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Corvus 5* r5 or 6* r2

Captain_Dp7Captain_Dp7 Posts: 30
edited August 2021 in Strategy and Tips
I have a 5* awakened Corvus, who I wanted to rank 5 soon. However, I got very lucky and pulled a 6* Corvus from a basic christal. Now I don't know what to do...
The 6* has more attac and a bigger health pool. Also it could be better in the long term to rank him...
The 5* is awakened, which is nice, and also he is cheaper to rank.
What would you do?

Corvus 5* r5 or 6* r2 16 votes

6* to rank 2
AdvMoosetiptronicBeanz722NimorTed_n00bgentxLunatiXxParam1988AJ007marino123SchnoodleNimsKetchum 11 votes
5* to rank 5
Mathking13StaphMemberPastorAmericaJr_StarkHoitado 5 votes


  • HoitadoHoitado Posts: 3,419 ★★★★★
    5* to rank 5
    A Maxed 5 65 is almost as strong as a 6* Rank 2.

    Sig Ability is Life (and Resource) Saving

    I’d go for the 5* then go for the 6* when awakened
  • StaphMemberStaphMember Posts: 321 ★★★
    5* to rank 5
    Sig ability is clutch if you find yourself in a situation where you need to chip off chunks of health on a final boss giving you trouble. With 3-4 missions complete you can do a lot of damage with even a level 1 revive.

    Also, sig stones for 5* are FAR easier to come by than 6* stones so even if you did awaken the 6*, you be able to continue investing in the 5* more readily.
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