilities to gather knowledge, that he even has classified information concerning Cosmic entities in other universes, such as Galactus, since he was aware that he had been Galan and of his origins. Such is the magical potency of Agamotto that the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, was unable to banish him back to his own realm, even when invoking the united strength of Dormammu, Cytorrak, Watoomb, Raggadorr, Denak, the Seraphim, the Faltine, Ikonn and Valtorr to fuel the spell. Agamotto is even capable of resurrecting others, as he did to Cadaver, as well as opening time portals.
    Magical Manipulation: Agamotto is one of the three mystical entities known as the Vishanti. He created some of magical artifacts used by the Sorcerer Supreme such as Dr. Strange and Doctor Voodoo. Agamotto can create and manipulate magical attacks.
    Shapeshifting: Agamotto can shapeshift to other creatures or entities.
    Genius Intelligence:[4]
    Agamotto's "pipe" is actually a powerful magical artifact that assists Agamotto with his magics. He is also in some way powerfully linked to the Orb of Agamotto and the Eye of Agamotto, able to recall them across dimensions from even the grasp of a Sorcerer Supreme at whim.

    Powers and Abilities
    Agamotto is an extremely powerful magic user: one that has transcended the physical plane to become an extremely powerful mystic entity all of himself, a being capable of creating entire dimensions under his watch. Agamotto is a master of egocentric magic, ecocentric magic and exocentric magic. The extent of his powers effectively allows him to transcend physical abilities. He can travel at faster than light speeds, teleport himself or large groups or objects large distances. Agamotto can manipulate matter on an atomic level. Agamotto has his own realm where his powers are at their greatest, being capable of fighting off Galactus by himself. Agamotto is so skilled in magic that Doctor Strange and magicians at his calibre are incapable of fighting back against him and have their own spells turned against them due to his experience.

    Agamotto was formally a member of the extremely powerful mystic trinity, the Vishanti. Agamotto leaving the Vishanti massively weakened his powers, to the point where he could be destroyed by the likes of Doctor Voodoo sacrificing himself and could be held back by the Avengers.
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    Black Widow (Classic) (Skill)

    Sin-Eater (Skill)

    Purple Man (Science)

    Darwin (Mutant)

    Hope Summers (Mutant)

    Beyonder (Cosmic)

    Speed Demon (Science)
  • AmiteshAmitesh Posts: 6
    I'm a bit late to suggest for this character. But as it is said "it's better late than never". So, we have two impressive champions from infinity war saga i.e., Captain America IW, and IronMan IW. Both characters are really awesome and amazing. But creators didn't go to create Thor IW with his awesome Storm-Breaker. May be they should have.

    I sincerely suggest that creators think about introducing Thor IW with his Storm-Breaker in MCOC.

    I have a few suggestions about his special attacks too. His sp2 can be inspired from the scene from movie itself when Thor enters Wakanda during battle, background goes all dark, thunder sparkled Thor jumps in air and lands a heavy strike on ground with his weapon to bring enemies down.
    His sp3 can be inspired from the later part of the movie, the scene where Thor again throws Storm-Breaker from air towards Thanos, into his glowing gauntlet, tearing the energy beam even from all of the six infinity stones.
  • AmiteshAmitesh Posts: 6
    THOR IW (with storm breaker)!!

    I'm a bit late to suggest for this character. But as it is said "it's better late than never". So, we have two impressive champions from infinity war saga i.e., Captain America IW, and IronMan IW. Both characters are really awesome and amazing. But creators didn't go to create Thor IW with his awesome Storm-Breaker. May be they should have.

    I sincerely suggest that creators think about introducing Thor IW with his Storm-Breaker in MCOC.

    I have a few suggestions about his special attacks too. His sp2 can be inspired from the scene from movie itself when Thor enters Wakanda during battle, background goes all dark, thunder sparkled Thor jumps in air and lands a heavy strike on ground with his weapon to bring enemies down.
    His sp3 can be inspired from the later part of the movie, the scene where Thor again throws Storm-Breaker from air towards Thanos, into his glowing gauntlet, tearing the energy beam even from all of the six infinity stones.
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    Stinger (Science)

    Swordsman (Skill)

    Gorr the God Butcher (Cosmic)

    Tiger Shark (Science)

    Cyttorak (Mystic)

    Orka (Science)

    Hoggoth (Mystic)
  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 198
    Surge (Mutant)
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