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  • mostlyharmlessnmostlyharmlessn Posts: 1,287 ★★★★
    So after taking a break from doing arena I've been doing 1 arena a per cycle to see how the new milestones and stuff feels.

    It's still a grind.

    What I like:
    3* & 4* champs as milestones. Not useful for me since I've progressed beyond the point where 3 & 4*'s are useful.
    GMC Shards.
    Increased number of units available per arena.

    What I don't like:
    The increase in the points required for the top milestone. I'm a pick 1 arena and stick with it kind of player so hitting all milestones was easy, but now with the increase to hit the top milestone it's even more tedious then it was.

    Death Matches are still a thing. It's not fun going in with 5* R2's and getting a match up against 6* r3's. I want to get in and out of arena's as fast as possible.

    The 5* champ is not a milestone so it's still a risky, time intensive, gamble.

    If I did want to do multiple arena's it would be an even worse time sink. 33M to hit all milestones trying to use the same champs would be painful.


    Compress the milestone rewards to 12M and create a new milestone - say 55M for a 5* Champ in basic, 75m for feature. This top milestone is for the champ only so unit, battle chip grinders don't feel a need to go past the milestones.

  • Thebgj01Thebgj01 Posts: 269
    This has been extremely Tough.. With my roster being made of mainly 4* and 5* it takes a very long time to get to the 16.5 mil line.. walking up in the middle of the night and okay all day just to try to make it happen. I LOVE being able to get six star shards like that but it’s way to much for the average player. Been trying to get a six star Mistrr Negative but we will see
  • MccjaMccja Posts: 6
    Chikel said:

    I complained about this before the changes went live and it looks like nothing changed. Basically, the algorithm just matched me with champions twice my Pi which in this case means r5 5* and 32 6* with suicides. No way I'm winning this with maxed out 4*
    In other words, using 4* in this arena is pointless, you will get death matches the instant you attempt it and lose your streak.
    I'm guessing the reason they allowed it is so people can reach the milestones faster but until they tweak the matchmaking algorithm this is just 5/6* arena and the 4* allowance is just for show.

    I never have this issue. I think you are switching to your max 4* and rank 3 5* champs too soon in the rotation. I safely run champs all they way down to 6K PI every arena. I usually get to them when my streak is around 20+
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    edited June 2021
    Here’s what I did today:
    2 rounds of trials for 14 units
    18 rounds of Gambit for 3m points/45 units
    And all the daily rewards.

    Not rewarding or interesting but I’m at 4400 units, trying to get to 5000 by July 4, and I may run some of this content coming out.

    Here’s the other problem, based on some simple math: we can be excited for GMC shards, but if you pull together 44,000 shards, it’s still more likely than not that you get 0 5-star pulls (51.17% chance). For that matter, if you pull 5 crystals, there’s a 37% chance they’re all 3-stars. That stings. (For reference, 3mil points gets you 2250 shards)
  • AnnatarAnnatar Posts: 41
    With this insane milestone numbers i wish there was autofight in arena, like in Transformers.
    There only 24 hours you know, this is impossible to waste all of them taping in the phone.
  • username7312username7312 Posts: 65
    The new arenas are much more of a grind than they used to be and it takes too many millions of points and time to get to the last millstone. If they can add the basic champs in the last milestone of the arena that would be great. Especially since 6*s are more valuable now going forward.
  • GoDlyZorGoDlyZor Posts: 150
    RCunha said:

    Wanna make arena interesting, place the 5* Basic champion in the last milestone

    That doesn't make much sense. They clearly made it top 500 for a reason, plus it's been between 25 and 35 mil for the basic 5* so why would they de-value it so much by making it only 16.5 mil?
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