Earlier today, there was an issue where Summoners that logged on shortly after the Login Calendar switched over for the day didn't receive the Cosmic Ghost Rider login crystal. We've fixed the issue for players receiving the crystal now but will have to collect data and send out the crystal to all players that didn't receive it next week. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to making it right for you all.

Why my sigil is on challenger lvl? [Merged Threads]



  • star_quill19star_quill19 Posts: 8
    I also claimed the first two by mistake but haven’t opened anything.. can someone confirm if the two I’ve claimed in error will be taken off me and instead replaced with the rewards I should have had?
  • ValclawValclaw Posts: 1

    The same issue 🤯
  • Stevenk2000Stevenk2000 Posts: 11
    I have this exact issue as a Cavalier player myself. Kabam please fix this!
  • nique1057nique1057 Posts: 9
    I'm having this issue as well
  • RitzRitz Posts: 13
    I am uncollected and I usually have “Test of the Uncollected” but now I have “Test of the
  • durant88durant88 Posts: 2
    Come on kabam this are silly bugs that shouldn’t be happening can this be fixed asap please
  • 76Coop76Coop Posts: 4
    Having this issue as well
  • JosephAshJosephAsh Posts: 143
    edited May 24
    Likewise. Same Issue.
  • XFresh619XXFresh619X Posts: 1
    edited May 24

    Same issue here
  • Damiano83Damiano83 Posts: 15
    I've the same issue as a Thronebreaker. @Kabam Miike please let us know what's happening (again)...
  • The_End009The_End009 Posts: 2
    Device: iPhone 8
    iOS: 14.4.2
    Current MCOC version

    Registering me as challenger title when I’m clearly Thronebreaker and not giving me my proper quest rewards.
  • ReeseSmith14ReeseSmith14 Posts: 78

  • ReeseSmith14ReeseSmith14 Posts: 78
    Same issue^^^ thought it was a visual but at first, it’s not
  • MilynpawMilynpaw Posts: 0
    I am Thronebreaker and my 7 day solo event came up as "Test of the Challenger" today. The rewards are premium and 3* hero crystal shards instead of 5/6* shards. Is this a know issue that is being resolved?
  • CSGCSG Posts: 4
    I'm having the same issue but I'm Uncollected.
  • The_End009The_End009 Posts: 2
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious someone please pass this on to someone thanks in advance guys!
  • deksdeks Posts: 3

    Same here
  • Reddman2Reddman2 Posts: 7
    same for me, and im TB... @Kabam Miike please help!
  • RuschRusch Posts: 32
    edited May 24
    I also have this issue and did not realize until I ranked up my 5 star Spider-Ham, I hope they address this quickly. I am Cavalier and this is frustrating as those awards are needed and paid for.
  • SebestSebest Posts: 6
    Medallion awards with error, I am a thornbreaker and they give me inferior awards
  • Stinkpink07Stinkpink07 Posts: 1
    Same here
  • RunavargrRunavargr Posts: 21

    This needs
    fixed :(, again I’m uncollected
  • Loake23Loake23 Posts: 5
    Yeah same issue here
  • SebestSebest Posts: 6
  • Loake23Loake23 Posts: 5
    I submitted a work ticket for it.. sadly not thronebreaker or even cav.. but same issue..
  • The_End009The_End009 Posts: 2
    Btw third month in a row this has happened. $9.99 ay? Gotta be a bug because Deadpool quest still gives me 150k gold a week soooooo yea
  • tonyj007tonyj007 Posts: 276
    7 Day Solo Event appears to be wrong for progression - Should be Uncollected, but Challenger Rewards
    Any members have this Bug Problem ?

    May 24th a holiday in Canada INFO
  • Snags78Snags78 Posts: 8

    My 7 day solo is for wrong proggresion Im cavalier and its giving me challenger
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