Summoners, earlier today a notification for a Guardians of the Galaxy gift was delivered to some Summoners. This was done by accident, and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Update. U owe me health pots. I want them by today

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It's unbelievable the amount of **** we get from your updates. You suck



  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,570 ★★★★
    Same happened to me, but it's not even that, it's solo event time wasted, it's missing out on that event that went live.

    Been a shambles today
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    Same 3x lol....
  • -Debo
  • RehctansBewRehctansBew Posts: 439 ★★★
    lol this is just funny, I think everyone experienced this today. They will do nothing and move on. Or you can expect them with Bases.
  • I sent in a ticket last time this happened with screenshots and everything and got nothing. So I wouldn't hold my breath.
  • Imac7065Imac7065 Posts: 365
    I lost 3 energy refills to this exact same thing last month... got told "we cannot give back what you have already used for a quest that is no longer active".. which is kinda like asking how you're doing and someone replying "zebra" lol
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    I want the 500+ units from revives when I died bc of lag. But I doubt I’m seeing that either
  • xNigxNig Posts: 6,458 ★★★★★
    Oh man I spent 5000000000 units because of the lag. Can I get reimbursed too? :D
  • ApacheApache Posts: 558 ★★
    lol you guys need to chilax
  • Atom_SmasherAtom_Smasher Posts: 17
    wow a game with over 50 million players doesn't work flawlessly, I want compensation
  • wow a game with over 50 million players doesn't work flawlessly, I want compensation

    Considering how much money they make off of us I'd expect it to work MUCH better than this. Flaws here and there are expected but come on...
  • NormanBJJNormanBJJ Posts: 301 ★★
    Watch how you word these threads, you can't say things like "I expect them by today" and then expect compensation, that's not how it works.
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