Are Variants 1-4 Even Worth Exploring at This Point?



  • Disgruntled_User_123Disgruntled_User_123 Posts: 1,018 ★★★
    I’m in the minority but I think they’re all worth it - as far as it pertains to increasing your skill. If you just want rewards, I think 3-4 are definitely worth full exploration. 1-2 are more of a judgement call because there are more paths in each quest.
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★
    With how advanced roster and champs are. Variants 2/3/4 are 100% worth exploring.

    Variant 1 I would slowly explore, do 1-2 lines here and there and finish with as little spent as possible. With folks saying it’s not worth it, don’t listen to them, rank 5 gems aren’t worth it? I’m pretty sure it can take your a while to get enough resources to rank 5 someone.
  • AATTAATT Posts: 401 ★★
    If you don't have nothing to do, do it for fun.

    I've explored from act 1 to 7.2, V2 to v7, 4/7 paths of LOL and 1/5 paths of abyss. I'm farming items for ending LOL exploration, then abyss and finally V1 (I need to explore only cosmic/science chapter)

    I know rewards suck for current meta, I wanna reach a fully explored acc as a personal milestone tho
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